B&B Monday Update 7/14/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/14/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

The wedding is still in progress. Donna tells Marcus, “She losing it. There’s no telling what she might say.” Katie tells Bridget not to cry. “I thought I could do this, but I can’t.”

Owen is stretched out on a lounger on the Forrester roof, while a couple ladies check him out. Felicia appears and they ask her who’s the new guy? She tells them she thinks he’s a friend of Donna’s. She approaches him. “Make yourself at home why don’t you?” He asks if that’s an invitation? Felicia tells him, “Depends. Are you the kind of man that waits on one?” He tells her it depends on the type of man she’s looking for. She reminds him they had a date. He tells her that’s why he’s there. She tells him not to believe everything Donna says. He asks Felicia what’s her deal and what can he do for her. She tells him she’s curious. “You seem friendly with Donna. What’s your deal?” He tells her he’s just a man waiting on a check. She asks if it’s from Donna. He tells her Donna generously agreed to pay a fee owed to him. He says it’s confidential business, so he can’t say anymore. Felicia asks if he’s just going to collect his money and take off? He tells her he’s not in any hurry. Felicia asks if he’s up for a challenge, since she has an opportunity for him.

Katie tells Bridget to listen. “I can’t read these words. They’re just words. It’s bigger than that. I love this man. You both are awe inspiring. Watching you find your way back to each other gave me hope to find my way back. I know that your love is real and can’t be diminished, not even by sharing it. Thanks for sharing it with me. I’m proud to be a part of this ceremony and to make you husband and wife.” She and Bridget hug as Nick looks on without a word.

Felicia asks Owen if he’s a family man. He tells her he has no wife and kids. She asks if he loves his parents? He tells her of course. She tells him she loves hers too. She says her parents love each other and would be together if not for Donna. He tells her that’s the way she sees it. She tells him he doesn’t know Donna like she does. He says, “She threw a kid at your dad out of the blue and it didn’t change his feelings for her.” She says her dad is a generous man, but even he has his limitations. She tells Owen if her dad thought Donna was cheating on him it would end the marriage. She tells him her dad will be doing a lot of traveling this summer and he could be company for Donna. She says he could prove infidelity by getting a picture of the two of them or something. “That would set my father free once and for all.”

Nick and Bridget make their vows to each other. Bridget includes promises to Jack in hers. She tells Nick she loves him and will never let him go.

“So you want me to set Donna up?” Felicia tells him to do what comes natural. “You’re a sexy, good looking guy. She’ll take an interest.” Owen tells her not if she’s interested in staying married. Felicia says she only interested in getting ahead and she’s using her father. Owen tells her she seems to make your father happy. Felicia says she’s tearing her family apart. In the end she’ll break Eric’s heart and she just wants to get it over with. Owen tells her he’s sorry, but he’s not her man. How much money are you waiting on? He tells her $2, 500. She tells him to multiply that by 20. “Make that 40. $100 grand?” He tells her he can do the math. “Your dad is crazy about Donna. If she betrays him, he’ll be hurt. That’s what you want?” She tells him what she wants is to save him from that “superficial, money grabbing skank”. She wants to reunite him to the woman he should have never left. Owen tells her she’s taking a risk, because how does she know he won’t go to Eric? Felicia asks why would Eric believe him? Felicia says he’s an opportunistic stranger. Owen tells her it’s not like that and he’s not a home wrecker. She tells him $200,000 is her final offer. “Take it or leave it. I need someone to show my father the truth about what kind of woman he’s really married to. I’ll find someone to take the deal.” Owen tells her, “Life’s too short to drink cheap wine.” They shake on it.

Nick and Bridget exchange rings. Katie completes the ceremony and pronounces them husband and wife. They kiss. He picks Bridget up and twirls her around, while everyone throws white rose petals. Everyone goes inside. Katie remains in the garden, looking unhappy.

Steven tells Bridget how wonderful the wedding was and hugs her. Beth tells Katie especially with what she had to say. She hugs Katie. Ridge tells Brooke all this talk about love and commitment has her in quite a mood. She tells him this was incredible. After all the mistakes and everything, watching Nick, Bridget and baby Jack pledge themselves to each other seemed like the circle was complete. Ridge tells her not quite. It’s time for them to make a pledge of their own. Brooke tells him how much she’d like that, but things have gotten in the way. Ridge agrees, but says he’ll make it up to her. They need some quality time of their own. She tells him she loves him and they kiss.

Eric tells Bridget how beautiful she looks as a bride/wife. Marcus tells Bridget how “cool” her wedding was and thanks for inviting him. She thanks him for coming and how glad she was that he and Donna had found each other. “It made the day very special.” She hugs him.

Katie goes back to the garden. (They show the wedding party cutting the cake, dancing, making toast etc, while Katie reflects like she’s writing in a journal.) “This is the happiest day of their lives, but mine too. True satisfaction comes from giving, not receiving. We have to keep learning this lesson. Acceptance and peace are underrated. I have what I need to move on. Love that clings is not love. It’s just need. If you love something set it free. If you’re lucky you can set yourself free too.” She picks up the bouquet and smells it. “Giving has its own rewards, like Nick and Bridget gave to me. I’ve tried to give back to them. They have each other and I have them. I’ll love them both until my dying day………”

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