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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Nick has met Katie on The Marlin and he asks her what did the doctor say? She says she is not sick, and it is not her heart. And my God, she thought they’d never have to talk about this.

Bridget shares with Brooke that they have put Eric on a ventilator to help him breathe. Brooke says the neuro resident had told her the longer Eric was in a coma, the slimmer his chances were. Is that true? Bridget tells her there really is no statistics for someone in her dad’s condition, so they don’t make predictions. Everyone is different depending on height, weight and diet. Brooke sighs that this just can’t be Eric’s time, at least she hopes not. Bridget wonders if God really listens to them.

Brooke answers yes, of course. Bridget questions that, perhaps he doesn’t have time to talk to all. Brooke says no, God is not shorthanded. He’s everywhere, he can do anything. Bridget asks then what about herself? Brooke has had a lot of loss in her life and a lot of heartache at difficult times. Where was God for her then? Brooke admits that sometimes she deserved those things and she is certainly not going to blame God for the consequences she brought onto herself. Bridget still questions why bad things happen to good people. Where is God then? Brooke wonders why Bridget is questioning all these things? Bridget says because of Katie. she thinks that God is not there for her and if he is he is just laughing at her.

Nick tells Katie he didn’t think this would ever come up. She remarks she would leave it alone if she could. He admits that he isn’t pretending what happened on Catalina didn’t happen. She cries that she is so ashamed and sick of the sympathy that she doesn’t deserve. He tells her this is not sympathy. They did not plan what happened and they never acted on it again. And if anyone should be ashamed it should be him. He was the one who was already in a relationship….what happened that day….the closeness they felt and the love that he felt, he can not call that a mistake. She comments that he will.

Brooke tells Bridget that Katie is a walking miracle, so how could she be anything but grateful? Bridget doesn’t know but Dr. Patrick said Katie is fine, so it isn’t medical. She’s like more mad at life. Brooke thought she was past all that depression. Bridget says it’s like her whole belief system is shot. She isn’t sure she believes in anything spiritual right now. Bridget reveals she was thinking of going to Nick and Taylor and asking if Katie could be Jack’s Godmother. More like an honorary thing. Brooke is not so sure that Taylor will even want one of her daughter’s and a sister being so close to her son. Bridget confesses that if it is a no, she will have one more chance. She and Nick are going to try to have a baby. Brooke is thrilled for her. Bridget reveals she doesn’t want to get her hopes up as it may not happen.

Katie rails on, really beating up on herself. She tells Nick that Bridget trusted them, she trusted her. They all knew that Bridget was pushing them together, and she betrayed her. She did it because she thought they were safe because it was Katie….her best friend and her family. He asks is he saying she wished it had never happened? She says a quick yes. He says he guesses he feels differently about that. She sniff and says she did too before. He wants to remind her of a few things. First, he and Bridget were not engaged. She tells him to come on, they were living together so they were together. He reminds her that they also had lost a child. There is no explaining what that does to some people when they lose a child. Then there was Katie, someone they both loved. Then there was him and his part on The Marlin.

He assures her that Bridget has never asked about that day. Katie says no because she wouldn’t as she never thought the two of them would do this. Nick says no, she never asked because she knew something happened and she knows it was important to him and she knows it is done. Katie says Bridget is not thinking about sex. Nick says there is no reason to bring this up to her. There’s no reason to cause that kind of pain. “Listen to me, what happened between us was meant to be. Don’t poison it.” He turns and says maybe it’s best that he go home to Bridget. Katie blurts out that she is pregnant.

Bridget tells her mom this is the marriage that she always wanted. But it was like they both were hiding from something before. Everyone knew they were in trouble except themselves. She’s gonna have Nick talk to Katie as she confides in him. Brooke thinks that is great. Some women would be really worried if their husband was as close to another woman like he is with Katie. Bridget reminds her mom that she and Nick have been even closer. True, and they both laugh. Bridget thinks perhaps Katie’s moving out of their house was just too abrupt for her. Brooke thinks there might be something to that as Katie has been really quiet at her house. Bridget vows to try to get her out of the house more, perhaps help out more with Jack.

Nick asks Katie to repeat what she just said. She says again that she is pregnant. Taken aback, he starts to say that is impossible. She says not for the miracle girl….even with a fever….even pumped full of antibiotics and anti-rejection drugs. God she wanted to die that day on Catalina, and now she wishes she had. Everyone says things happen for a reason. But where is the lesson in this? Where is the good? This really will only bring misery to everyone involved…to him and his marriage. And it will kill Bridget. And the baby, even assuming that it lives, will not thank her. Growing up in a screwed up body, swimming in a sea of chemicals that she takes. He’ll probably be sick or deformed, a freak like his mother.

Nick tries to stop this tirade. But she continues that Bridget opened her house to her. She devoted all her time and effort to her and this is how she repays her. This is how she leaves her mark on the world by spreading pain and loss wherever she goes. Nick tells her that is not true. She says it is. She really doesn’t know how he can stand to be around her. She cries and he tries to comfort her. And let him tell her another way to think about this. He points out that life is strong in her and all that life understands is love, just love. He says he loved her that day on Catalina and he believes she loved him too. This child needs no justification. So all those ideas and obstacles are just in her head. She scoffs that all of this is in her head. Does he think Bridget will think that way? She’ll just open her arms and they can all live as one big happy family?

She says she will tell him what she knows. She can smile while she stabs someone in the back. She’s the worst kind of hypocrite. “Everything I touch just withers and dies.” This is the end of who she is. This is the end of everything she values and holds dear. She thought she could keep the secret. That day seemed so unreal. She thought she could keep it like a fantasy inside her head. But now they can’t hide from this. Life is a joke. Storm died so she could live. Now this proved that the wrong person died that day. But don’t worry, she did this because she was selfish. She did this because she wanted what she wanted. And Nick gave that to her. “Your hands are clean.”

His phone rings and she tells him it’s probably Bridget. Go ahead and answer, she won’t take one more minute from her. He tells Bridget he is sorry if he held up supper, he stopped by The Marlin, but he won’t be much longer. She says she is anxious to see him too, but could he possibly stop by Katie’s, something is not quite right about her.

Katie walks up on deck toward the bow of the boat. She has flashbacks of the night on the island. She looks up to the Heavens and asks why does HE hate her so much? And what does he want her to do? She hears a familiar voice and leans over the railing and sees Storm in the water. He’s beckoning her, that he is there for her and for her to save him.

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