B&B Friday Update 7/4/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 7/4/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

Owen is talking with two women on the roof of Forrester. Marcus walks up and asks what he’s he doing? “What does it look like?” Marcus asks why he’s still here? Owens says he’s from out of town and he’s never seen anything like this. Marcus reminds him he’s just a shipping clerk and can’t just have buddies strolling in and making themselves at home. Owen tells him they can’t fire me since I don’t work here and they certainly won’t fire you. Donna walks out in workout gear. Owen wants to know if that’s her? “Wow!” When she approaches, Marcus tells her he was looking for her or Eric to sign some paperwork. Owen interrupts and says; “Now I got what I came for, to see you two together.” Donna asks if he’s a friend of her son’s? Owens tells her yes and he’s the one that found her.

Katie is surprised Brooke is still there. Brooke tells her she went to see Jack. She says he opened his eyes and knew exactly who she was. Katie tells her Nick doesn’t mind if she wants to see Jack. Brooke tells her she wondered if she should apologize. Katie asks why? “You’re Bridget’s mother, she lives here. It’s only natural you wonder where I fit in.” Brooke tells her it occurred to her she was having the right conversation, but maybe with the wrong person. She questions whether Nick’s feelings are divided. Katie tells her they’re not and to leave Nick alone. Brooke tells her Bridget has gone through this once and she hates to say it was because of her. “If I can tell Nick I’m concerned…” Katie tells her she shouldn’t be. She and Nick have already spoken and they understand each other very well.

Bridget is on the phone and Nick walks in with several bouquets of flowers. He tries to rush her off the phone. He takes the phone and tells the other party that she can’t hold because he wants to marry this doctor. Bridget looks stunned.

Ashley and Felicia are on the roof talking. They spot Marcus, Donna, and Owen. Felicia wants to know who Owen is, but Ashley tells her she has no idea.

Marcus tells Donna he kept coming up with the wrong Logan. Owen says that’s when he stepped in. Donna asks if he’s a private investigator. Owen tells her not exactly. Marcus tries to talk business with Donna, but she brushes it off. She signs the papers and tells him to go see Eric. Owens asks if he has his number. Marcus tells his yes, he’ll call him after work. Donna tells him thanks for taking an interest. Owen says he’s a sucker for a happy ending. Felicia continues to watch intensely.

Nick tells Bridget he should be doing this by the book. He tells her he has the flowers and he should have probably gotten candles. Bridget tells him to forget the candles and wants to know what this is all about? Nick tells her it’s about marrying her. Hasn’t she been listening? Bridget asks has he been talking to her mother or someone, since this is so out of the blue. Nick tells her she’s been living there in his house how long? She agrees, but says they hadn’t discussed anything like this. Nick reminds her she was just talking about them having a second chance. He tells her how excited he is. Bridget tells him again he had to have been talking to someone. He admits he talked to Katie, but she’s very happy for them. He tells Bridget that’s why he wants to do this. They should be together. Bridget tells him she doesn’t think it’s the right time for them to get married. Nick asks, “Why not?” She tells him Katie is still recovering and living with them. Nick wants to know what that has to do with them. Bridget tells him she doesn’t think it will be very easy for Katie to find out he asked her to marry him. Plus, the last time they got married to prove something and she didn’t want to do that again. She wants to wait until it feels right. Nick asks if she’s just scared?

Brooke asks Katie how did Nick plan on resolving this situation? Katie asks what situation? Brooke tells her she’s seen things. Katie asks what things? “Nick hasn’t done anything wrong and neither have I.” Brooke tells her that’s not what she’s saying. She can tell there are obvious feelings between the two of them. Katie tells her, “So what? That seems to happen a lot around here. You were married to Eric, but does that mean Donna shouldn’t have married him? Nick understands me, when no one else did.” She goes on to explain they shared something important that she’ll never forget and she hopes he doesn’t either. However, she knows it’s not a life and never could be. Brooke agrees and tells her she’s sorry. “For what?” Brooke tells her falling in love for the first time shouldn’t hurt this much. Katie tells Brooke she loves her, but they haven’t always spoken the same language. She tells Brooke she doesn’t understand that she’s happy. “Life feels big and mysterious, exciting. It’s full of good things and opportunities. I feel like I can do anything I want. I don’t want to take it for granted.” She tells Brooke she could live 10 years, which would be great, fantastic. Brooke tells her to not be so morbid. Katie tells her she wants to feel alive every second of every day. She wants to feel the good and bad things, no regrets or repression. She wants to do what feels right, even if it doesn’t make sense. This is why she wants Nick and Bridget to be together. She feels like they gave her back her life and she wants to do the same for them. She feels them taking care of her made them rediscover what made them fall in love in the first place. She won’t stand in their way. It makes her happy that she might have been the catalyst that brought them back together. Brooke remembers her match making plan. Katie tells her they deserve to be happy. She tells Brooke if Nick is 100% committed to Bridget, there are no more questions.

Bridget tells Nick they’ve been through this before, but she’s grown up a little bit. She told him she was just a kid. Nick tells her he loved that about her. He was petrified he would do something to change her or hurt her before. Bridget tells him she doesn’t regret any of it. She tells him if she’s scared of anything, it’s that he’s trying to protect her now. Nick wants to know protect her from what? She tells him he’s changed too. She reminds him how cautious he was about love before, but now it comes quite easily for him. She tells him look at the great loves of his life, including her mother and Taylor. They’ll always be a part of him, she says. Nick tells her he loves her and wants her in his house and raising his son with him. Bridget tells him she loves him too and that’s he’s always loved her. He tells her them living in that house day after day feels right. Bridget tells him she knows him wanting them to be husband and wife has to have something to do with Katie. “Doesn’t it?”

Ashley and Felicia continue their conversation. Felicia wants Ashley to kill the new line, since Eric wants to name the new perfume “LaDonna”. Ashley reminds her it’s his company. Felicia tells her to drag her feet, since they won’t want the reminder after Donna’s out of the picture. Ashley is noncommittal and leaves.

Owen tells Donna Marcus thinks he overstepped showing up there. Donna tells him she can let it slide this time. She asks him if he’s ever done something in his life that he’s regretted? He tells her he doesn’t know her well enough to answer that question. She tells him that’s what giving up Marcus was for her. Now she has a chance to be something she couldn’t be then and he did that for her. “I won’t forget it.” Owen tells her after that, she was going to be pretty hard to forget too. He walks away as Felicia watches.

Bridget tells Brooke how wonderful Bridget will be raising Jack. Brooke says it will be wonderful, since the doctors weren’t sure that Bridget would ever be able to carry a baby to term. Katie wonders what it would be like. Brooke tells her maybe someday. Katie tells her with only 10 years or so to live, she wouldn’t do that to a child. She wouldn’t do that to Jack. Brooke tells her it was hard to hear her talk like that. Katie tells her she wouldn’t. They both say “I love you” and kiss. Katie tells Brooke to take the back way out. Brooke tells her she won’t say anything to Nick. She tells Brooke she thinks Nick and Bridget need to have some uninterrupted time alone. Brooke agrees and leaves.

Nick tells Bridget there has been a change that involves Katie. He tells Bridget when she first moved in she was so cautious. He reminds her how strong she was for Katie, when they thought she wouldn’t make it. Watching her with Katie, she became fearless. He told her how selfless it was for her to step aside, when she knew Katie needed to love and feel loved. (Katie appears at the top of the steps.) Nick tells Bridget, “You get me. I’m a better man because of you.” He gets down on one knee and pulls out a ring box. “Will you marry me?” Bridget says, “Alright.” She’s crying as they kiss. Nick tells her she can continue to tell him all night. Katie looks tearful as she turns around and walks back to her room…..

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