B&B Tuesday Update 8/12/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/12/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Ridge tells Owen to get out, this doesn’t involve him. Owen snaps back that if it involves ending Eric’s life and Donna is being coerced in any way, then you better believe it involves him.

On the Rooftop Lounge, Marcus teases Steffy if they give another couple a 20 maybe they will go back to work and leave the place to them. She quips she thought his boss-types were all about proper decorum. He says, “not me. I don’t give a damn about no proper decorum.” The couple does leave and Steffy puts a quick kiss on Marcus. He tells her whoa. She knows – they are at work, she gets it. He reminds her until her dad and his mom are cool with things, then they have to be cool.

Surprised to see him, Donna tells Owen that she thought he had gone back home. What is he doing back? He says he just had a feeling she might need him. Ridge sneers that she doesn’t. Owen says Donna trusts him, unlike Ridge. Then he tells Donna that Eric gave her his health care power, so all of this is up to her and no one else. Does she understand that? If she signs that paper, she could be signing her husband’s death warrant. It’s a huge decision and one she will have to live with the rest of her life. He wants her to be sure, does she want to take Eric off life support? She sighs no, she can’t….she won’t. She pleads with Ridge with her eyes, “I know you’re upset with me, but Eric needs more time, and we’re gonna give it to him.”

Ridge grimaces and tells Owen that he doesn’t know Eric at all. That shell of a man lying in the hospital hooked up to that machine is not his father. He’s gone and might as well be dead. Now they are just forcing him to live in this living hell. Does Owen have any idea of how that makes him and his family feel? Owen agrees that it must be torture. They must all be physically and emotionally spent which makes him wonder if they are thinking clearly. Donna questions Ridge if he really heard his father and what he wanted or was his mind playing tricks on him? Has he been sleeping at all, she knows she hasn’t. She feels like she might shatter into a million pieces. And she says then she gets these bursts of energy and reads on the internet about comatose patients. She begs Ridge to listen as she reads some of the comments about a lock-in state. There are exceptions and it is not unheard of. She pleads with him, “please Eric needs me. He needs you. He needs the family. Help him……fight to come back to us.”

Ridge gives out a big moan and sinks to the chair with hands to head. He sniffs that oh my God, it was too soon. Why did he turn off the ventilator? He almost killed his father? Donna tells him that he didn’t. The doctors said there was no harm. Ridge cries again that it was too soon; he felt Eric’s presence, his spirit but he was hallucinating. Donna faces him and tries to get him to look at her and keeps saying it’s okay, they just have to keep hoping and praying….and they are the same prayers.

Steffy tells Marcus that Donna and the family have been through hell. But nobody has told her anything new. He says they can not let their lives stop. Eric would not want that. He asks if she would like to go out after work and chill a little? She lights up and asks if he’d like to go to the Hollywood Bowl and they could spread a blanket? But they want to be private so they can do a little of this…….as she kisses him. He grins and repeats so they can do a little bit of this and he kisses her. Suddenly it comes to her, she knows where they can go on their next date. It’s a surprise, one he will love and it’s very, very private, and she will text him later. To his displeasure, another employee tells Marcus that Owen Knight is back in town.

Brooke finds Ridge beating up on himself and realizes something has happened? He bemoans how could he have pulled the plug on his own dad? He doesn’t understand what is happening to him. He almost killed his father! Thank God it’s not too late. He tells her about the articles that Donna read him and it really hit him. Why was he in such a rush? He almost convinced his own family to do something horrendous. Brooke supports him by saying there may come a time they will have to make that terrible decision, but not now. He admits Donna is not one of his favorite people, but he can’t deny how much she loves Eric. She refuses to give up on him and thank God she got him to change his point of view.

Donna thanks Owen for convincing Ridge. He tells her he was just there, she did the rest. And she should just keep believing in miracles and never stop. Her sister got a miracle…..and finding Marcus for Donna was a miracle. She says thank God she has him. She doesn’t know how she would make it otherwise. He tells her not to worry, “Mrs. Forrester”, he’s not going anywhere.

Donna enters her home with Owen and says she had to get out of that building. She feels close to Eric here. She asks Owen to please not to leave, she feels so alone. He assures her she is not alone. She had asked him to leave L.A. but he came back because somehow he knew that she needed him. The subject gets around to what she will do if Eric doesn’t make it. Owen reminds her that Eric would not want her to end her life just because he has. He told her that already. She cries she wouldn’t even know where to start. Calmly he says he will help her. She could focus on just one thing they did right here in this room. She laments that they would have dinner and then Eric would throw open the doors to the patio and let the breeze in. And then he’d want to dance and turn the player piano on. He loved piano music and they’d dance the night away. He’d hold her in his arms and they’d be in their own little world.

Owen surprises Donna by turning the music on and quietly invites her to dance with him. Closely, he whispers in her ear that he went back to San Diego to get on with his life, but it wasn’t the same. Something had changed. He couldn’t stop thinking about her. He confesses he wanted to be near her, have her confide in him….but most of all he missed her beautiful smile and those soulful eyes of hers. He had to come back and now he thinks he came back just in time. She adds and if he hadn’t, Eric might not be alive. She asks him to please stay in L.A. Help her get through this. Help her keep her hope alive. He tells her he will stay as long as she needs him. And when Eric is better and is back by her side, if she wants him to take a hike, then he will. But until then, he thinks she needs someone in her corner and he wants to be that person if she wants him. She declares that she does. He sighs and tells her that he is not going to lie. He is very attracted to her.

She looks unsure, like she might succumb to a kiss. Finally she stutters that she is flattered. He’s very attractive, but this can’t happen. Owen needs to understand that she wants her husband back, and if Owen is going to stay here, then he needs to respect that. Can he do that? He promises. As her friend and support, he won’t cross that line. Donna nervously laughs and says good, she’s glad to have him here.

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