B&B Tuesday Update 7/8/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/8/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

With a big grin on her face, Bridget wants to wait until the entire family is gathered before she gives them her good news. Donna is the last one descending the stairs at Eric’s and Bridget asks if they want to sit down or stand for this? Of course they are all happy to hear that she is engaged to Nick, and will be married soon. She explains that she thought she was headed in that direction, but still it was a shock that it came so suddenly, what with Katie’s illness and then Beth showing up. She tells her dad that she sees that face and his concerns. But people do grow up and change, and she and Nick realize they can’t stand to be apart. It’s going to work this time she is certain. As her father, Eric says that is what he wants to hear. He is sure it will last this time and for everybody in the room he wants to say they are thrilled.

Jackie walks into Nick’s and finds Katie making all the preparations for the wedding. She asks if they have set the date yet? Katie tells her it the day after tomorrow so she has a million things to do. She just wants this to be perfect, especially since she is going to be the maid of honor. Jackie is concerned that she may be taking on too much under the circumstances of her recent illness. Katie insists she is getting better every day and nothing is too good for Nick and Bridget. Jackie still has some concerns and just part of them are physical. Katie is surprised and says she would think that Jackie would be thrilled that Nick has picked such a wonderful girl. Jackie says she adores Bridget, but that is not the point. Katie laments that is the only point, at least for her. Just to make this day everything Bridget and Nick want it to be. Jackie tells her that she is an intelligent woman; is she sure that is all this day means to her? Katie says she does not have to think about it. She is doing this because she wants to. After everything those two have done for her, the least she can do is make this the most special day in their lives. “And it’s going to be because I won’t allow anything else.”

When they have a little alone time, Brooke and Donna voice their concerns about how this will affect Katie. Brooke knows Katie has deep feelings for Nick. Donna takes it one step more – she is desperately in love with him. They both saw that when she was apparently dying. Brooke remarks that she knows she will have some rough times ahead of her, but she’s tougher than they think and Katie can handle this. Donna says she knows Brooke will be supporting her daughter, but Katie deserves some happiness too after all she has been through. Brooke reminds her that she will, but not with Nick. He’s committed now to Bridget.

Eric and Bridget hug and then he wants to get her ready for measurements. She has to tell him whoa, slow down, when he says he needs to design her dress, make a pattern and cut it. She says they don’t have time for that, but he insists they will make time. No daughter of his is going to get married in anything less than a Forrester Original. So be at the shop in an hour. Oh and he wants to have a big old pool party tomorrow so all can celebrate her engagement. She comments she doesn’t know what she did in her previous life to deserve such a father.

Donna also catches Katie doing all the preparations and questions this. Katie is bubbly and insists that she is going to be perfect right down to the toast to the wedding march. It’s her production, a gift to the bride and groom. Donna says she can not be maid of honor, she is in love with Nick.

At Taylor's, she and Rick are lazing the day away in bed, apparently not able to get enough of each other. Taylor comments she is glad Nick is moving on as she has, and he will be marrying Bridget. Taylor remarks to Rick that he doesn’t have to pamper her this much. He quips that it is part of the job description, “spoil your lady until she can not take it anymore.” She laughs that will never happen. He hopes not since she is the most important thing in his life. She’s glad as that is the one thing every woman wants to hear her man say. Sometimes she feels so undeserving and that his life could be so much simpler, without all her baggage. He tells her that what he shares with her he can not share with anyone else. “Everything I’ve ever wanted in a woman is right here in front of me. I love you.”

Brooke questions Bridget about Katie’s part in the wedding. Bridget apologizes that she knows usually this would be Brooke’s job, but Katie was so excited, it was like she couldn’t say no. This is important to her, it’s like she is indebted to her and Nick. But she also knows her feelings for Nick run deep. Brooke asks if this disturbs Bridget? She admits she would if Katie gave her any indication that this was painful, but it’s been the opposite. They are getting together mainly because she pushed for it.

Katie tells Donna that her feelings for Nick are no secret. Donna wonders then how can she do this, where does that leave Katie? Katie admits that she will have to move and give them their privacy. She refuses to talk about it more. What they shared is over with. It would have never gone anyplace any way. She doesn’t know why everyone else can’t accept this, she certainly has! Donna says she has a right to fight for what she wants in this world too. Don’t play the martyr. Nick and Bridget have been married before, so it might not work again this time. But she knows Katie and him have something special. So be honest, Katie wants him. Donna says, “I say you be the bride.”

Donna tells Katie that life is not a spectator sport, she has to participate. And is Bridget going to get what she really wants, a man really committed to her? Katie says yes Bridget is because she has talked to Nick about it, they are on the same page. They speak the same language and he says you have to chart your own course in life….and he has decided to chart his course with Bridget. Donna asks and where is Katie going to chart hers? Katie doesn’t know yet. But she knows she loves Nick enough for him to be with the person he wants. What if she did go after him? She is still not sure he would pick her. Then she would have ruined this wonderful friendship she has with Bridget. She doesn’t want to live with that sort of guilt and regret. She thinks Bridget is his soul mate. What she shared with Nick was just a moment in time. And now she has to live her life like it was meant to be. Nick does not have to make a choice, they are not going down that path.

Donna tells her that she is just afraid of being hurt. Katie says no she’s not. She has already been hurt. She’s literally had her heart ripped from her chest. What she is afraid of is hurting other people…….afraid of being someone she does not like. And that is what would happen if she threw everything that was right and decent away and went after Nick. Any happiness she would attain would forever be tainted. With tears flowing she says this not only is right for Nick and for Bridget, but for herself as well. She’s going to be happy, she’s going to be happy for her two friends. She’s happy that they have found each other. She insists she has listened to what Donna had to say. She hopes she has listened to what Katie said. She doesn’t want Donna to ever bring it up again.

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