B&B Thursday Update 7/17/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 7/17/08


Written by Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Felicia joins Owen on the rooftop lounge and asks him what does she need to know? He took Donna home last night; did he make his move? He confesses nothing happened and he has no incriminating photos, but she is beginning to open up to him. Felicia is not pleased as Eric has changed his plans and is coming back today. She wants something on Donna, not for Owen to be her shrink. He says Donna may be disenchanted with Ridge, but not his father. She loves him a lot and she’d have to the way they have all been treating her.

Ridge questions Donna in his father’s office and asks if she knows anything at all how his trip went? She replies no because they had more important things to talk about. And if things didn’t go well in New York he certainly can’t blame her. She’s shocked when Brooke sides with Ridge and says it was a prudent decision. The bent shoulders and defeated look on his face tells it all when Eric arrives. Ridge quizzes him and Eric admits the European buyers were cordial, but he didn’t get as many sales as he had hoped. Donna claims every collection can’t be a block-buster. She maintains there are other factors working here – the changing trends, the economy. She whines to Eric that Ridge is blaming her for everything. Eric states to Ridge that he has to stop that. Ridge counters with the drop in sales is directly related to the announcement of his marriage to Donna. But Ridge says he doesn’t want to argue about this as it is not worth it. Especially when the problem is so easily solved.

Eric wants to know what that solution is? Ridge tells him that he and Brooke are getting married. Both Donna and Eric are happy for them, but Eric wonders how is that going to solve the problem with Forrester Creations. Is he going to have another large public wedding? Ridge replies maybe, but he’s also going to call an emergency board meeting tomorrow and is going to ask for a significant decision to be made. “I want you to turn over control of Forrester Creations to Brooke and me.”

Owen tells Felicia that Donna has not given him a second look, and believe him he knows when a woman is interested. She says trust her too. Donna is married, she has to be discreet. She can’t just come out and jump his muscles. He will have to create some opportunity. He reminds her he is not a magician. He can not just create something out of thin air, and Donna is not a bad person. Look at how she has welcome Marcus into the family. Felicia agrees, so she would have another person on her side. He points out that her family sees Donna one way, but he is seeing something different. She reminds him he does not get a red cent unless he gets his head back into the game. He says he will only get paid if Donna turns out to be the type of woman they think she is. She’s stunned that all these people can go ga-ga over Donna when they know what she is, her brother Thorne, now her father. Owen figures she would be against any woman who would come between her parents. She declares this is only temporary. The company is faltering and her mother is hurting and every day that Eric is with Donna it’s only going to get worse. Owen told her that he could help fix this, but if he can’t, she will find another way.

Eric is disgusted, so they are back to square one. Ridge is looking for some way to kick him out of the company? He thanks Ridge for giving him some warning that he’s going to be ambushed tomorrow. Brooke tries to soften it while Ridge explains that he should think of it as passing the torch from one fashion super couple to another. Donna smarts that she can’t believe Brooke is calling themselves icons for which standards are decided. Ridge reminds them this is more than just a marketing issue, a little good press wouldn’t hurt. And the longer they wait the harder it will be to turn this around. Donna begs Eric not to let Ridge make him feel inadequate or ashamed of their relationship. Ridge warns him that Eric knew. Maybe the buyers didn’t say it to his face, but he knew, it has made a difference. He tells Donna sternly that they don’t have time for her phase of transition. They have to stop this downward spiral before it is too late. He hands his dad a legal document gifting Brook and him the company, “the ending of one era, the beginning of the new.” They will tell the press that it was Eric’s wedding gift.

Ridge assures him that he and Brooke will take care of ownership and dole out the shares to the family. Brooke tells Donna this is for the best. When Donna disagrees, Ridge tells her and Eric to have his lawyers look it over, it’s very fair. Donna says she has done her research too, and she knows the company isn’t doing as good as it once was, but unlike Ridge she cares for Eric more. Can’t he see what this is doing to him? Blaming everything on their marriage is unfair and just wrong! She tells Eric he doesn’t deserve to be treated like this. Eric agrees. He says that is why there will be no family meeting tomorrow. They will settle it now, him and Ridge.

Owen and Felicia continue their conversation, and she is disappointed that he’s not up for the task. He simply says that Donna is not in to him. She says she is not asking her to fall in love with him, just one little incriminating photo. Despite what Felicia says about Eric being happy with her mother, he thinks he is happier with Donna. And he vows that he won’t tell anyone else about the money or what she wanted him to do. She calls him a snake and that he played her. He reminds her it was she that came to him for a very specific job, but there are other things he can do. She says not for her. He says he is sorry, but he can not do what she wants. She accuses him of having the hots for Donna. Owen tells her that Donna is devoted to Eric and is going nowhere. The sooner her family realizes and accepts that the better.

Eric tells Ridge that he is disappointed. Ridge says he will be too if Eric doesn’t sign the paper and give him the ability to turn the company around. Eric says Ridge has tried this before. Brooke explains to Donna this is not evil, it’s not unilateral. They want Eric to be on board and he probably will be once Ridge has a chance to explain. Donna still feels that Ridge has turned Brooke again her now too. Brooke tells her that Eric will be able to retire with dignity and there will not be nasty whispers of Donna or the impact she has on the business. Donna tells Brooke that Eric is not the same man he was when he started the business with Stephanie. He knows what he wants now and will not be manipulated. This company is his heart and soul. His very talent built this company, and he has so many more good years to come. And she is stunned that Brooke and especially Eric’s son want to rip that away from him, it’s wrong.

Eric tells Ridge he has heard enough. Pam interrupts with Eric’s daily treat of a lemon bar. Ridge grouses they want to be left alone, but she tells Eric that he has a caller. It’s Pierre from Toulan so he takes it. Ridge can tell it’s not going well, not the news that Eric was waiting to hear. Eric confesses his order is about 30% less than last season. Ridge says it will be okay; he can fix this. This is what he has worked his entire life for. That is why Eric brought him into the business. Sitting in that chair, barely able to see across the desk, what did Eric say to him? “One day this will all be yours.” And until now they have shared it. It’s been one of the great joys of his life, but now it’s time for a change. He asks his dad if he’s not tired of this, the grind of working every day? He’s a newlywed, he has Donna. Doesn’t he want to just go off and enjoy life with her?

Eric thinks that is a little two-faced of him, but Ridge says Donna is Brooke’s sister so of course he has a different relationship with this than Felicia or Thorne. But he and Brooke are ready for this, they are very clear on that. They can make him very proud and he will benefit from all of this, the whole family will, even the Logan’s. And that will free Eric up to dedicate more of his energies to his new bride, to travel, play golf, enjoy life. Ridge assures him he does not want to run him out of the company. He would never do that. “I’m merely suggesting that you take a rather well-deserved step back." And does Eric really want to subject Donna to this negative press and the stress with the family? The only remedy for this is to pass the baton to Ridge. The time is now, he has to do this, it has to be done.

Eric glances at the paper again and while it looked like Ridge was speaking to deaf ears, Eric sighs and finally says okay. Ridge exhales and thanks his dad. He says he did the right thing and Ridge will not let him down.

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