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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 7/11/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

Katie looks at her scar in the mirror. She then glances over at her dress, which is a pretty deep pink. (It’s made with a center piece held around the neck with colored stones.) She then sees Bridget’s wedding dress hanging in the bag.

Bridget rushes in and Nick asks where she’s been. She tells him it’s a secret. He says married people don’t have secrets. She tells him they’re not married yet.

The garden is all decorated for the ceremony. Steven is talking to Beth. She doesn’t want to be a distraction today. He assures her she won’t have to make any speeches or recount history. They spot Marcus and call him over. They tell him how handsome he looks. He tells them they look really happy. Beth tells him part of the reason is because he’s there.

Katie is looking at a picture of Nick and Jack, when Bridget rushes in talking about how late she is running. Katie tells her to take a breath. The day she’s been waiting for is finally here. They hug.

Brooke and Ridge arrive. She asks Nick where’s Bridget? He tells her getting ready with Katie. She asks how is she? Nick says, “Over the moon.” Brooke asks, “And Katie? Planning a wedding can be kind of stressful.” Nick tells her she’s doing great. This is a labor of love for her. Bridget is very important to her. Brooke looks concerned.

Bridget is applying makeup. Brooke walks in. She says she just passed Katie in the hall and she seemed really excited. Bridget tells her she’d be even more excited if she knew what she had planned for her. “What’s that?” Bridget tells her it’s a surprise. Brooke tells her she has a surprise too. She pulls out a strand of pearls. Bridget is really happy and says, “Great-grandmother’s pearls.” Brooke tells her she always wanted to wear them as a child, when she played dress up. She puts them on Bridget and tells her no bride is more beautiful or deserving of this happiness.

The photographer is snapping pictures of Jackie. She tells him that’s enough as Donna walks up. Donna tells her, “We were friends once and who would imagine we’re practically related.” Jackie tells her practically no, literally. Donna tells her, “Not yet. Not if Nick comes to his senses.” Jackie tells her Nick adores Bridget. Donna tells her, “Yes, but he’s in love with Katie.” Jackie rolls her eyes. Donna tells her, “You’re more attuned to Nick than anyone. You’ve seen them together. Are you really going to deny they have feelings for each other?” Jackie tells her Nick says his future is with Bridget. Donna tells her Katie says the same thing. However, if they could get them in the same room… Jackie cuts her off and tells her we can’t. “There might have been a time, but it’s too late.” She warns Donna not to interfere.

Brooke joins Beth, Marcus, and Donna. She hugs her mother and tells her how much it means to have her there. She tells Marcus him too. Taylor and Rick arrive. They stop to speak to the group. Taylor tells Beth she knows this is a happy time for her family. Brooke’s attitude changes and she says Bridget wanted this to be intimate. Taylor tells her yes, family. “I was invited by Bridget. She wanted Jack here and of course he’d be coming with his mother. Jackie and Ridge join them. Jackie talks about how lovely the garden is and how great a job Katie did. “She could have a profession as a wedding planner.” She asks Rick and Taylor if she was planning their wedding? Taylor tells her they haven’t set a date yet. Rick tells her very soon. Brooke excuses herself and Ridge. Rick affectionately rubs Taylor’s shoulders and kisses her hair.

Stephen thanks Nick for letting him take part in the ceremony. Nick tells him it’s important he’s there today. It’s important and brought your family together. Stephen tells him it’s because of him, especially bringing Beth back like he did. Stephen tells Nick he’s a lot like Bridget. Generosity and compassion weren’t his first Impressions of Nick. Stephen said seeing him with Bridget and Katie it was very apparent and impressive. Nick told him he couldn’t take all the credit. “The Logan women have had an impact on me.” He asks Stephen to help him with his tie.

Rick goes to see Bridget. Bridget is happy to see him and tells him how glad she is he’s there for her. Rick tells her he knows how much she loves Nick and she’s getting a second chance with him. She tells him it’s really going to work this time. Katie comes in. Rick tells them he’s going to let them get ready. Bridget is teary eyed. Katie tells her she hopes those are happy tears. She helps Bridget repair her makeup.

Bridget tells her how much she means to her. “You’re the reason today is happening. That’s why I have this special surprise for Nick, but it can only work if you agree to go along with it.”

Brooke is sitting alone in Nick’s living room, when he comes downstairs. She tells him she just needed a moment to herself. He asks if it’s mother of the bride jitters? She tells him no, she doesn’t have questions or doubts about his commitment to her daughter. She just wants her daughter to be happy. Nick tells her she will be. “You have my word.”

Katie is pretty in pink. Bridget looks up and says, “Wow, Katie. You look hot!” Katie thanks her. Bridget tells her she wants to talk to her about something. Bridget tells her she has no obligations, since she’s done so much already. “I hope you agree.” Katie asks what she’s talking about? Bridget tells her since she’s been so instrumental; it’s as much her day. Katie tells her she played a small part. “It’s not my day. I’m clueless as to what you’re talking about.” Bridget tells her we’ve talked so much in the last few weeks. You’ve been honest about your feelings. I’ve heard you. Katie paces nervously and tells Bridget, “I don’t know what you’re suggesting.” Bridget tells her I want you up at the altar. Katie looks stunned. Bridget babbles on about she knows it’s scary up there, but in the end it’s what you want. “And I believe Nick will be thrilled.” Katie says, “You’ve discussed this with Nick? Don’t you think he’ll be confused seeing me at the altar?” Bridget tells her you were always going to be at the altar. You’re the maid of honor. You’ll just be front and center now. There’s a knock at the door. It’s the Justice of the Peace (JP). Bridget introduces him. He tells Katie it’s very unconventional, but in light of all she’s been through. Katie looks confused. He tells her all the papers are in order and they have a witness. Bridget tells her the JP is here to deputize you. “You can legally perform the ceremony. “You don’t have to say yes. You can be the one to marry Nick and me.” Katie is speechless.

Nick and Stephen walk in. Everyone wonders where is the JP? Katie walks in telling herself, “I can do this.” The bride comes in escorted by Eric. Nick tells Bridget, “Honey, we don’t have a JP.” Bridget tells him he’s not the one that’s going to marry us. Katie is.” Katie steps to the podium. Everyone looks surprised. She explains it’s legal and she’ll be officiating. She starts by telling them she’s deeply honored. She nervously starts the ceremony. As she reads, her voice weakens. She stops and says she’s very sorry. She can’t do this. It’s wrong. “You all seem to think you know how I feel about Nick and Bridget. I don’t think I knew until I got up here in front of them, watching them commit their lives to each other. There’s something I have to say. This wedding can’t go on until you know how I really feel.” Bridget looks like she could faint and Nick is shocked. Everyone waits to hear what Katie says………

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