B&B Monday Update 7/21/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/21/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

After Eric is unresponsive, Donna is panicked and calls 911. She tells them he’s unconscious, but breathing.

Brooke and Ridge are still in Eric’s office talking about Eric signing the papers giving them the company. Rick walks in looking for Eric. They tell him about their upcoming wedding and the fact Eric is stepping down. They’ll now be running the company. Rick is shocked. Ridge shows him the paperwork. Rick wants to know why he didn’t have any say, since he runs Forrester International. Ridge tells him he’ll be taken care of just like the other children. They’ll discuss the breakdown at tomorrow’s meeting. Brooke tells him you’ll just report to us instead of Eric. Rick asks where does this leave Donna? Brooke says she can spend time with Eric. Ridge says it’s a win-win situation.

The paramedics want to know what happened. They think it could be a heart attack. They need to know his history and the medications he’s taking. She admits he’s been taking something to enhance their sex life. They call in his vitals. Donna tells Eric she won’t leave him. He means everything to her.

At the hospital, Bridget sees Donna. She then realizes it’s her father. She tells Donna they’ll do all they can.

Rick tells Ridge he doesn’t know how in the world he ever talked Eric into giving up the company. Ridge tells him because he understands it’s the only way to undo the damage. Rick says, “Single handed she did the damage? You like to make Donna the scapegoat.” Brooke starts talking about how change is never easy. She was hoping they could count on his support.

Donna calls Brooke to tell her what happened. She tells Donna to stay calm and they’ll make some phone calls. She tells Rick and Ridge, “It’s Eric. He’s in the hospital.” They all rush out.

Steffy goes to Eric’s office. Marcus shows up to drop off a package. They talk about Eric’s trip to New York. He asks Steffy how she feels about Donna hiring Owen? She tells him he’s smooth, not her type. He asks what is her type? She tells him someone honest, straightforward. “You know. What you see is what you get.” He tells her then score one for him. Steffy says everyone puts their best foot forward at an interview. You don’t know that much. She asks Marcus what’s bothering him? He says he doesn't know Owen that well. He just wants Donna to be careful, since she always seems to be surrounded by enemies. Steffy says, “Including my father?”

Brooke, Ridge and Rick arrive at the hospital. Brooke asks Donna if she knows anything? Donna tells her no one will tell her anything. Rick tells her he’ll go and try to find someone. Brooke asks Donna if Bridget knows yet? She tells her yes. Ridge asks if his dad was having chest pains? Donna tells him he didn’t say anything. Brooke tells her Eric will pull through. Donna says they just need to pray really hard.

Thorne and Felicia show up at the hospital. Felicia asks if she’s sure it’s a heart attack? Donna says she doesn’t know. Bridget is still with the paramedics. Felicia asks if anyone has called Stephanie? Ridge tells her they left her a message. Thorne wants to know what they were doing. “How did this happen?” Donna tells them they were in bed and had just made love. Felicia tells her to stop, please.

Bridget comes in and tells them it’s definitely a heart attack. They’re still running test, but it’s very serious. Donna asks to see him. Bridget hesitates. Donna tells her she needs to let her husband know she’s there.

Marcus tells Steffy they shouldn’t be talking about Ridge. Steffy says, “If you don’t have anything nice to say...” Marcus tells her they can focus on other things. She asks him about his dad. He tells her it hasn’t felt right to ask about him. She asks isn’t he curious? He says of course. He’ll ask Donna when he feels she wants to talk about it. He says he’s just happy to have found his mother and know she has such a wonderful man in her life. He knows Eric will always be there to stick up for her.

Donna goes in to see Eric, who’s still unconscious. She holds his hand and tells him she’s there. She tells him not to be afraid, that Bridget and all the doctors will take good care of him. She says she didn’t know what love was when she first met him. He’s showed her everyday what it is. She tells him not to leave her. They have so many plans. She tells him he’s always there for her, even when his kids don’t support them. She says she’s going to take good care of him and support him. “You’re everything to me Eric. It’ll all be wonderful just like it was before.”

Marcus tells Steffy they can go on their second date to Bikini Beach. Steffy tells him yes. She likes that place. He goes over to the desk to leave a note for Eric welcoming him back. He spots the document from Ridge. Steffy asks what’s the matter? He asks if she knew her grandfather was giving the business to Brooke and Ridge? She’s surprised. “Giving it to them?” Marcus shows her the document. He says Donna isn’t mentioned at all. “What the hell is going on?” Steffy says she knows her dad wants to run the company, but how did this happen? Security comes in and is surprised they’re still there. He asks Steffy if she knew her grandfather had been taken to the hospital.

All the kids are at Eric’s bedside. They each take a turn telling him to focus on getting better and things will be okay. They will all be there for him. Bridget comes in to tell them they have some of the tests back. Donna asks shouldn’t he be awake by now? Bridget tells them that during the cardiac episode there was blood loss to the brain. Eric is actually in a coma. They’re all speechless. They finally ask for how long? Bridget says it could be days. She then says it could be longer. Donna asks if she’s saying he might never come out of it? Bridget says yes.

Donna leaves the room visibly shaken and crying. Ridge follows her out. “Happy now?” She tells Ridge she understands. They’re all scared. Ridge asks, “Why because you know what you did to him?” Donna tells him don’t you dare put this on me. He tells her she knows how stressed Eric has been. She says she’s only tried to bring joy to his life and love him. She tells him if anything, he’s the one that’s stressed Eric out by trying to take his beloved company. “You knew that would break his heart. Don’t you dare try to put this on me!”

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