B&B Wednesday Update 7/23/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/23/08


Written By Dawn S.
Pictures by Suzanne

Donna and Marcus enter Eric's office and Marcus asks Donna if she is doing fine. Donna tells him that she cannot afford to look weak in the office, Marcus wants to know if people would not be understanding considering that Eric is in the hospital, Donna explains that she is a target even when Eric is around, and tells Marcus she keeps thinking of Eric. Marcus tells Donna that she can lean on him and calls her mom. Donna is very happy and tells Marcus that this is the first time he has called her mom. They hug each other.

At the hospital Steffy is talking to her grandfather when he is in coma and she tells him about Marcus and how she believes he is such a great guy. She tells him how Ridge keeps telling Steffy to keep away from Marcus but tells Eric she cannot stay away from Marcus. She tells Eric she wants him to explain why her father is so protective of her and wants him to make things better for her the way he has always done. While she talks to Eric, Ridge enters the room. He tells Steffy that Eric can feel their presence. Steffy agrees. Steffy and Ridge hug and Steffy leaves the room.

Ridge tells Eric that he got back here as soon as he could and that everything is fine at work. He tells Eric that he has been in training to run the company since childhood and he will do a good job and make Eric proud. He says he knows he has Eric's blessing.

Owen enters the office and tells Donna that he just got into work and found out about Eric. He wants to know how Donna is doing. Donna tells him that she is worried not only about the Eric but also about the company and explains how Ridge plans to take over the company now. She explains to Owen about Ridge's and Brooke's plan to take over Forrester Creations. Owen is shocked. Donna explains that the papers have already been drawn up. Owen asks to see the papers. Donna shows it to him. Owen observes that the papers have only Ridge's signature and not Eric's, Donna explains that Eric gave his word and she also tells him that Eric changed his mind just before he passed out. Owen tells Donna this may not be a done deal. Donna wonders how she will stand up to Ridge. Owen tells her there may be a way. Owen asks her to go through Eric's papers. Donna tells him it may be in the safe and opens the safe to retrieve the documents.

Steffy meets Marcus at Forrester Creations office. Marcus asks Steffy how Eric is doing and she tells him he seems to be in the same condition. She tells him she finds it odd that she just poured her heart out to her grandfather and does not even know if he could hear her. Marcus suggests maybe he should do the same and admit to Eric that he kissed Steffy and cannot get her out of his mind.

Owen goes through Eric's papers and tells Donna that Eric's power of attorney is with Donna. Owen tells Donna that Ridge's signature on the documents giving control of Forrester Creations to him is of no use, since Eric has given his power of attorney to Donna and that so long as she acts in the best interest of her husband, she can stop Ridge from assuming control of Forrester Creations. Donna tells Owen she knows what Eric's wishes are but at the same time she wants to do what is best for the company too and she is not sure what that is yet. Owen tells her that she has all the information and she has the upper hand so she should do what she thinks is right, in the meanwhile he tells her to put away the document Ridge signed into the safe. Donna thanks Owen for his help. Donna leaves to go and see Eric. Owen is alone in the office and he sits at the desk and holds the power of attorney in his hand.

Rick visits Eric and tells him he has to get better and tells him they all need him. He asks Eric if he really wants Ridge to run the company, he tells Eric he wants some sign to know for sure that that is what Eric truly wants. Donna enters the room and Rick hugs Donna and asks her how she is holding up. Donna tells him that Eric has always been there for her and now when she needs him the most, he is not able to be there for her. She tells Rick that he has been so supportive of both of them, when no one else has been there for them. Rick tells Donna that he knows better than the others how it feels when one is in love with a person and the whole family is against them. Donna tells him she really appreciates his support. Rick leaves.

Donna tells Eric she hates being away from him, she tells him about the power of attorney and how grateful she is that Eric believed in her so much. She tells him she wants to do the right thing, that she wants to protect the company but she also knows how much he loves his children, she tells him she just has to believe that he meant what he said before he collapsed.

Ridge enters the room just then and offers to leave, but Donna tells him to stay since she wants to tell him something. Donna tells him she knows that Ridge expects her to fall in line, but she is not going to do it, she tells him that she is going to fight him and not let him take control of Forrester Creations.

Steffy tells Marcus that if she is so much of a distraction, maybe she should leave so that Marcus can focus on his work. Marcus pulls her back as she starts to leave.

Ridge tells Donna that the ownership transfer is going to go through, Donna replies that it will not because she has Eric's power of attorney and she will do anything to protect Eric's interest. Ridge tells her that there is no need to bring a power of attorney in between a father and a son, Donna tells him she will do everything she can while Eric is incapacitated to stop Ridge. Ridge leaves the room. He looks through the glass window at Donna. Donna tells Eric she needs strength to do what is right and she needs to know that he meant what he said just before he passed out, she promises Eric when he returns Forrester Creations will still be his to run.

Ridge thinks that everything about Donna is phony he thinks that Eric's condition was brought on by Donna and now she wants to use a power of attorney to stop Ridge, he does not care if Donna is Brooke's sister, he will do everything he can to bring her down.

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