B&B Wednesday Update 7/16/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/16/08


Written By Dawn S.
Pictures by Suzanne

Thorne enters Eric's office carrying a package and asks Eric if he wants the package shipped to New York city. Eric replies that Marcus will take care of shipping the package. Thorne looks displeased about this comment. Eric comments with Marcus present that Marcus is doing a good job. Thorne makes a sarcastic comment about Marcus climbing the corporate ladder with Donna's help.

Donna enters Eric's office just as Thorne and Marcus are leaving and asks Eric why he did not tell her that he planned to go to New York without her. Eric tells her he would be very busy there and would not have time to be with her. Donna is also upset to know that Eric would be leaving for New York directly from work without returning home in the evening.

Donna tells Eric to take her with him, but Eric tells her he cannot take her with him. They are interrupted by a phone call from Stephanie, Eric inquires about Stephanie and tells her he will talk to her when he returns. Donna looks upset by the phone conversation with Stephanie. Donna asks Eric why he needed to call Stephanie when he was gone for only a day. Eric tells Donna that Stephanie is finding it difficult to cope, Donna suggests that maybe Pam could spend time with Stephanie taking care of her. Eric disagrees and says Pam is needed at the office. Donna tells Eric that she has employed Owen to be her personal assistant and does not need Pam anymore.

Eric tries to explain to Donna that he has to focus on his company at this time to prove to people that nothing has changed. Donna looks confused, she asks Eric to explain. Eric tells Donna that there is concern in the industry about the declining sales of the company and the belief that it is because of Eric marrying Donna, Donna looks stunned and wants to know if she is considered a liability now. Donna wants to know where all this talk about her hurting the company is coming from. Eric assures her that that is what he wants to find out too, and that is why he is making a trip to New York. Donna feels that she is causing Eric a lot of hassle, Eric tries to convince her that she is not, but she does not look very convinced. Donna wants to know what would happen if it is true that sales are being affected because of her, Eric tells her that he does not believe that to be the case but if it is , they will deal with it together. Eric has to leave and tells Donna to hang in there and that he will be back soon.

Owen is looking at a bio of Donna in the shipping office when Felicia interrupts him and makes a comment about Owen spending time studying his prey. Owen tells Felicia he wishes she would not talk this way about Donna. Felicia reminds him about what she wants from him. Owen asks Felicia if she really thinks that splitting up Eric and Donna would result in Eric returning to Stephanie. Felicia tells him she does believe that, she reminds him, that is the reason she is spending so much money to make this happen. Felicia tells Owen she hopes he is not going to suddenly turn soft and back away from their deal, Owen tells her that a person like Donna does not belong with an old guy like Eric anyway.

Marcus and Steffy enter the room as Felicia leaves and Marcus is surprised to see Owen there and asks him what he is doing there. Owen explains that he has been hired to be Donna's new assistant. Both Steffy and Marcus are surprised to hear that. Marcus wants to know how Owen landed up working for Donna, Owen tells him he was in the right place at the right time. Marcus gets called away to ship some packages. Steffy tells Owen it seems that he has hitched his wagon to Marcus'. Owen tells Steffy that some people might see it that way but he does not. Owen tells Steffy that it is a good thing that Donna has him as his assistant at least he has not passed judgment on her like all the Forrester's have.

In bed, Ridge tells Brooke that he needs to be in office since Eric is leaving for New York. Ridge tells Brooke he feels like running Forrester creations, he says he has nothing against Eric but he believes that Eric would be happier just designing and leaving the running of the company to Ridge. Brooke agrees that it may be stressful for Eric to run the company at his age. She also adds that maybe being married to Donna would give him a fresh lease of life. Ridge tells Brooke that Donna is not an asset to the company contrary to what Brooke believes. Brooke is angry with Ridge for his attitude towards Donna.

Ridge tells Brooke that they need to stop talking about marrying and go ahead and do it. Ridge also tells Brooke the perfect place to do it would be at the Forrester creations main showroom. Brooke is surprised at this suggestion and wants to know when Ridge wants to do this. Ridge tells her as soon as Eric returns from New York. Brooke wants to know why the showroom, Ridge replies that it is the perfect place to commit to each other and to the company that they both are going to run. Brooke wants to know what would happen to Eric, Ridge replies that Eric will always have a place in the company but that it is time for both of them to step up. Brooke wonders if Eric will go along with it and Ridge says he feels Eric will agree to it this time. Brooke looks happy and Ridge and Brooke kiss.

After Eric leaves, Donna is upset and is crying when Owen walks into the office and is surprised to find her there. He asks Donna why she is not with her husband at home as planned. Donna tells him that Eric had to leave earlier. Owen wants to know what is happening. Donna explains to Owen that the reason Eric has gone to New York is to do some damage control. Owen is surprised to hear Donna say such a thing, Donna explains that the sales are down and she believes it is because of her. Owen reassures Donna that Eric will go on his trip and do whatever needs to be done and he will return and both Donna and Eric will be fine. Owen leaves the office.

Felicia finds him just outside the office and tells him about Eric's trip and tells Owen this is the perfect opportunity for him to move according to their plan. When Owen hesitates, Felicia tells him that her mother is not doing well and she needs Eric, she also tells Owen that the entire family needs Eric to return to Stephanie, Owen seems a little reluctant but agrees. Owen tells Felicia that tonight Donna's marriage to Eric is going to explode. Owen enters the office again and asks Donna if she is doing fine, Donna is still in tears and tells him she wants to go home. Owen extends his hand and tells Donna he will take her home, Donna puts her hand in his, Felicia observes this from the open doorway.

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