B&B Monday Update 8/18/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/18/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne
Proofread by Anoma

Donna is at home and looks sadly at the piano. She walks over and sits on the bench and puts her head down on the piano. Owen walks in. She tells him she can’t remember the last song Eric played for her. She retracts and says it’s not like it’ll be the last song he ever played for her. She knows Eric will wake up and be the same man he was before. Owen listens without comment.

Taylor is at home in her bedroom cuddled, in a chair with Rick. He apologizes for his mood and tells her he’s worried about his dad. He can’t stop thinking about him. Taylor tells him she understands. He asks her if she believes Eric communicated with Ridge and asked him to turn off the ventilator. Taylor tells him as long as Ridge believes he did. He’s his father, too, and you want to do what’s right for the ones you love.

Marcus meets with Steffy in Ridge’s office. He tells her about Owen being back. She says she thought Marcus told him to get out of town. Marcus says he did. Before they can discuss it more, Brooke walks in. The two act busy. She looks a bit surprised, but, before she can say anything, Pam comes in behind her. Pam makes an off-the-cuff remark about her not knowing that this was where shipping and receiving was now meeting. Steffy and Marcus make excuses. Pam tells Steffy they miss Ridge. Steffy thanks her and leaves. Pam gives paperwork to Brooke that was meant for Ridge and says they can continue to hope. Pam gives Marcus a long look as she leaves. Marcus tells Brooke he’s glad she’s there; he really needs someone to talk to. She assumes it’s about Ridge taking Eric off the life support. Marcus tells her no, it’s about his mom. He tells her Owen is back and trying to get his hooks in her.

Owen tells Donna about Marcus dropping by and not being happy to find him there. Donna tells him Marcus can’t get over his deal with Felicia. Owen reminds her that he turned down the deal but what kind of son would Marcus be to not want to protect his mother. Donna tells him she’ll speak to Marcus. Owen tells her not to since she has so many other things on her mind. She tells him she owes him, especially with the way the rest of her family has treated him. If not for him, Eric wouldn’t still be alive. She wants to make it up to him. He suggests she start by letting him make her dinner.

Taylor is in her bedroom talking to Steffy. Taylor asks who’s the mystery man - who put the smile on her face? Steffy tells her he’s sweet, smart and sexy. She tells her mother you can’t help who you fall for. Taylor figures out it’s Marcus and tells her he’s the one man her father doesn’t want her to see. Steffy asks if she can get Ridge to back off. Taylor tells her all dads are protective of their daughters. Steffy tells her it’s because Marcus is Donna’s son. Taylor tells her he’s not helping matters by sneaking around seeing her. Steffy tells her mother she loves him and he cares about her too. Before Taylor can comment, they hear a Tarzan yell from the bathroom. Rick appears in a towel. Steffy and Taylor turn to look at him. Rick says, “Steffy”. He turns around and goes back in the bathroom. Taylor looks a bit embarrassed.

Owen fixes a dinner tray for Donna. She’s surprised that he found all the items in the kitchen. He tells her he’s pretty resourceful. She tells him he’s a good cook and she’ glad he’s back. He reminds her how bad stress is and that she needs to get some rest. He’s cleared her calendar. She agrees and says she needs a break from the office. She’s tired of people acting like Eric is gone. She wants to remember Eric. Owen tells her to talk to him about what makes Eric so great.

Brooke asks Marcus what he thinks Owen is doing wrong. Marcus says Owen has Donna convinced she needs him. He’s her hero. Marcus says he thinks Owen even staged the break-in. He’s manipulating Donna. Brooke says he had that chance with Felicia’s offer. If he’s a conman, he’s not very good. Marcus asks what if Owen is after a bigger prize. Owen originally only came to town for a few thousand dollars, and then Felicia offered him $200,000. Marcus says now with Donna in charge of everything, the pot is getting sweeter. Brooke looks skeptical.

Steffy tells her mother she didn’t tell her Rick was there. Taylor says it wasn’t Rick, it was Tarzan. They both smile. Steffy tells her she’s glad he’s there and makes her happy. Taylor asks if she says nice things about her boyfriend, then in turn she’s supposed to say nice things about Marcus. Steffy tells her she just hopes she thinks about it and can change Ridge’s mind. They both say “I love you” and hug. Steffy leaves. Taylor tells Rick/Tarzan to get off his tree and get out there. Rick comes out in boxers. He tells Taylor that wasn’t too awkward. She has a slight smile on her face. He tells her it wasn’t funny, either. She says it wasn’t and she’s not laughing. He grabs her and pulls her onto the bed. They laugh and kiss.

Donna tells Owen about her relationship with Eric from the beginning. She tells him how secretive it had to be. She even tells him about Stephanie’s blackmail and how she tried to break it off with Eric by telling him she was a sex addict. Owen laughs and asks if she thought that would really turn Eric off. Donna tells him she just thought it would make him think the relationship was meaningless, since his family tried to convince him this was the case. She tells him about Pam and all her antics to show she was a superficial “dumb blonde”. She tells him Eric knew it was real. She tells Owen what meant the most was when Eric found out about Marcus. He accepted him. She tells him about Eric wanting to put Marcus in his will before his heart attack. Owen says he can believe that because it would take a “hell of a man” to be with her. She’s remarkable.

Marcus tries to convince Brooke they really don’t know anything about Owen. He’s dangerous. Brooke tells him with that, with what Donna is going through, she needs all the support she can get. They’re all concerned about her. Marcus says, as his mom’s personal assistant, Owen is just too close to her. He’s always at her side. Marcus says Owen is in town one week and Eric is in a coma. Brooke tells him he can’t blame that on Owen. Marcus shakes his head and says he doesn’t know. Either Owen is taking advantage of a terrible situation, or he’s responsible for what’s happened to Eric.

Pam is working at her desk when the maintenance guy from the cabin arrives. He tells her there have been some issues but he wasn’t sure who to contact since Eric is down. He wasn’t too sure the “new Mrs.” would know what to do. Pam agrees she would be of no help. He tells her then he’ll keep in contact with her. He’s on the way to see Eric, but he wanted to let her know to warn anyone going to the cabin. Due to the drought, the bears are really aggressive. There have been some attacks. He told her to have anyone there to make sure to lock the trash in the garage. He said to especially be careful of all the small plastic honey bottles shaped like bears that the “new Mrs.” had him stock the cabin with. He wonders to himself what someone would do with all that honey. Pam says to herself, “You don’t want to know”.

Donna is sitting at the bottom of stairs in the living room. Owen is kneeled down close to her. She tells him Eric always knew what to do in any situation. Owen tells her how much she’s changed Eric. She put a swagger back in his step, etc. He was in a dead relationship with Stephanie. He tells her to give Eric something to wake up to now like she did then. Donna tells Owen he barely knew Eric before his coma. Owen says he knows her and what she can do for a man. Donna smiles at him.

Brooke says to Marcus that Eric had a heart attack. Marcus asks if there were any warning signs. Brooke says there aren’t always signs. Marcus tells her Donna said Eric was healthy. Brooke says it’s just a coincidence. Marcus says he’s been to the hospital with his mother and the doctors are confused. They don’t know why Eric hasn’t come out of this. He asks what if Owen did something. Brooke says he’s taking this too far. Marcus flashes back to the pool party, when Owen gave Eric the gin. He tells Brooke about how odd it was for Owen to show up uninvited and give Eric a gift. Brooke remembers him mentioning it and says Eric has a martini every night. Marcus says what if Donna told Owen that. Brooke looks like she’s considering the implications.

Owen tells Donna she’s a very special woman and Eric’s a lucky man.

Marcus reminds Brooke that Eric wasn’t a sickly man and it wasn’t a coincidence. He says the doctors are looking for natural causes for a heart attack. What if it wasn’t natural and Eric was poisoned? Brooke looks stunned.

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