B&B Thursday Update 7/3/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 7/3/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

At Nick’s house, Bridget comes home tired from work. He’s been taking care of Jack and bouncing him on his knee. He points to Bridget and tells Jack that he wants him to memorize this view. Whenever someone says the epitome of beauty, this is the reference point. Bridget reminds Jack if anyone asks about the Silver-Tongued Devil……is Nick trying to sweet-talk her into something? He does seem more amorous on this particular day. He hopes that she is not too tired.

Brooke returns and Katie is surprised, why did she find this need? As soon as Bridget comes home they can discuss what she found out and her mother’s appointment. Brooke has another subject in mind. She wants to hear about Nick, the two of them. Katie smiles and stays cool, says they are friends. He’s been amazing and if it weren’t for Nick and Bridget…well, she doesn’t know. She admits they shared some incredible moments when he was trying to get her to hang on. Brooke says she and Bridget were really grateful that he was there for her. Katie asks what is Brooke’s question, as she obviously has one? Brooke is gentle, but says she is wondering what she can expect from Katie next? Being Bridget’s mom should she be concerned? Katie answers, “so, in other words now that I am not on my deathbed, am I going after Nick?”

On Forrester’s rooftop lounge, Marcus is nervous since he is at work and asks Owen how he got past security? He asks if they can’t discuss this later? Owen tells him to relax, he’s practically the boss’s son…..thanks to him sending him the wedding announcement. Isn’t he grateful? That’s the reason he fronted him the money for the plane ticket. He knew this Donna Logan would hit the jackpot. Marcus says finding his mother was all he cared about. Owen wants to know how grateful he is?

In his office, Eric is working with some models and their gowns when Stephanie pops in. He introduces her to Tim who is starting in the sewing room. Felicia interrupts and wants to show Eric the newest copy of FW Daily with his son on the cover – no not Ridge, Marcus as the future of Forrester’s. Eric sees that it sure bothers Thorne. Felicia smarts that Eric may not care what the press is saying, but they do. Eric shoots back that his wife has a grown son that is doing a fine job down in Shipping, and he does not see this as the disaster that she, Ridge and Thorne do. Is he supposed to turn in his keys and slink out the back door? Thorne blasts that this was never about taking the company away from Eric; they were protecting him. Eric states that he just doesn’t see it as the disaster that they do. Felicia asks what about if it hurts? It’s like in his eyes that they don’t exist at all. Do they matter to him at all? Thorne adds – their experience, their opinions, all swept away day by day.

Stephanie steps forward and asks if she can speak to Eric alone? Eric stands there determined with his arms folded. She says this does not make her happy seeing him at odds with his kids. He wonders what he should do? Take sides? She cautions that the kids already think he has. She agrees it was the thing to do to accept Donna’s son openly and unconditionally. It was very gracious of him, but then he has always been so trusting.

Owen continues, “fate sure was smiling down on you when this particular Donna Logan turned out to be your birth mother.” Marcus admits yes, he had looked so long that he was about to pack it up and move on. Owen boasts that he came through for him. He produced and now here is Marcus all wrapped up in the bosom of his family….and loaded too. He’s been waiting for his phone to ring for Marcus to tell him how things worked out. Marcus apologizes and explains. Owen insinuates that perhaps he didn't‘t want Owen to find out at all, then he wouldn’t have to settle up. Marcus said all he was doing was lying low until Eric knew. Owen says and now he knows, so does the rest of the world, including him.

Katie laments to Brooke there is no reason for her or Bridget to worry. Brooke wonders if she is just supposed to think it’s poof and gone, does she think she will believe that? Katie states that Brooke knows it doesn’t exactly work that way. Brook agrees, so how is Katie going to handle it? Katie says she doesn’t know, but after the last couple of weeks, she thinks she can handle anything. She loves Bridget so much and owes her so much. She is an exceptional person, and so is Nick.

Bridget returns to the living room and Nick pounces on her again, telling her he has what he wants. How many people can say that? She agrees, she just wants to come home and see that little face upstairs and all her problems just melt away. She thanks Nick for these moments with both him and Jack. They kiss and Nick tells her how beautiful she is and how lucky he is to have such a hot chick in his life. She admits that sometimes you do get a second chance.

Katie wonders if she put Brooke’s mind at ease? Brooke says she believes that Katie believes everything she said. She knows that she is right when she says Katie has never had these feelings for a man before. And speaking from experience she knows how hard it is to walk away from Nick. But she doesn’t want her to crawl into her protective shell and never come out. Katie won’t think of it as being a sacrifice. It would be arrogant of her to think Nick is with Bridget because Katie won’t step in. She offers this is what she wants. This is what Nick wants; he loves Bridget. She wants them to be happy with Jack with the perfect family. Brooke gives her a hug and says that is not too much to believe. It is Katie who doesn’t seem to believe what she just said.

Stephanie continues that she thinks accepting Donna’s son was the proper thing to do, but she just wants Eric to be aware how this is affecting their children. He points out that he is not shoving their children aside. She realizes that is not his intention, but quite frankly the children are disappointed because they are no longer together. She knows it is not in the cards for them as a couple, but she doesn’t want him to be disappointed because the kids keep hoping. Eric tells her that Marcus is a good kid. He just wanted to come from Texas to find his birth mom. Stephanie makes him see that a little assurance to his own kids would go a long way. He just wishes his kids could live and let live, they have no reason to be up in arms. Marcus Walton is not going to be a threat to anyone.

Marcus asks Owen if he came all this way just to congratulate him? Owen admits he did not put him on a plane, pay for tracking Donna down out of the goodness of his heart. Marcus hired him for a job and he did it. Now it’s time that Marcus paid up. As it turns out, Donna is married to a very wealthy man….high profile. Marcus says okay, but he’s not. He’s in shipping, he hauls boxes, a low entry job, no trust fund. Owen says not yet, but he had to come and collect his money so he should pay up and even give him a bonus. He changed his life so he thinks he deserves a little extra. Marcus assures him that he will get the money he is owed, and Owen is willing to leave the particulars for another time. He points out that Marcus getting to know his mom is a beautiful thing and he’s very happy for him, but he wants him to remember who’s responsible for all this happiness.

While Bridget is in the shower and Brooke upstairs making some phone calls, Katie saunters down and tells Nick that she thought maybe it was a good time to talk. She tells him that Brooke questioned her and she wants him to know what she said, where they stand and what she expects from Nick. He takes a good stiff drink and says he is listening. She says she told Brooke they are friends, good friends, also her with Bridget and she doesn’t want anything to change that. He thinks that sounds reasonable. Then she says for old time’s sake, she wants to boss him around a little bit. She suggests that he get on with his life, with Bridget, the one they had before all of this happened. She advises him to make a commitment to Bridget. It’s what she deserves, it’s what she wants. It’s also what is best for Nick and for Jack. They both need a woman in their lives that is permanent. Bridget should be that woman and he knows it.

Nick asks about her? Katie smiles and says she is getting stronger every day both physically and mentally. And time heals all wounds. She moves closer and tells him that he is a good guy no matter what anyone says. He did a good thing for her. He showed her that life can be magical. He taught her how to jump and how to swim. He saved her with his understanding. She has one more request of him – bring back the magic in Bridget’s life. She wants him to love Bridget, make her happy and give her the understanding that she deserves. “Let’s let this fairytale end the way it is supposed to; let’s make a perfect picture.” Make a commitment to her. No one deserves more than she does. He ponders, he stands and pulls her up and gives her a tight squeeze while the tears flow on his shoulder.

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