B&B Friday Update 8/8/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/8/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne
Proofread by Anoma

Katie is on the phone in Ericís office. She leaves a message for Donna asking about how Eric is doing. She flashes back to her conversation with Nick on The Marlin about the baby. She puts her hand on her stomach.

Nick is home where he picks up a picture of him, Katie, and Bridget. He says to himself that theyíll all figure this out and get through it. Bridget comes downstairs. Nick asks how her dad is. Bridget tells him Ericís respiratory system is failing and the longer heís in a coma, the less his chances. Odds are against him, but she hasnít given up hope. Nick tells her she never does. He hugs her. She tells him even if her dad wakes up, heíll never be the same man he was before.

Ridge and Brooke are in Ericís hospital room with the doctor. Ridge asks if what Bridget said about Ericís condition deteriorating is true. The doctor tells him her assessment is pretty accurate. The doctor said they should have seen improvement by now. Ridge asks questions about the ventilator. The doctor stresses how important it is for Ericís brain to get oxygen. The doctor tells them if it were shut off, the other option could be to do a tracheotomy for Eric to get air. Ridge asks about how leaving his dad on the vent indefinitely could work. The doctor tells him the longer heís in a coma, the more his chances of recovery diminish. Ridge thanks the doctor for letting them know what to expect.

Nick and Bridget cuddle on the couch. She asks him about Katie being Jackís godmother. He asks if they can talk about it later. She says he didnít want to talk about it last night, either. He says he just wants to focus on her since she worries about everyone else. She tells him sheís worried about Katie slipping into a really dark place. She knows how much Katie loves Jack and thinks this could be a positive thing. Katie would be so honored. Nick asks if sheís sure Katie would even want to do it. Bridget tells him thereís no reason she shouldnít want to.

Katie is still in Ericís office with mounds of paperwork. She sits behind his desk and daydreams about her day on Catalina with Nick.

Brooke sits at Ericís side with Ridge. She takes Ericís hand and kisses it. She then stands and kisses Ericís forehead. She hugs Ridge and then leaves him alone with his dad. Ridge talks to his dad about how he hates to see him like this and how he always gave them hope. He always encouraged them. Ridge tells him they need a reason to believe now. He asks him for a sign. He needs him. Ridge hears his dadís voice saying to let him go. Ridge turns towards the bed and goes close to Ericís side. He hears the voice again saying to let him go. Ridge grabs his head and says he must be losing his mind. Ridge tells his dad he has to stay here. Ericís voice says heís tired and heís ready. The voice asks Ridge to help him. Ridge is crying and tells his dad he canít do this. The voice says heís the only one that can do this. Heís the only one thatís strong enough. Ridge holds his dadís hand and looks at the ventilator.

Brooke comes back in the room with Ridge. He tells her his dad was there. She tells him heís not had any sleep. He cuts her off and tells her heís not dreaming or hallucinating. The doctor steps in, and Brooke goes to speak with him.

Nick and Bridget are still on the couch. He strokes her hair while he thinks about the conversation he and Katie had on The Marlin about protecting Bridget. He tells Bridget he doesnít ever want to see her hurt. He tells her how much he loves her, no matter what they may go through.

Katie is back in Ericís office alone. She continues to reminisce about her day with Nick on Catalina. She remembers telling him how the day was so special that she didnít care if it was her last. She talked about how precious love was and the miracle of life. She touches her stomach and says, ďThe miracle of lifeĒ.

Katie sits at Ericís desk and looks at the same picture of her, Nick, and Bridget he looked at earlier in his home.

Nick tells Bridget they can pull each other through the tough times. Thatís why they remarried. They can do this, whatever it takes. They kiss.

Ridge is still with Eric and hears the voice saying to him again to let him go. Ridge sits at his side looking at the ventilator. Heís torn up. The screen cuts to Nick and Bridget lying on the couch, still kissing. Ridge tells his father he knows this isnít what he wants - to be here stuck and helpless. He kisses his dad on the forehead. He breaks down crying, telling his dad how much he loves him. He has flashbacks of the years spent with his dad in the business, his wedding, and family times. He hears the voice again saying to let him go. Ridge stands up and faces the vent. He pushes the button, turning off the power.

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