B&B Wednesday Update 7/30/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/30/08


Written By Dawn S.
Pictures by Suzanne

Bridget enters Eric's hospital room while Donna visits with Eric and Donna asks her how Eric is doing. Bridget replies that he is doing as best as he can given the circumstances. Bridget asks Donna if the act of firing Ridge, Thorne and Felicia was necessary. Donna tells her she did what she thought was best for the company. Donna tells Bridget all she wants is some hope that Eric is doing better and Bridget tells her that Eric is stable and that is the best for now. Donna tells her that she wants him to get better soon and Bridget tells her to hang on and she leaves the room. Donna tells a comatose Eric that he will have to get better and nobody can replace him in her life.

Pam enters Eric's office to find Owen arranging flowers on his desk for Donna. Pam makes a sarcastic comment about that to Owen who tells her that since it is Donna's first day as CEO he wants to make things as perfect for her as possible. Pam disagrees and tells him that Eric is the CEO of Forrester creations, Owen corrects her saying that since Donna has the power of attorney she has all the power in the company and tells her that if she is smart she would stop fighting with Donna.

Donna enters the office and is happy to find flowers on her desk. She tells Owen she is having second thoughts about removing Ridge from Forrester creations. Owen tells her that she made the right decision and convinces her that she does not need to have second thoughts in this regard. Donna tells him that he always seems to know the right thing to say to her. Owen is going through a list of things that need to be done with Donna when she pleads with him to stop, saying that her head is spinning with all these details. Owen reassures her that she is doing great when Marcus enters the room. Marcus tells Donna he wanted to come in earlier but the gates were closed. Owen tells him that he had asked an alarm company to change the codes because of the break in the previous night at Donna's place. Marcus is concerned and wants to know if the cops were informed. Donna reassures him that there is no need to call the cops. Donna then tells both Marcus and Owen she is going to speak with the employees and leaves the room.

Marcus asks Owen why he did not report the break in. Owen wants to know what he means by that. Marcus tells him that he believes that Owen is manipulating Donna. Owen admits to Marcus that he should not have taken the deal offered by Felicia and that he regrets that. Marcus accuses Owen of being opportunistic. Owen tells him that Marcus would not have even found Donna had it not been for him, he also tells Marcus that he is crazy about Donna.

Brooke and Ridge discuss the fact that Ridge does not need to leave to go to work because of Donna's action. Brooke asks Ridge if he feels bad that she is going to continue to work at Forrester even though he cannot. Ridge tells her that she could run Forrester Creations on her own and now she may need to do that, so that they can salvage something of the company after all this. Brooke tells him she wishes that Donna would change her mind after having given it some thought. Ridge reassures her that he does not hate Donna even though he does disagree with her actions. He says he admires Donna's tenacity for protecting Eric's interest. Brooke promises to do all she can to help at this point.

Ridge enters Eric's hospital room and asks Bridget how Eric is doing. Bridget tells him there is no change. Ridge asks Bridget if she has heard the news. Bridget tells him she has and tells him that Felicia should not have done what she did, but still does not believe Donna should not have fired Ridge. Ridge talks to Eric that they all need him to help sort out everything and also because they do not want to lose him. He tells Eric not to give up.

Donna has a word with the Forrester employees and tries to reassure them that this is a temporary reorganization until Eric is back. Brooke asks Donna how she is doing.

Donna seems a little confused as to how to handle the employees, Brooke tells her that the employees could not be blamed for being bewildered since the entire backbone of Forrester creations was gone overnight. Donna tells Brooke that she did what she thought was best for the company. Donna tells Brooke not to abandon her and that she cannot do anything without her. Brooke tells her that she does not plan to abandon her.

Marcus tells Owen that at a time when Donna is vulnerable Owen is taking advantage of her. Donna interrupts their heated conversation asking if something is wrong. Marcus tells her that he wants her to keep away from Owen and to lean on him not Owen. Owen interrupts and tells Marcus that he does not have to worry about Donna. Marcus challenges Owen to tell Donna what he just told Marcus himself. Owen agrees and tells Donna he is crazy about her.

Brooke visits Eric and asks Bridget whether there is anything more they can do to help Eric. Bridget tells her that she has consulted with a lot of specialists and there does not seem to be anything more they can do. Brooke comforts Bridget and tells her that she is happy that Bridget is handling Eric's case. Bridget wishes she had answers.

Marcus tells Owen that Donna is a married woman and will want nothing to do with him. Owen asks if he can have a private minute with Donna. Marcus replies that that is not going to happen. Owen tells Donna with Marcus present that he never expected to feel this way, that he came to LA just out of curiosity and then found Donna who he believes is every guy's dream. He says now that he has found Donna he does not want to leave. Donna looks stunned by all this and Marcus tells her that she should write a check and give it to Owen thanking him for his services and Marcus will personally escort Owen out of the office and see that he starts his drive back to San Diego. Owen tells Marcus that if he will leave only if Donna wishes him to leave and not because of Marcus. Marcus tells Donna to tell Owen to leave. Owen looks at Donna and she looks stunned.

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