B&B Wednesday Update 8/6/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/6/08


Written By Dawn S.
Pictures by Suzanne

Beth tells Taylor that after Storm's death and Katie's transplant, she was emotionally paralyzed and decided she did not want to return to LA. Beth explains to Taylor how she felt like a different person. Taylor asks her if she ever felt that she had depression. Beth tells her that she never felt like she had depression. Beth tells Taylor that initially she was told her memory loss was caused by her stroke, but later she was told that it could have been caused by something worse. Taylor tells Beth that everyone who went through what Beth had to go through would be a little fatalistic. Beth explains that in Paris when she was alone, she was able to deal with all this by locking herself away from her family and though it did not make things easier it certainly made things less painful for her. Taylor explains to Beth that dementia is a very cruel illness but both dementia and depression have some of the same symptoms.

Beth tells Taylor that being with the family is helping her and now she feels a bit like her old self. Beth tells her that the thought of being dependent makes her very uncomfortable.

Taylor tells her that she should try and stop fearing everything, because that will cause a downward spiral. Beth wants to know if keeping a positive attitude will help her. Taylor tells her that it definitely will help. Beth asks Taylor if she believes that depression is the reason that caused her to stay away from her family. Taylor explains to her that depression is a chemical imbalance that is caused by a variety of factors.

Katie stares at the water. She sees Storm in the water. Storm tells her that she should join her in the water. She resists initially but plunges into the water. She goes underwater. She feels like Storm is just a little further away and keeps going deeper to reach out to him.

Bridget talks to Nick over the phone and explains to him that Katie seemed pretty odd when Bridget saw her earlier at the hospital. Bridget explains that Katie seemed different earlier and even though Dr Patrick said everything was fine with her physically, Bridget was worried about Katie.

Nick tells her that they can talk some more when he gets home. Bridget also tells him that she thinks that he should discuss with Taylor what she thinks about making Katie, Jack's godmother. Bridget also tells Nick that she thinks Katie is becoming overwhelmed.

Brooke asks Bridget how Nick reacted to making Katie Jack's godmother. Bridget tells Brooke that Nick did not seem to like the idea very much and tells her anyway the decision is Nick's and Taylor's. Brooke tells Bridget that she was just trying to be nice. Bridget tells Brooke that she is not trying to be nice to Katie, that Bridget saw something in Katie earlier that day that reminded her of the bleak days that followed Nicole's loss in her own life. Bridget shows Brooke a book that she read around that time that she did not even fully understand and reads a passage out of the book for Brooke.

Katie suddenly stops going underwater and starts to come out on top. When she tries to swim to safety she feels like she is being pulled underwater. She breaks away and screams to let her live.

Katie is startled out of the nightmare she was having. She realizes that she wants to live and that all life is a miracle. Nick approaches from the back and Katie hugs him and tells him that life is a miracle and that their child is a miracle.

Brooke asks Bridget how long the hospital will wait before they make a decision about Eric. Bridget tells her she does not know. Brooke asks Bridget whether Donna will be in any position to make such a decision if it if required. Bridget tells her that Donna is in no condition to process all of this right now. Brooke also tells Bridget that Ridge has a lot of questions too and asks Bridget to try and talk to him as well. Bridget agrees to talk to Ridge. Bridget and Brooke discuss Jack's christening.

Nick asks Katie if she is doing okay. Katie looks up at the sky and says thank you for all the blessings that have been given to her. She turns to Nick and tells him thanks for all that he has given her. Katie tells Nick that the day on Catalina Island was theirs, right or wrong it was theirs and no one can take that away from them. Katie promises Nick that she will nurture their baby with every breath she has. Nick promises her that they will get through this somehow. Katie agrees and they both hug.

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