B&B Tuesday Update 7/15/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/15/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

After the wedding, at her house Brooke searches for her wedding album. Ridge comments that R.J. wanted some wedding cake, but he said no. She finds it and is looking through when Ridge slips up and says he remembers asking if his heart stopped when he saw her then. She wonders if they can ever be that happy again.

Nick brings Bridget over the threshold. She laughs that she lives there already, but he declares today she is a bride. She doesn’t want the groom to throw his back out. Then she notices a note and reads it from Katie – to blame Jackie for the champagne and her for the backups, don’t worry about Jack and not to show their faces before noon. Bridget says she is so special, she could have a new career as an event planner. He brings it up about Katie marrying them. Bridget could have told him, but it turned out all right and that is all that matters. They have a Mr. and Mrs. Marone kiss.

Felicia brings Owen up to the office at Forrester’s. She asks is that the only pair of shoes he had? He quips that for a better wardrobe he will need an advance and that 200 grand. She looks on Pam’s desk and says Donna has not put her notice out yet. So he’s just here today after hours to pick up his check from Donna that Marcus owes him. That’s it. Then when he gets her to talking about the one who usually sits behind this desk, she is sure Donna will mention that she is looking for an assistant. He asks who usually sits there? She says Aunt Pam…..but Miss Douglas to him. Believe her, she doesn’t need family like that.

Behind those closed doors, Pam tells Donna that she could have gone to Bridget’s wedding if she wanted to….but ooh that Nick Marone’s mother……well come to think of it, she’s met worse since then. Owen walks in as Pam explains to Donna that she is making up Eric’s plans, his car, driver and appointments but Donna is not going. Eric probably only wanted to make a certain kind of appearance. She asks Owen what is he delivering, and Donna tells her that he is there to see her. She asks Pam to get word to Eric that she needs to talk to him, but Pam makes it clear that he is probably avoiding her.

Donna turns to get Owen his check. He tells her why doesn’t she just give it to that woman out there for her severance pay? She had no right to talk to Donna like that. Donna says it’s okay, she is through dealing with her. She is going to hire her own assistant. However, the only person she has ever hired was Marcus and even that wasn’t easy. He asks what does she need besides just basic office experience as that is a given? She complies just someone who is at least courteous and makes a good impression. Owen adds and makes a good communicator, takes notes when she can’t be there, drafts her correspondence and take care of her calendar, all the things he did when he was a paralegal. She’s surprised. He also suggests that she needs someone who can be discreet around here and keep quiet. And he thinks he is ready to change professions. She asks to a company that is already established and with an international reputation? And with a boss who’s not too demanding and already likes him? He asks if this turned into a job interview when he wasn’t looking? Donna tells Owen to follow her. She walks out to Pam’s desk with Felicia standing there. Donna tells Pam that she has decided she has too many responsibilities. She can stay there as Eric’s executive assistant, but she is going to have her own. And it’s going to be Owen. Felicia smiles her approval and Pam chokes back a guffaw.

Ridge asks Brooke why she is sounding sort of hopeless? Her daughter just got married today. He thought she would be happy. She said she is. She just wonders how they got from there to here? What happened to them? Pondering, he says nothing, they are still together and everything is fine. They just have a few adjustments to make, to be able to make more time for the two of them. She asks if they should just pretend they miss each other because they are overworked and tired? Or are they going to be honest and admit why it is uncomfortable to be in the same room?

Nick asks what should they toast to and Bridget replies to more anniversaries? He wonders if it is cheesy that they married in the garden and came upstairs for the honeymoon, instead of taking her to Rome? She says no, though she loves Rome, but she’d rather stay right here with Katie being as she is and then there is Jack. She just treasures her everyday life. She confides that the first time she seemed to just want to count on him to fill every little corner of her heart, and she doesn’t want to do that now. And no matter where you go, you’re still in that same skin. He quips he just hopes he is still able to get under that skin. They kiss and she says, “Who cares about Rome? Let’s just go to bed.”

Pam tells Felicia she is glad to not to have to listen to Donna’s whining anymore, but just what is Owen going to “assist” her with anyway? Is she going to turn this place into a home for wayward lifeguards? She wonders how that is going to work with Eric being gone so much this summer. Felicia grins and says she imagines Donna will do whatever comes naturally.

Donna tells Owen she is sure that Felicia will make a big stink out of this. Perhaps she should have had Eric interview him first. He doesn’t see the importance in that, that they tell each other everything, otherwise she would have known he was going to New York and he didn’t tell her. She is confused, as they didn’t even take a honeymoon and thought they were going to be doing some traveling this summer. He tells her Eric had his reason, she just doesn’t know what it is yet. Donna says he’s right, Eric will explain later, but Pam just wanted to make her look bad. He asks the only question he has, when does he start? She tells him he just did.

Brooke asks Ridge how is she supposed to take how he treated her brother? He reminds her that Storm was mentally ill. She wonders what happened to compassion? He replies he thinks that might take a backseat when people start getting shot. She sighs and asks how about the way he treats Donna? She is appalled how he treats her. Likewise, he is appalled at how Donna has treated his family. Brooke points out that nobody drugged his father and made him marry Donna. He says still it is impacting the business. She denies that he can know that. And there was a time that both of them would say they wouldn’t be thrown by what their families were going through. Now she can’t say if they were immature for saying that or immature for failing. He maintains they haven’t failed. They are still here after all the years, still living in the same house and sleeping in the same bed. “And here I am a little older, better than I’ve always been, and still loving you.”

Nick glances at Katie’s note again and lights up when Bridget comes out of the bathroom in a sexy hot black teddy. She says she knows this is something that she normally wouldn’t buy, but it felt good in her hands and she hoped he would like. He looks her up and down and says he likes. Looking at him without his shirt, she says he looks pretty good too. And he’s the one who taught her how to think about sex. He asks then, she is in favor? She answers yes, anytime he wants to get married, she will. She giggles and they tell each other they love each other and they glide toward the bed.

Owen gets started and asks Donna what her password is? She tells him not to laugh, it’s honeybear. She tears open some mail, but tells Owen that usually Pam does that. He wants to see her calendar as it looks like they need to work on some time management. She tells him she has no time for a personal trainer, she does that herself…..nor facials and manicures. What she really needs right now is to spend time with her family, Marcus, her mom, her sisters and Eric. And what she doesn’t want to do is lunching with the ladies, but she’s getting roped into it. He tells her that he will just respectfully decline on her behalf and send them a check from the foundation. That is all they are really after. She seems impressed and asks can he do that? She tells her consider it done. She says cool, that is exactly what she needs, someone she can trust.

Donna steps out and Felicia comes in. She tells him he’s good, he works fast. Owen says he intends to do this job for real. Felicia tells him to knock himself out. He comments that Donna is not a bad person. She reminds him his family is not the one in pieces. $200.000, don’t forget. He tells her that if Felicia wants him to get some incriminating pictures, that’s fine, but he doesn’t want Donna to know it was him. Felicia says how it happens doesn’t matter, she just wants their lives back.

Brooke tells Ridge she is sorry. He says neither of them are wrong, it’s just hard. She confesses that it seems like every time they are together one of them has to say they are sorry or to forgive them. He thinks they may have missed a few days doing that. He kisses her on the face and then the neck and says he is sorry…..and he forgives her. He kisses her again further down the neck until she giggles and is beginning to give in a little and then they share a passionate kiss.

As they lie in the honeymoon bed, Bridget asks Nick if he needs anything? He sighs and says he needs to be a better man. The last hour, the last twelve hours, he finally got it. He finally got the life he’s always wanted. He’s got the partner he’s always wanted. But he’s failed, he’s failed real bad. And he has to say he’s sorry as she is the one who has been hurt the worst. She admits that had to happen for them to get right here. He says what he really wants to say is that whatever he does and whoever he is, he wants her to know that she is in his heart. He takes her hand and puts it on the left side of his chest and asks does she feel that? She’s right there. She says she knows. They seal it with a kiss.

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