B&B Friday Update 7/18/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 7/18/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

Ridge and Brooke tell Felicia and Thorne about Eric stepping down. Felicia tells him she didn’t want their dad to leave the company, just Donna. Ridge tells her he can stay on to design if he wants. He and Brooke plan to make the announcement of their marriage and the change in command tomorrow. Thorne says the trip to New York must not have gone the way dad wanted. Ridge told him Eric had to finally face it.

Eric is mixing a martini, when Donna comes out of the bathroom. He asks if she wants one and she declines. He tells her to thank her friend Owen for the gin, since he didn’t realize he was out. He says he feels so empty. Donna tells him to forget about the document Ridge shoved in his face. Eric tells her after she left he signed it. “You’re giving the company to Ridge and Brooke?” He tells her they’re announcing it at the board meeting tomorrow. Donna tells him they can’t force him out. He tells her it’s what he’s groomed Ridge for all his life. Donna tells him Ridge has been pushing him. “He loves the company as much as I do. He deserves his shot.” Donna asks him what does he want? Eric tells her the company is in trouble. He can’t deny that. Donna asks him what’s in his heart?

Beth and Katie are at Brooke’s with Hope. Nick comes by to check on Beth. Hope is excited to see him. Katie tells him she thought he was still on his honeymoon. He tells her hospital duty called. He tells Katie she looks great. She tells him he does too. Marriage must agree with him. Beth thanks him for bringing her home. She tells him with all the doctors and new treatment she feels wonderful. She tells them she was lonely in Paris. Katie tells her she’s not alone now.

Ridge and Brooke continue to explain their “new phase”. They’ll let everyone know this was amicable, no fireworks or tension.

Donna tells Eric it’s still his company. Eric says he was really fired up with the new collection. He says it’s not just their marriage, but Stephanie’s shooting, Storm’s death, etc. They’ve been all over the papers. Donna continues trying to convince him to reconsider. He tells her it’s done. He pauses and then says, “I could turn this company around. We’ve done it before.” He says the company is his and he’ll be the one to say when he steps down.

Ridge tells Brooke, “Thorne and Felicia seem pretty shocked.” She tells him they’re just surprised Eric agreed. Ridge says it’s not like he’s turning the company over to amateurs. We’ve prepared for decades for this. Brooke agrees. She says with the business and their wedding it’s all coming together.

Eric tells Donna he’s not stepping down. It’s too soon. “I have too many good years left.” Donna agrees. He says it could cause a wider divide if he did step down. He says division in the family. She asks about Rick. He tells her Rick will always have a place in the company and Marcus too. She tells him she would have never imagined. He cuts her off and tells her he’s changing his will to make sure Marcus is an heir too. Marcus is a great kid with potential and he wants to protect his future. Eric tells Donna he doesn’t want to leave her with a mess, so she won’t have to fight his family for what’s hers. She tells him not to talk like that. He’ll be around for ages. Eric says they’ll feel betrayed and blame her for him not giving them the company. “They’re so wrong about you.” She says they’re even more wrong about him, if they think he’s going to give up his company. “I can’t imagine my life without it”, Eric says.

Beth says  that you think you can handle almost anything in life, until it’s thrown in your face. Katie says, “Tell me about it.” Beth tells her she handled her crisis much better than she did. Katie tells her she doesn’t know who she’s been talking to. Beth admits she was terrified in Paris. She would have lost herself in the darkness if Nick hadn’t brought her back to her family. Nick tells Katie, “You Logan women have a lot in common.” She tells him that neither one of them would be there if not for him. He tells her she should give herself more credit. She says no one can accuse the Logans of being too modest. He says you’re trying to make me out the hero, when you are braver than me. He talks about her standing in at the wedding. She tells him because Bridget wanted it so much. She didn’t think she could do it, but it was a good thing in the end. Nick says, “You did good kid.” She tells him it was a pleasure. Truly. She said it’s a rare thing to know you’re making the right choice for your family and the people you love.

Brooke and Ridge have sex in Eric’s office. Brooke says, “Not sure this is the best way to get on your dad’s good side.” They laugh about the fact Pam probably had her ear to the door the whole time. Ridge says he hopes she enjoyed the show. He says they’ll be a repeat performance tomorrow. They talk about how Eric is giving them the company with his blessings.

Donna and Eric are in bed just after they've finished having sex. Donna tells him she loves him so much. She says she can’t even remember her life without him. “I’m so lucky to be your wife.” Eric makes no response. She looks at him and his eyes are closed. She shakes him. “Oh my God! Eric!.......

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