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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 7/31/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Donna understands Marcus’ concern about Owen hanging around after all they know now about him. Marcus says he is concerned about her, this guy should be paid off and out of her life. Owen defends himself by saying he’s concerned about Donna too. He’s already admitted the deal he cut with Felicia was a mistake. Donna thinks since then he has proven himself. Marcus offers the only thing he has proven is that he can talk his way into a job….a massive job……her personal assistant. She says Owen found her power of attorney, he supported her, he’s given her good advice. Marcus reminds her he did all of that after he had the job. That is not what got him the job. He got the job with his ability to seduce her. And yes Owen confessed, what else could he do? He knew eventually Felicia would bust him. “This guy is bad news, you don’t need him.” He begs his mom to tell him to please leave now. She whispers to Marcus they need to discuss this in private. Owen should follow her.

Brooke drops by the office, but Donna has left. She tells Marcus that he can confide in her. She doesn’t understand either why Donna is firing people and saying some of the things she does. Marcus implies perhaps it is not her that is saying these things.

Katie drops by Nick and Bridget’s and brings a pie, not to worry, her mother made it. Nick beams as Katie fawns over little Jack. Alone, Bridget confides in Katie that she feels so helpless when it comes to her dad. Every moment counts and they need results now. Katie tells her she does not have to be the only strong one. There is Ridge, Thorne and Felicia and Nick. And herself…..just lean on her, she is there for Bridget.

Owen tells Donna it’s pretty clear that her son doesn’t trust him. She thinks it’s wonderful that he is so protective of her considering the short amount of time they have known each other. Owen admits it is, but she doesn’t owe Owen anything. And if she wants him to go, then he will go. But he still means what he said – he’s crazy about her.

Shocked, Brooke asks Marcus is he saying that Owen has feelings for Donna? Marcus says yes that is what he claims. But he doesn’t even think he should be here after the deal he cut with Felicia. She admits she is worried about that too. And she knows nothing about Owen or what his story is. Did Marcus invite him here to L.A.? He sets her straight, supposingly he came here to get the fee he was owed for tracking down his mother. Next thing Marcus knows, he’s showing up at Nick and Bridget’s party uninvited…..and with a bottle of special designer gin for Eric. He doesn’t know diddly squat about Eric Forrester yet he has the time to figure out that Eric likes gin martinis? What does that tell Brooke?

Brooke admits – an agenda. The question is, what is that agenda? Marcus doesn’t know, but Owen sure is leaving clues. He’s wormed his way into his mother’s life, becoming her personal assistant and now admitting he has “feelings” for her. And she’s a married lady! Brooke says it’s great that he is so worried and concerned, but nobody is going to take advantage of Donna. She showed them that last night. He tells her there is something she does not know. Last night someone broke into her home and rifled through her bedroom.

Owen tells Donna that he doesn’t mean to make her feel uncomfortable. And she hasn’t known him that long so he could easily be that person that Marcus is describing. With doubt, she asks that he is not that person? He says no, but he points out that when he first came to L.A. he was dazzled. She agrees, it’s pretty overwhelming, the wealth, the lifestyle of the people, she felt the same way at first. He says mostly he was just blown away by Donna. And that’s what changed everything for him. She was not like what Felicia portrayed her to be. She’s really sweet and kind. She laughs – and he was expecting some home-wrecking witch? He says that was the picture that Felicia was painting. And now he can see her loyalty and see her strength in the face of so many adversities. He feels this need to help her through it. She deserves it. She is a beautiful, honest, sincere person. And it’s a crime that she has to fight this family so hard just because she loves Eric so deeply. She’s earned everything she has, and he wants to help her keep it. He assures her that he is there for her, whatever she needs.

Donna thanks Owen for being so protective. He just wishes Marcus trusted him or at least would give him the benefit of the doubt. She states that she thinks Marcus is a little jealous as he wants to be the one to protect her. Owen reminds her that she is being attacked from all angles so she can use all the protection she can get. Protection and perception, she says now that everybody knows about what Felicia did they will all be questioning Donna of why she hasn’t fired Owen by now? The fashion world is just full of gossip. He laughs, but they haven’t done anything wrong. She agrees that normally she wouldn’t care what anyone said behind her back. But with Eric in the hospital, she has to be concerned about his image and what people are saying because he can not defend himself. She wants to make sure Owen understands that her husband has to come first. He walks toward her and says yes, he understands. She says perhaps Marcus is right, and it’s best that she let Owen go.

The newlyweds share pie and coffee with Katie, even using their wedding china. What is more special than using special china for the person that married them? Katie says it’s great to see how happy they are. Bridget feels they owe it all to her as they got so much closer when they were saving her life. Bridget hands Katie a present, Nick calls it “Christmas in July”. It’s a framed photo of Katie and Nick at the prom. She loves it. Nick jokes and asks does he get a copy, and yes Bridget has a wallet sized one just for him. Katie gets up and hugs Bridget and says she will treasure it always. Before she leaves, Bridget suggests they get together soon and all go on a picnic, maybe to Catalina Island like they did. Katie speaks up and suggests maybe they can find a new place, lots of other islands. She tells Bridget that she is her angel and she just wants her to know how amazing she is. She’s very inspiring. The women hug.

Brooke gets the message, Marcus thinks Owen staged the break-in? Is he capable of that? Marcus says he is capable of getting what he wants. Brooke says then what does he want from Donna? Marcus replies that is the one million dollar question. Brooke tells Marcus that Donna is always going to do what is best for Eric. He can count on that. But he says that Donna is not thinking clearly right now, and Owen can take advantage of her. He just hopes his mom doesn’t buy into it, tells him to leave and never come back.

Donna follows Owen toward the door and apologizes, it’s the only thing she can think to do though considering how her son feels. She tells him she has his San Diego contact and she will send his final check there. And with severance pay as he deserves it. He laments he wanted to do so much more for her. But if she wants him to go, then he will go. But it’s been a thrill to help her protect Eric’s legacy, his fortune and to work so close to a stunning, beautiful woman. It’s been the ride of his life…..but something powerful is happening here and he thinks it probably is best that he go. So if this is truly what she wants, then he will accept it. She says he was the one who brought her back her son. He comments and yes the last thing he’d want to do is come between them.

Owen gets to the door and opens it and Donna rushes to catch up to him. She apologizes. He says don’t. It’s been a trip getting to know her and taking care of all her needs………well most of them anyway. He just wants her to know he never meant to hurt her. A lot of things happened this summer that he didn’t expect. He leans over and kisses her on the hair right over her ear and says he adores her. Then he kisses her, she doesn’t pull away, they just look into each other’s eyes and Owen says good-bye. Donna goes back into the house and goes directly to a photo of her and Eric on the mantle. She takes it and looks at it lovingly. She cradles it close to her heart and starts to cry. Midway up the stairs, she stops and sits down, again glancing at the photo. She sees a big, brightly lit mansion anyone would be proud of, yet here she sits all alone.

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