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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 8/14/08


Written By Wanda
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At Brooke’s, both Beth and Bridget are shocked when Katie stammers that she can’t do this. She can not be Jack’s Godmother. She says a Godmother is supposed to protect a child and she’s not sure what her future holds or how long she will be around. Bridget thinks Katie is wrong and can’t think of anyone who’d be a better influence on Jack than Katie. And God forbid if anything happened to Katie, they will deal with that then. She wishes she agreed with that, Taylor thinks she is perfect. Katie admonishes her to stop that, stop calling her perfect. She is not perfect! Bridget says well she is for her. She would not be with her husband if it weren’t for Katie. Katie can’t listen to this any loner and demands Bridget stop it.

At their love cabana on the beach, Marcus pulls away and tells Steffy they can’t do this, not until her family supports them. Both say they have never felt like this before, but Marcus doesn’t want to come between Steffy and her father. And he knows Steffy, she’d walk away from everything. She tells him for him she would. He reminds her they are so different, where would this end? What kind of future would they really have together? She says she has wanted this for months, hasn’t he? He says yes since the first day he laid eyes on her. Who would have thought he’d come to L.A. to find his mom, get a great job and fall in love? She picks up on the word love and says her too.

Bridget seems dumbfounded and pointblank asks Katie what is wrong with her? There has to be more that is bothering her. Beth jumps in and says she thinks she knows. She’s been there. You don’t know what to expect of life. Being a Godmother is a big responsibility. Bridget apologizes, but reminds Katie that people with heart transplants go on to live long, happy lives and some even have children. Suddenly interested, Katie asks is she sure? Does she think Katie could have a healthy child? Bridget says she will have to check statistics, but she is certain that she will have her own happy family someday. And until then she has the Logan’s, her and Nick and Jack. Beth adds it’s a big offer and a lot to process. She thinks they need to give Katie a little more time. Bridget backs down a little and tells Katie how much she loves her and will always be there for her. She feels like they are bonded for life. Katie tries to hide her sniffles and says she needs to be alone. Bridget says okay, but to think of what she said. She thinks it would make Nick very happy for Katie to be part of his child’s life. When Bridget leaves, Katie falls into her mother’s arms and cries what is she going to do?

At Taylor’s, she and Rick loll in bed as he was waiting for her when she returned from dropping Jack off at Nick’s. He suggests a mini getaway for the two of them, one of those little cabanas at Bikini Beach – very private, just the two of them and the sound of the ocean in their ears. So while Nick and Bridget have Jack, they could get away. He knows Jack has not been sleeping well so she hasn’t either. He wants her to get out of the house, turn off her cell phone and just slip away and let him pamper her. “That is my specialty after all.”

Nick pours a stiff drink and has flashes of his days and nights with Katie, at the prom, on Catalina. Then the same with Bridget as they blur into one. Bridget enters and tells him she is exhausted, but she went and asked Katie to be Jack’s Godmother and she turned her down. He mentions that he thought they were going to discuss this more before she asked Katie. She says she is sorry, but thought this was something she really needed to do. Concerned, he asks if Katie gave a reason? Bridget says Katie claimed it was because she didn’t know how long she would live, but she really thinks she needs this. She didn’t get through to her, but she is sure Nick can.

Beth tells Katie that she has to get a hold of herself. Katie cries that Bridget is such a good person, she is her family, she doesn’t deserve this. Beth holds her and laments that none of this Kate did intentionally. Katie says, “I’m pregnant with her husband’s child. And now she wants me to be the Godmother to his child. She thinks I am perfect.” Being at death’s door was no excuse. Bridget trusted her. She encouraged them to spend time together. Why couldn’t she have let that be enough? Why did she have to cross that line? Beth says she was extremely vulnerable. Neither she nor Nick intended to hurt Bridget, not in any way. Katie contends well it’s all caught up with them now.

Marcus seems surprised and asks Steffy if she really is in love with him? She answers yes, she has been fighting it for weeks….just a little unsure and afraid. He knew when she stood up for him when finding his mother that she was special. He chuckles that she is so beautiful and his mother warned him, “don’t fall in love with Ridge Forrester’s daughter”, but he can’t help it, he has.

Nick says he doesn’t think he can get through to Katie any more than Bridget can. He admits he doesn’t feel comfortable with this. Jack has so many women around him now. Does he really need a Godmother? She admits this is not just about Jack. This is about Katie. She is stressing about something and Bridget doesn’t know what it is. But she knows the stress is not good for her heart….so please will Nick do it…..for her? Reluctantly he agrees. Hyperventilating and sobbing heavily, Katie falls on the couch asking what has she done? She’s destroyed her friend.

Steffy wants Marcus to confide in her. What’s wrong? He confesses that she has so much to lose because of him, but she doesn’t see it that way. If her dad fights her on this, it won’t change a thing. Marcus thinks it will as Ridge will go to the mat on this. She begs him to forget about her dad. Just think about her, about them. She says she loves him, she needs him and if he loves her, then show it. They fall back on the bed in a clinch.

Nick catches Katie crying and she admits she is a little upset. She asks him what has she done? He answers, that first, she is not alone so stop thinking that she is. He doesn’t remember her asking him to make love to her on the beach. She contends she should be so happy right now. She should be excited. This is everything she has always wanted, but now it’s a nightmare. This is going to cause so much pain to everyone. Even if she were to lose the baby, Bridget is bound to find out. He says he doesn’t want to hear her talk like this. The baby is going to be fine and she is going to be fine. She continues wildly that this is going to break Bridget’s heart….the woman who sacrificed so much for her. He asks her to believe in something he said earlier. This is going to work out. He doesn’t know how, but it will. They can have faith in that.

Katie asks if he’d like to hear the worst part? He quips he’d honestly rather hear the best part. She answers it is sort of both. The crazy thing is their baby exists against all odds. And that is amazing. She wakes up every morning and all she can think of is that she is going to have a baby. As guilty as she feels and as much as she doesn’t want to hurt Bridget, she has no regrets. She just can’t regret that she is going to have his child.

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