B&B Tuesday Update 7/29/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/29/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

At Forrester’s, Owen apologizes to Donna for the kiss he laid on her unexpectedly. He tells her she just gets to him, but he did overstep. She’s flattered, but tells him it is not right and must not happen again. Marcus bursts in and asks what happened? He was gone for a little while and came back and the whole place is in an uproar. Owen says he is going on over to her house to set up the docking station while they have some privacy and talk.

Donna tells Marcus she had to make a few changes today. She fired Ridge, and Thorne and Felicia too. He’s dumbfounded that she fired Eric’s kids. She says she can’t trust them. He inquires who is going to run the company? She replies that “we are, you and me, and Owen and Rick and hopefully Brooke.” She needs him to take on more responsibility, supervising shipping and receiving. He scoffs that he is just learning, he’s not ready to be put in charge. She tells him he will have to step up as she needs people around her that are loyal to her. People she can trust and who respect her position at Forrester and with Eric. His kids don’t. She tells him about Felicia hiring Owen to seduce her. Marcus can hardly believe this, so Owen is working for Felicia? She says no, but Felicia did offer him a lot of money to get incriminating photos to make it look like she was cheating on Eric and he’d dump her. She didn’t even care what this would do to her father. She just wanted Donna out of his life. He says okay, that is low, but why is Owen still here? She justifies it by saying he told her about the incident and backed out of the deal. Marcus tries to point out that Owen was part of the deal and then just backed out. But doesn’t that show her what kind of sleeze he is? Donna says no, it just proves Felicia misjudged him, just like Donna has been misjudged.

At Brooke’s, she has been wondering where Ridge is and finally he shows up. He explains he’s been for a drive to clear his head. She asks if it helped and he says not really. Brooke says she is sorry, she even called Donna again to try to change her mind, but she wouldn’t. He says he knows, the company is falling apart and there’s nothing they can do about it. This will be the biggest mistake of Donna’s life.

Donna walks into her bedroom and finds Owen there. He’s been admiring and looking through her lingerie thrown about the place. He tells her someone was in here - he heard a noise, but they took off. He was trying to clean up before she got there. He hands her a broken wedding photo in frame. She guesses immediately that it was Eric’s kids, has to be. They have the keys and the alarm code. This is enough! He tells her to wait. They are deliberately trying to rattle her. If she concentrates on them, then she won’t be able to focus on running the company for Eric. She says well then it’s working as she is scared. He tells her she shouldn’t be alone. Would she like him to spend just one night out in the guest house? She nixes that as not a good idea and he finally agrees.

Steffy is miffed and bursts into the office and asks Marcus where his mother is? Nice, Donna dropped the bomb about the company, fired her dad and then ran off. Marcus says he knows, also about her uncle Thorne and Aunt Felicia, but after what Felicia did can Steffy blame Donna? She didn’t know about Felicia, but it doesn’t surprise her. She can go a little overboard sometimes. Was her dad involved? Marcus tells her no, but after what Felicia did it makes the whole family suspect. His mom no longer trusts anybody. Steffy laments, “so you keep an eye on somebody, you don’t fire them.” They both say Donna is acting irrational, but Marcus is worried about her.

Donna says she needs to get back to the hospital, but Owen tries to detain her. He reminds her she can not spend every waking minute there when she is not at the office. She will run herself ragged and that won’t help anyone. She argues that she is fine, he insists she is not. She just went head-to-head with Eric’s entire family and chances are she will have to do it again and again, they won’t let up. She says neither will she. She reminds him that her husband is lying helpless in a hospital bed. He can’t protect her or the company, so she has to. He puts his protective arms on her shoulders and tells her he’s there, Marcus, Rick and even her sisters. These are people she can rely on, so come on let them!

Marcus agrees this is the worst time to be shaking things up at Forrester’s. Why doesn’t his mom get that? Steffy says because Felicia stepped up her game trying to set Donna up. That’s hard core. Marcus says it never would have worked, that is why Owen confessed. He still doesn’t know why his mother trusts Owen, but she thinks he is also being misjudged. Steffy says Owen has gotten under his mother’s skin. He confesses he thought he had a bad vibe against the guy. The guy he hired to find his mom shows up in L.A. to get paid. He goes to his mom for the cash and ends up being her personal assistant. “Steffy, he’s around my mom 24/7. How much influence do you think he has?” She asks if Marcus suspects Owen has an angle? He isn’t sure, but he owes it to his mom to find out.

While Ridge is in the shower, Brooke calls Donna and tries one last time to get her to see their side. Ridge is certain if his dad had of known he was going to have a heart attack and leave his health compromised he would have left them the company. Donna says she is sorry, but she has to look at this from Eric’s perspective and look at things objectively. He’s counting on her to act in his best interest. Brooke reminds her that Eric would never fire his own children. Donna counters with that he also did not want Ridge to have ownership either. Why can’t anyone understand that? She hangs up and Owen says he can understand that. Donna whines that all she wants is a little help. Is that too much to ask for? Bobbsey twin at her side says no, that is not too much and gives her a hug.

Marcus and Steffy pull out the laptop and start searching and about all they can come up with is that Owen went to San Diego State and was on the pro-surf team. Marcus says it’s amazing – a surfer bum and now he’s helping his mom run Forrester Creations. Steffy asks if he spoke to Owen a lot when he was looking for Donna? He admits no, mostly e-mails. Steffy is surprised that Marcus hired Owen off the Internet, he even had a bio page, but when Steffy checks it out, it is closed. He no longer needs to freelance. But why fashion, why here? Marcus says well originally he came because of Marcus, but he always felt it was because of his mom. He’s pretty sure she is the reason he is sticking around. Sarcastically Steffy says well this is no way to get an in by encouraging Donna to fire people. That’s not going to benefit anyone. Marcus adds, “maybe himself.” He will bet his last dollar he’s working some angle. Steffy says he has no right. This is her family but now Donna has the power. It’s so unfair. Marcus suddenly kisses her and makes her promise that no matter what happens between her father and his mother that it won’t change things between them.

Brooke asks Ridge if he is feeling better after the shower? He says he’s about to. She’s sorry Donna is taking such a hard line on this. He doesn’t want to talk about Donna anymore or the company anymore. Coyly, she asks then what does he want to talk about? He kisses her and says they don‘t have to talk at all. Hmmmmm?

Donna reveals that Eric told her once that when he was gone he wanted her to go on with her life…….not to put her happiness on hold. But how can she not when her happiness is with him? Owen emphasizes with her, she can because that is the kind of man Eric is. He wants what is best for her. She gets up off the bed and tells Owen that her head is just reeling. He asks what is she doing? She says she doesn’t drink much, but she thought maybe this martini would help, in honor of Eric. They were drinking from the bottle that Owen gave him the night before. They talked and he said he was not going to be pressured by Ridge. It started as a good evening. Owen takes the drink from her and pours the contents of the bottle down the sink. He says it will only make her sadder. He knows it is tempting, to numb the pain, but she needs to stay focused. What she needs is a good night’s sleep. He rubs her shoulders and puts his head up against her hair.

Donna says he is right, and she will be all right. He assures her he is only a phone call away. Call him anytime and he will be there. He tells her “goodnight beautiful.” She lays on the bed crying over her wedding photo. It looks like Owen is leaving, but he grabs a stuffed pillow close by and places it against the door of Donna’s bedroom and settles for the night. A phone message comes in asking when dude is leaving L.A. and coming back home? He grins and replies to himself, “never.”

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