B&B Monday Update 8/4/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/4/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

At the hospital, Eric is now on a respirator. Donna walks in and is shocked to see him this way. She asks the nurse what’s going on. The nurse tells her he wasn’t getting enough oxygen. She tells Donna she should speak to the doctor for more information. Donna is upset and sits down next to the bed. She lays her head on Eric’s chest.

Jackie comes down the stairs at Nick’s. She’s been spending time with Jack. Nick is working at the dining room table. She gushes about Jack. She says how much Bridget adores him, plus look at all the other women in his life. Nick mentions Taylor and Brooke. Jackie says what about Katie. Nick tells her Katie doesn’t see him as much now that she doesn’t live there anymore. Jackie says Jack must miss her and wants to know about Nick too.

Bridget is at the hospital, where Katie is with Dr. Patrick for her checkup. Bridget is concerned because the room seemed so tense, when she came in. Dr. Patrick assures her there’s no sign of rejection and nothing is wrong. Katie apologizes for scaring her. Bridget asks to speak to the doctor. He tells her in just a moment. Bridget says she’s relieved and hugs Katie. After she leaves, Katie tells the doctor he can’t tell Bridget about the pregnancy. He agrees not to. He tells Katie he wants her to confer with an obstetrician immediately, since it’s not a typical pregnancy. When he leaves, Katie sits down very much shaken. She reflects back to her day on Catalina with Nick. They’re on the beach in front of a fire. She’s resting her head on Nick’s shoulder crying. She tells him she doesn’t want pity. She thinks she only has a couple of days to live and is saying how pathetic she feels. She tells Nick she feels so useless and ugly. Nick comforts her and tells her how beautiful she is. He kisses her. Nick lays her on the sand and continues to kiss her… Katie has tears when Bridget walks back in. Bridget tells Katie she knew there was something wrong. She presses Katie to tell her what’s going on.

Bridget tells Katie that Dr. Patrick assured her everything was okay. She tells Katie how she knows it’s stressful for transplant people to come to the hospital for checkups. She encourages Katie to not keep everything all bottled up, but to talk to her. Bridget says Katie can tell her anything. Katie finally says, “Not this.” Bridget wants to know what “this” is. Katie starts rambling about how she wasn’t supposed to live and the day on The Marlin her life was over. Bridget tells her that’s all over and asks if this is what’s bothering her; that she doesn’t know what to do with her future. Katie says her survival is like a sick joke and questions if there’s a God. She thinks God must be punishing her if he exists. Bridget asks why she would think that she’s being punished. Katie asks Bridget to go. Bridget tells her how she can always count on her family and how much they love her no matter what. Katie begs her to leave, before she says something. Bridget reluctantly leaves.

Jackie continues to quiz Nick about Katie and how she affected him. He tells Jackie of course she did with everything they went through. He talks about how amazing Bridget is and all she’s done for Katie. Jackie tells him how much Katie and Bridget have in common.

Bridget goes to Eric’s room and sees Donna. She sees how upset Donna is and tells her she should have told her about Eric’s condition. She tells Donna this is just a waiting game now; they’re doing all they can.

Dr. Patrick is back with Katie and has brought in the OB/GYN. Katie asks her how it’s possible that she’s pregnant. The doctor tells her she’s reviewed all the tests and there’s no mistake. Katie still looks stunned.

Bridget tells Donna she’d like to have good news too. She says they have doctors consulting from all over the world. All they can do is wait and pray. Bridget and Donna hold hands over Eric's body as they pray for him to wake up.

The OB/GYN tells Katie from her reaction this must not be a planned pregnancy. She tells Katie the pregnancy puts a higher strain on the heart. The mother and fetus have to be monitored very closely, since there’s an increased chance of rejection. Katie has flashes of Nick, the conversation with the doctors, Bridget. She almost passes out, but the doctors catch her and tell her to take some deep breaths. Dr. Patrick leaves to get her some water.

The OB/GYN tells Katie she knows she’s overwhelmed and to try and manage her stress. Katie asks about birth defects with the medications she’s on as a transplant recipient. The doctor tells her she can’t answer a lot of questions without doing more reading. She tells Katie she can lead a pretty normal life. She reminds Katie that she almost lost her own life and now she has the chance to bring a precious new life into the world. Katie asks if she can have a moment alone. When the doctor leaves, Katie uses her cell to call Nick. He’s still with Jackie, when he answers the phone. Katie asks him to meet her at The Marlin. Nick asks if everything is okay. Katie tells him she’ll tell him when she sees him. He asks Jackie to stay with Jack. Jackie asks him if everything is alright. He tells her he’ll be back.

Donna and Bridget continue to sit at Eric’s bedside. Donna asks Bridget if all they’re doing is waiting, how come she couldn’t take Eric home. The familiar surroundings might help. Bridget tells her this isn’t a good idea. It would be hard to face the reality of his situation. She says this is the best place for him. They’re both in tears. Donna says she’s not going to give up hope.

Katie is on The Marlin. She picks up a picture of Bridget. She flashes back to her times with Nick, Bridget and her family. This includes the prom night, the wedding, and Catalina. Nick shows up. She tells him they need to talk. He tells her he knows she saw her doctor today. She tells him she had unexpected news. He asks if it was bad. He’s standing close to her and Katie turns and walks away. He tells her that she knows how he feels about her and she can tell him anything. She tells him it’s not like that. He calls her name and asks again, “What is it?” Katie turns around and they look at each other, while Katie tries to find words.

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