B&B Friday Update 8/1/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/1/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

Bridget and Nick are in bed. The phone rings. Bridget says she better answer it since she’s on call. It’s Katie, who’s at a checkup at the hospital. She wanted to thank them for the wonderful evening. She was really happy with the photo of her and Nick. Bridget told her it made her happy to see both her and Nick’s face light up when she got the picture. Bridget tells Katie she’ll be right there, since she told her she’d like to keep up with her appointments. Katie tells her it’s not necessary. Bridget insists and tells her Nick wants to speak to her. Nick tells her how much they enjoyed her company and not to be a stranger. After she hangs up, Katie pulls out her wallet and looks at the picture of her and Nick.

Nick asks Bridget if this thing at the hospital is routine with Katie? She tells him yes. They’re just running a battery of test to make sure everything is okay. Nick asks if she has to scamper right off and starts kissing her. She says she guess not.

Marcus tells Steffy she’s looking at the new supervisor of Shipping and Receiving. She asks if he’s serious? “When did this happen?” He tells her yesterday. She congratulates him. He tells her his mom wants to be surrounded by people she can trust. She tells him that makes sense. He tells her maybe not to Ridge or maybe it will. He says to some it may look like favoritism. Steffy says only if they’re not familiar with his work. They talk about how mad Eric was when Marcus changed the tracking methods. Steffy says the new system has actually saved them money. She tells Marcus her grandfather knows he earned his position, just like she does. She tells him that makes him her boss. Marcus says he’ll take it easy on her. Steffy says if she stays. Marcus asks if she’s going to walk? She tells him maybe since half her family was thrown out, including her dad. Steffy says she understands Donna’s reasons, even if it wasn’t fair or a good idea. Marcus tells her between the two of them, he agrees. It wasn’t necessary to fire anyone, except maybe Felicia. He says Ridge was provoking Donna and pressuring her to give up the company. Steffy says her dad and his mom are both good people, so why is this happening? The two of them talk about how they wish they could get their parents to sit down and talk. Steffy says they’d have to trick them to get them in the same room. Marcus tells her he has to handle Owen first. She says he’s really that worried? Marcus tells her yes, but he gave Owen “the boot” last night. He’s gone. Steffy says, “Wow. You’re really determined.” Marcus says, “When I want something, damn right I am.”

Marcus is talking on the phone to Donna, who tells him Owen is gone. Marcus gets excited and everyone on the roof looks at him and Steffy. She says it’s okay they’re just friends. Marcus says, “Friends?” She tells him unless he knows something she doesn’t. He tells her he’d like to put it on a big billboard that she’s his girlfriend. She says, “Girlfriend?” Marcus tells her that’s kind of what she is. She tells him he’s her boss now. Marcus tells her that means he can give her orders. He says he’s been in LA for a while, but hasn’t ever been in the ocean. She’s surprised. He suggests they play hooky.

Nick and Bridget make love. Bridget talks about how crazy she is about Jack. Nick tells her he knows she loves Jack unconditionally. He says him and Jack are blessed to have her in their lives. She talks about wanting to give Jack a brother or sister.

The doctor quizzes Katie about her life emotionally and physically. She talks about being positive and not clinging to things that hold her back. She mentions old dreams not coming true. The doctor asks if she’s talking about Nick Marone?

Steffy and Marcus make a day of it at the beach. They swim and play in the water, while stealing a few kisses. Later, they walk hand and hand on the beach.

Nick is quiet. Bridget tells him maybe she’s rushing things. He tells her no, he’d like to have more kids. He says after all the pain with Nicole, he’d hate for her to go through that again. She says the doctor told her she could have trouble carrying a baby to term, but it wasn’t impossible. He makes her feel anything is possible. He says he’d love to have a baby with her. She tells him they won’t know if they don’t try. She’s wiling to take the risk if he is. Nick says he’d love to give Jack a little brother or sister.

Katie tells the doctor Nick is her friend and she owes him and Bridget a lot. He asks how she’s been. She tells him she’s been kind of tired lately and kind of queasy. The doctor asks how often she’s been nauseous? She tells him everyday for the past few weeks. He tells her none of the meds should have that side effect. He looks at her chart. She asks if something is wrong? He tells her certain levels are elevated in her blood. He’d like to run one more test before he answered her.

Nick is looking for his other shoe. When he gets under the bed, he finds a Laker’s hat. He remembers wearing it for Katie at the hospital. He puts the hat back under the bed.

The doctor comes back in with the lab results. Katie tells him from the look on his face she knows something is wrong. He tells her not wrong, but unexpected. She tells him to be honest with her. He says two words can explain it. She pregnant! Katie tells him that can’t be! He tells her they ran the test twice to be sure. She’s speechless. All of a sudden the door opens and Bridget comes in. The doctor tells her he didn’t know she was joining them. He and Katie are silent. Bridget asks what’s wrong? “Tell me.”

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