B&B Thursday Update 7/24/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 7/24/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Ridge speaks with a lawyer type lady in his office and reveals to her that his dad named Donna his power of attorney. She is now blocking the transferring of the ownership of the company. The woman tells him she had nothing to do with it, that his dad is very much in love with Donna, he trusts her. Ridge asks then what the hell can he do about it? She says just hope and pray that Eric makes it through this crisis.

Donna tells Owen that needless to say Ridge was very surprised. But he’s already president and in control so it’s not like she is going to step on his toes. Owen says but yet she is not going to turn over the complete company to him? She agrees no, that would be a complete betrayal of her husband. She says she just wants to go to the hospital and be with Eric every hour until he wakes up. Owen assures her the hospital will call if anything changes. And if he knows anything about Eric at all is that he is a fighter. He loves Donna so he has every reason to live. She sighs and tells Owen he’s such a Godsend. She thinks about the day he walked through her office when she needed someone she could trust and depend on and he has been there for her every time. She could not have made it through these days without him.

Brooks joins Ridge and he asks how was her visit with Eric? She says fine and she believes even though he is in a coma that he knows they are there, he is not unaware. She’s touched that Ridge is aware that Donna is hurting too. He opines that he is sure she loves him in her own way. Not that he doesn’t have other issues with her. She’s surprised when he tells her that Donna is now trying to block the taking over of the company. Eric agreed to them taking over, but when with Donna he changed his mind, at least according to her. Brooke asks if he believes Donna? Ridge says he doesn’t know what to believe. He looks around and sees the company that his mother and father built and it’s faltering. They are in a downward spiral right now. “And I know that once a fashion house gets to a certain point, it’s damn hard to save it.” And one thing is so frustrating as he is sure that the two of them could save it like that! Brooke volunteers to talk to her sister. Try to get her to realize this is not a power play. What they are doing is best for the company. Best for the Forrester’s and the Logan’s. Can she get Donna to see that?

Donna asks Owen what is wrong? He doesn’t handle compliments very well. Isn’t that modest of him? Brooke walks in before the finish and Donna introduces Brooke to Owen. They comment they met briefly at the pool party. Owen tells Donna he is going to leave her alone to have some privacy with her sister. Brooke asks Donna how she is holding up? It’s hard, but she is not alone, there is help.

Owen catches Felicia in the hallway who just wants to blow him off. He tells her that he is sorry about her father. She asks how sorry? She states that her father never had a heart problem until he married Donna. She’s not blaming her, just stating a fact. He was in good health until the marriage. “I’m just sorry that I didn’t meet somebody to break ‘em up before he landed in the hospital. Obviously you weren’t the right candidate.” He says come on, does she think it was easy for him to turn down 200 grand that she offered? That would set him up perfectly. But he couldn’t do it. There was no way Donna was going to fall in bed with him, not the way she feels abut Felicia’s father. Felicia huffs well she will see. She is not through with her yet.

Brooke wants to discuss the current events with Donna, but Donna wants to skip to the hospital. She assures Brooke that this is what Eric wanted; he changed his mind and she didn’t have to convince him. He simply was beat up after his trip to New York and vulnerable to Ridge. She got him alone and everything changed. He was like his old self again. He was excited and charged up and he realized he had made a mistake with Ridge. And if he wakes up and the company isn’t his, he will be devastated. Brooke reminds her that Eric is not just going to wake up and be ready to rush back to work. He will need to recuperate. She says she is sorry, she knows this is a nightmare, but Forrester Creations needs to survive and right now under Eric it is not. Donna cries that all she can think of now is what he means to her and what he has done for her. She needs to do right by him. He’s counting on her to do the right thing. She can’t let him down. Donna wants Brooke to tell her that she understands that.

On the phone, Ridge tells his mother to hang in there. He tells Felicia there is no change, their mother is over there now. This must be killing her. Felicia too is shocked when she hears that Donna is blocking Ridge and Brooke taking over the company

Brooke continues that Donna needs to make decisions that Eric would want her to make. And right now the company is not strong and viable. Donna snaps and it will be with her brilliant fiancée? Brooke answers yes he can. She knows that he and Donna haven’t always gotten along, he’s not always been fair, but just today he said he realized just how much Donna loves his dad. If anything good comes out of this tragedy it might be that Eric’s children are seeing Donna in a different way. Donna is not that sure that she can trust them. Brooke says she can and Donna will always have a place there at Forrester. The kids’ main concern right now is their father and their legacy. So Donna needs to let them protect it for her and for Eric. Donna finally says okay, she will take that leap of faith and then she can focus just on Eric completely.

Brooke tells Ridge that Donna agreed to it. He calls her a miracle worker. She says all she did was tell the truth that this is what Eric would want. Ridge says this will make Eric so proud when he wakes up and the company is stronger than ever. How can he ever repay her? She giggles and reels off a couple of ways, actually three as he steers her toward the couch.

Donna tells Owen her new decision. He’s not that excited, but she tells him she has learned something these last few days. Her mistrust toward Ridge and the others has been a little paranoid on her part. He still seems hesitate and she asks him what is wrong? He says there is something he needs to tell her and it won’t be easy. He thinks she needs to know the truth even if it means she will throw him outta there and he will never see her again. She settles back in the chair and says she is listening. He reveals that the day he came here it was because of a conversation he had with Felicia. She made him an offer which at the time he did not think he could refuse. She pulls it out of him that Felicia offered him a lot of money to break up her marriage….to seduce her and get proof like pictures of them in compromising positions.

Donna is disappointed in Owen, she trusted him. He admits he knows it was wrong and he found out very early that she loved her husband after all and would never stray. But she can count on him now. That’s why he is telling her this. She needs to be very careful. She’s in a very dangerous position. Donna says yeah, and he put her there. He tells her no, he told Felicia no and he backed out of the deal. She scoffs that she should believe him now? He doesn’t care what she believes. He just cares that she protects herself. If she signs those papers, then she no longer is in charge. They can do whatever they want with the company. They could kick Donna out if they want to. And he is sure they will kick her out as he saw Felicia earlier and her attitude had not changed toward Donna. She is even more determined to get Donna out of her father’s life any way she can. Even Eric knew not to trust them. That is why he named Donna as Power of Attorney. “Don’t give them this power. If you sign that document, they will get rid of you. They will.”

Owen says Donna can think what she wants about him, but it’s Ridge, Felicia and Thorne that she can not trust, and that’s the truth. He says he is going to go get his things and clear out his desk so she won’t have to bother to fire him. She tells him to wait. At least he is telling her the truth now. He may be the only person she can trust. She needs him on her team. She hopes she is not being foolish. He tells her that she is not. He promises her that he will never betray her trust again. He confesses that when Felicia made that offer that she painted Donna as a superficial gold digger who was using Felicia’s father and out to destroy the family. And now he sees that is not who she is. She’s as good as they come and he wants to be there for her to make sure they don’t take advantage of her. He wants her to know that she is not alone. He’s there for her whatever, whenever. He’s her man. She laments that Brooke will be mad and Ridge furious, but she knows what she has to do.

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