B&B Wednesday Update 7/9/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/9/08


Written By Dawn S.
Pictures by Suzanne

Felicia goes to meet Stephanie and is surprised to find Stephanie in bed in the middle of the afternoon. Stephanie says she is fine. Felicia tells Stephanie that she seems to be exhibiting symptoms of depression. Stephanie assures her that she is fine although she has some good days and bad days and acknowledges that her entire world has been turned upside down and tells her she needs some time to accept all this and adapt to it.

Stephanie tells Felicia to go to the party and to leave her alone, she tells Felicia that sometimes you have to go through things alone, but she appreciates that Felicia cares so much.

Felicia leaves to join the party. Stephanie is alone in her home and she looks at a picture of herself with Eric.

The entire Forrester, Marone and Logan families have come together for a pool party hosted by Donna and Eric in honor of Bridget's and Nick's engagement. Donna welcomes the entire family and she tells everyone that after a lot of difficulties, the entire family is together, she mentions her mother, Eric's granddaughters Phoebe and Steffy and her son Marcus and says she is very grateful that everybody is here. She also mentions that today is a special day as it is Marcus' birthday and this is the first time they are together for it since his birth. Marcus and Donna hug, and Donna also tells Thorne and Ridge she appreciates that they put their differences aside and came together for this event.

Eric makes a toast and tells everybody that he is happy that Nick and Bridget have found each other and wishes them well. Ridge extends his good wishes to both Bridget and Nick.

Eric approaches Beth and tells her he cannot believe she really is here. Eric asks Beth to tell him anything he can do to help her. Beth tells Eric that he is already doing it by keeping Donna happy. Eric smiles at Beth and holds her hand in a comforting gesture. Stephen observes that and does not look too happy about that.

Stephen tells Marcus that he was very happy to hear that he has an instant grandson in him. Marcus tells Stephen and Beth he thinks it is going to be cool to have them as his grandparents. Beth happily hugs him.

Pam arrives at the party. Donna approaches Pam and wants to know what she is doing at this party, since she has not been invited. Pam tells her that this is her family so she has come.

Donna tells Pam that she understands that Pam cannot stand the fact that she has stepped into Stephanie's shoes. Pam disagrees and tells her that no one can ever step into Stephanie's shoes. Eric interrupts their conversation and tells Pam to stop behaving this way and asks her to leave. Pam is stunned but Eric is firm

Brooke drags Nick upstairs and asks him if he is completely committed to Bridget and is not having second thoughts. Nick says he is committed, when Brooke asks him about his feelings for Katie, Nick tells her that what he went through with Katie was very unique and he will always treasure it and Bridget knows that and is fine with it, and tells Brooke not to worry since he is completely committed to Bridget.

Owen Knight observes the pool party from outside. Donna finds him there and asks him to join the party. When Owen hesitates, Donna insists that he join the party. Donna then introduces Owen to the entire family as the person responsible for Marcus finding Donna. She then introduces him to Eric, Eric tells Owen that he is aware that they all owe him for finding Donna and bringing Marcus into their lives. Marcus shakes his head at this and does not look too happy about Owen being introduced to the rest of the family.

Felicia arrives and smiles when she sees the introduction. Felicia approaches Eric and tells him that she is worried about Stephanie. Eric tells her he had no idea that Stephanie was struggling to adjust to the changed circumstances.

Donna is upset when she finds out that Pam purposely told the caterers to serve something other than the item she had planned. Donna tells Eric that she does not like the fact that Pam does not show her any respect and that she has to go. Eric promises to talk to Pam and Donna tells Eric that if he does not want to remove Pam then she is going to have her own personal assistant and he can have Pam all to himself.

Brooke tells everybody that it fills her heart to know that Nick and Bridget have a second chance together and she wishes both Bridget and Nick a lifetime of happiness. Bridget and Brooke hug.

Bridget tells everyone that she has grown up a lot since the last time with Nick and that she is older and wiser now. She also says that she has realized that true love does not have to limit a person. She tells Nick that he has made her the happiest person in the world. Nick tells everyone that he also feels like he is a very lucky man.

Katie then tells everyone that since she is going to be the maid of honor she needs to say something too. She says that this is an opportunity for her to give back to both Bridget and Nick who opened their home for her and they both gave her the will to live and she wishes them the best future. Nick and Bridget kiss and Katie sadly looks away.

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