B&B Thursday Update 8/7/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 8/7/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

On The Marlin, Katie and Nick reminisce of that one fateful night on Catalina Island. One incredible night the world stopped as if they were the only two people left on the earth. Nick reminds her that all of those memories are theirs. She exclaims that this baby is not a memory. It is real and it’s going to get even more real, especially to Bridget.

Ridge tells Bridget that he needs to hear it for himself. What is going on with his dad? Mom told him that Eric was on a ventilator so he just needs to know exactly what that means. Bridget tears up and tells him how sorry she is; she knows how much Ridge loves him. Eric was having trouble breathing and the ventilator just insures he will get enough oxygen to the brain. But with machines, the odds tend to get worse rather than better. And it tells her that the risk of permanent brain damage is very high. And it is the type of damage that he might not overcome even if he does survive.

Katie tells Nick that she wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for him. And she would not have been able to hang on for Bridget to get an answer. He answers that is what he meant earlier too. They wouldn’t be together right now if it weren’t for Katie. “That’s why what happened was pure and honest……For God’s sake, we thought you were dying.” She comments she didn’t die. And now she is pregnant with his child and this isn’t something they can hide, especially from Bridget. How do they tell her? What do they say when they know how much it is going to hurt her?

Bridget wishes she had better news for Ridge. She’d like nothing more than to be in denial, but she just can’t anymore. Ridge sighs, his dad has always been his strength. No matter what life threw at Ridge, Eric was there with the same steady reassurance. He felt like with Eric at his side, he could do anything. Eric was one of the most amazing people he has ever known. And the finest Dad anyone could ever ask for. And now she is telling him that he’s not going to come back from this? Bridget repeats that she thinks they need to start preparing themselves. Brooke keeps saying “when” Eric gets better, not “if”. She just can not comprehend that. Ridge asks how are they ever going to get along without their dad?

Katie tells Nick that she did speak with the doctor and it is a high-risk pregnancy and she is not the only one at risk. She is pumped with so much medication and there is no guarantee that she can carry the baby to term. She doesn’t know if she has any right to bring a baby into this world if she is not around to raise it. It’s a lot to think about. He doesn’t want her talking like that. She says she doesn’t like it either, but it’s the truth.

Bridget tells it like it is. Even if Eric survives, she is almost certain that her dad’s functioning will be seriously compromised, physically and mentally. The chances of him being the same man they have known is extremely remote. Ridge just can’t believe his dad will never draw another design or tell his grandchildren another ghost story around the campfire at Big Bear. There just has to be some treatment, some medication, some specialist that can help here. Bridget wishes there were, but at some point the family will be asked to make a very difficult decision. Ridge knows that means taking him off life support, to let him die.

Nick tells Katie they won’t sugarcoat this. It is a dangerous situation for Katie and the baby as well as incredibly painful for Bridget. They will just keep their heads together the best they can today. They don’t have to make any decisions now as she is not that far along. And they will do whatever they have to do to protect Bridget for as long as they can. She adds at least until they know the baby has a reasonable chance to survive.

Ridge even thinks about Donna. Despite their differences, he knows she is his dad’s wife and they love each other very much. Bridget reveals to Ridge that she looked at the papers on file at the hospital, and not only was Donna her dad’s power of attorney but he also gave her power of health care. She knows this is a lot to absorb, but she thought they should know. Ridge can’t believe that Eric wouldn’t have designated one of them, someone in the family, to make that decision for him. He states that he may be in denial here, but he refuses to believe that his dad is going to die. But if a decision like that has to be made, then the entire family, including Donna, will get together and make it. They will all do what they think is best for Eric…..what’s best to end his suffering.

Nick laments they have been so busy focusing on the risks that he doesn’t want them to lose sight what is really happening here. He justifies this has to be happening for a reason. Katie never thought she could have a baby and now they know she can. That is a plus. They just have to believe that the man upstairs has got a plan. So why don’t they take it one step at a time….stay positive and just do the best they can. “And know that this is….this is what is meant to be right now….this baby."

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