B&B Monday Update 7/28/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/28/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

The press are in Eric’s office for the press conference. “Are you saying you’re firing the Forresters?” Donna says she’s running the company. Jared asks her to say it again. Ridge tells her she can’t run the company. Donna tells them she can and will, since Eric gave her his power of attorney. Jared says, but Ridge is the head designer and has the most experience running the company. Donna tells him her sister Brooke has more experience. Donna tells them she’s only doing what Eric would want her to do. Thorne says, “Fire his kids?” Donna says until they’re ready to act in his best interest, she’s justified. Donna tells the press she can’t get into the reasons, but it’s in her best interest to run the company. Felicia says she’s out of her mind. Donna tells them her sister and nephew will steer us forward until Eric returns. She thanks the press for their well wishes. Jared wants to know how can she say this is in the best interest of the company? Another reporter wants to know if she had a falling out with Ridge? Owen cuts them off and says anyone that wants to talk to Donna needs to go through him. Jared asks who he is. He tells them he’s Donna’s personal assistant. Rick asks them to leave. Jared asks Rick if he was involved in this decision. Rick tells Jared he will get the scoop and ushers everyone out.

Ridge tells Donna he’s sure this isn’t what their dad would want. She tells him she’s sure Eric wouldn’t want this betrayal. Ridge tells her their dad won’t be angry with them. He tells Donna she’s showing her true colors. He tells her if she doesn’t reconsider right now, she’s out of the company, the house, and their lives for good. Donna asks everyone to leave but Brooke. Brooke tells her to think about it. They need stability now and have to reassure the buyers. Donna tells her to call who ever she needed, but these three are not welcome here. They walk out.

Pam sees everyone leaving the office and wants to know what’s going on? Rick tells her she wouldn’t believe him if he told her. He tells her to forward all calls to him or his mom. Pam sees Ridge and asks him what’s going on? Ridge tells her Donna has fired them. Felicia tells her look out or she’ll be next. Owen tells Donna good for her to not let them intimidate her. Brooke stays behind and tells Donna to slow down and think about what she’s doing. She tells her what Felicia did was unconscionable, but she can’t run the company. Brooke tells her to let her and Ridge do what they planned. Pam barges in and starts berating Donna. Donna tells her she’s not fired, because she knows that’s not what Eric would want. Donna tells Pam she’ll be general reception, so she’ll be moving downstairs. Owen will take care of all her personal needs. Rick gets Pam to leave with him before she says more. Brooke asks to speak to Donna alone. Owen leaves. Brooke again tries to tell Donna that what Felicia did was wrong, but Ridge had no part in that. She tells her no one can run the company like Ridge. Donna tells her she’ll think about it.

Ridge, Felicia and Thorne are gathered to discuss what took place. Thorne sees it on the internet that the Forresters have been ousted. They worry about what the stockholders and buyers will do. Ridge tells Felicia she went too far and provoked Donna. She tries to justify what she did. Thorne tells her Donna is foolish, but not that foolish. He says Eric is her meal ticket and her son’s. She wouldn’t have an affair on him. Ridge tells Felicia she can’t always manipulate to get what she wants; that she didn’t even know Owen. She tells them Owen was going to take the deal, but she thinks he has another agenda. Maybe he got a better offer.

Owen stands by waiting to get back in Eric’s office. Pam offers him a lemon bar and makes idle conversation about her recipe. She then warns Owen to watch his back, since Donna can be a “devious little monster”. Owen tells her he guess making nice is over, since she doesn’t want to make an enemy of Donna either if she’s smart. He knocks and tells Donna he has some important messages. Brooke tells Donna she knows she’s been on a collision course with Eric’s kids. Brooke tells her she understands her need for revenge. She knows what it’s like to have the Forresters gunning for you. Donna tells her that’s not what this is about. Brooke tells her it seems like a war and she doesn’t want to pick sides. Brooke tells her to blame it on the stress and tell Ridge she made a mistake. She’s sure he’d come back. Owen sits quietly taking it all in. Brooke leaves and runs into Rick. Rick asks if Donna could change her mind? The buyers are freaking out. Brooke tells him she’s giving her time to think.

Felicia wonders why Brooke hasn’t called. Ridge says she doesn’t have news yet. Ridge says Donna has to know she’s out of her league. Felicia says she basically fired us in front of the press. It would be hard to go back after that. Ridge says she could blame it on the stress and dad’s illness. Ridge says she’ll have to go to dad and tell him she’s ran his company in the dirt.

Owen tells Donna she made the right decision. Owen tells her Ridge would have fired her if he was running the company. He tells her Brooke has as much to gain as Ridge does. He tells her she has staff around that are knowledgeable that can help her pull this off. If she tells them she’s doing this for Eric they’ll rally around her.

Ridge has had enough waiting around and decides he’s going to do something. They still have time to turn this around. He leaves. His phone rings and Thorne answers it. Brooke wants to know why he’s answering Ridge’s phone? He tells her Ridge just left. She tells Thorne she thinks Donna has changed her mind and wants Ridge to call her.

Brooke goes back in to see Donna. Brooke tells her how crazy it is out there. She asks Donna if she’s made a decision or if she needs more time? Donna tells Brooke her decision is final. Brooke tells her she thought she had changed her mind? She can’t do this without Ridge. Donna tells Brooke she can’t do it without her. Brooke doesn’t say anything. She walks out and slams the door. Owen is still there and continues to tell Donna she’s an incredible person. He tells her to look at how much experience Brooke had when she took over the company from Eric. Donna is surprised he knew about this. Owen tells Donna her love and devotion to Eric is a beautiful thing. Owen leans in and kisses Donna. She looks surprised and tells him this is wrong. He says, “Then why does it feel so right?” Donna runs out.

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