B&B Friday Update 7/25/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 7/25/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

The Forresters are all in Eric’s office. Rick wants to know why it’s such a hurry to take the business from Eric? Ridge tells him everyone is watching and this will make it look like they’re taking care of things while Eric’s away. This is the quickest most dramatic way to do it. They wonder where Donna is at?

Donna is at the hospital with Eric. He’s still unconscious. She’s talking to him and asks what should she do? Her cell is ringing. She sees it’s Ridge. She tells Eric. They’re your children, but what they’re doing is wrong. I could walk away from all of this, but what about you?

Katie and Beth are discussing the lamb stew Katie made. She tells her mom she used to make it for them all the time with fresh bread. She made it to take to Nick and Bridget, since she knows Bridget is tied up. Nick stops by and walks right in. Katie tells him he saved her a trip, since she planned to bring the hot meal by.

Donna shows up at the board meeting. Ridge asks about his dad. She tells them, no change. Ridge tells her we’re here to do what dad would have wanted. Donna tells him she sees he’s invited the press. He asks if she brought the power of attorney? She says yes.

Katie gives Nick the food. He tells her Bridget will want to spend time with her father, so he hope it keeps for a while. Katie says to tell Bridget I love her. Beth says the same thing and tell her we’re rooting for Eric. Nick spots the little basketball he gave Katie. They tussle over it and he threatens to take it back if she hasn’t been practicing. She tells him Hope wanted it since she knew it came from him. Beth looks at them with a questioning smile.

Bridget is talking to Eric. She tells him Jackie is driving her crazy, since she treats her like the default wife. She tells Eric he’s more than just a chart to her as she checks his vitals. She tells him he was always the one to fix everything. He was her hero.

Ridge asks if there’s anything to discuss before they bring in the press? Thorne says they’ll probably want to know the wedding date. Brooke says they can say it’s inappropriate, due to Eric’s condition. Donna says all of this is inappropriate. Thorne says they may want to know who’s doing what? “We’re all taking a lot of this on faith. You’ve appointed yourself as CEO.” Donna tells him she may be taking more on faith than anyone. They tell her and they appreciate it. They tell her she’s doing the right thing. Thorne tells her she’s been very good to his father. Donna tells them she’s the least qualified other than Owen to run the company, but right now she has the power and she’s not signing anything!

Beth tells Katie how at home Nick seems. She asks does he have a key. Katie tells her he used to live there. She says he and Hope were very close. Beth tells her he didn’t ask for Hope. She thinks he came to see her. Katie tells her mother they’re friends and he just got used to seeing her everyday. Beth tells her he flew all the way to Paris to get her. Beth says she thinks Katie is the reason. She tells Katie she’s not judging her. “You’re my daughter and I see how you lit up when he walked in the room.” Katie tells her she admits he’s very special to her and she was a bit in love with him. “I’d like to think for a while he was a little in love with me too.”

Nick goes to the hospital. Bridget is still with Eric. He comforts her and she continues to talk to her dad.

Thorne tells Donna she had to wait until the press was here to pull this. He says she must have a thing for public humiliation, like the day of their wedding. Felicia tells her if she has questions, now is the time to get them answered. Ridge says, “You told Brooke you’d do the right thing.” Brooke asks, “What is it sweetie? We want you to be sure.” Donna asks Felicia if she loved her father. Felicia wanted to know what kind of question was that? Donna asks if his happiness was important to her? Felicia says of course. Donna said, but you don’t think I make him happy? Felicia says she never said that. Ridge tells her they’ve misjudged her. Thorne says he didn’t. He judged her just right. Ridge says at first we were suspicious because we’re very protective of dad. Donna tells them to explain why they were willing to risk Eric’s happiness for $200,000? Brooke says there must be some misunderstanding. Felicia walks over to Owen and asks what did he say to her? Owen says, “That you offered me $200,000 to seduce Donna and show proof.” She slaps him and tells him to get out of her sight. He’s fired. Donna tells him not to go anywhere. She tells Felicia she doesn’t have the power to fire anyone, that she doesn’t own anything in the building except the clothes on her back. “You betrayed your father and treated me like trash. From now on I’ll be making the decisions.”

Bridget and Nick talk about the last time they were in the hospital. They agree they won’t give up on Eric, just like they didn’t give up on Katie.

Katie talks to her mom about her illness and how Nick helped her. She says they’re was a connection, an attraction between them. Everyone saw it. She tells her how Bridget “gave him” to her for the time she had left. Beth asks what did she mean? Katie told her about their trip to Catalina and how special it was. It was the best day of her life. She explains to her mother she has memories locked away that some days she allows herself to think about it. Beth tells her it’s not wrong and no one has to know.

Brooke asks Felicia if what Donna says is true? Felicia tells her don’t expect her to apologize. She tells Donna she is wrong for her father and the only thing she has to hold over him is sex. Donna tells them they actually expect her to trust them? Ridge tells her to not let his sister’s bad judgment change things. Brooke says what Felicia did was wrong, but not to make an emotional decision. Donna asks how could she not? She tells them she loves her husband and his children don’t respect him. “No one is taking anything from him while I still have a breath in my body.” She tells Owen to open the door. The press comes in led by Jared. He inquires about Eric and tells them everyone wishes him well. Ridge says they’re not prepared to answer any questions. Donna says she has a statement. She first says to thank everyone around the world for their well wishes. She tells them Rick will take more responsibility in the everyday operations along with the international business. Her son Marcus will be the head of shipping. Thorne and Felicia are devastated by their dad’s illness and will be stepping down. Jared asks if Ridge will be president and CEO? Donna says no, Ridge will be leaving the company also. “I’ll be running the company,” says Donna.

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