B&B Wednesday Update 7/2/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/2/08


Written By Dawn S.
Pictures by Suzanne

Donna, Brooke and Katie discuss the actions of Beth the previous evening. Brooke explains to them how she found Beth at her place with Hope and that Hope invited Beth to spend the night with her in her room. Donna and Katie are happy that Beth is bonding with Hope and ask Brooke how Beth is doing this morning, Brooke tells them that Beth seemed quiet, but Brooke believes that Beth will agree to stay back in LA since she knows that all of them want her to stay there. Katie, Donna and Brooke discuss Beth's dementia. Katie tells them that Bridget is already seeking appointments with all the specialists in that field. Donna tells them that this is another reason for their mother to stay back here. They discuss that they should do something to keep the memories of all of them fresh in Beth's mind and discuss a variety of methods that may help them in their objective.

Beth remembers her three girls playing in their childhood and suddenly becomes upset and grabs her purse and starts to leave when Stephen enters the room with coffee for both of them. Stephen asks Beth why she is so quiet. Beth apologizes for that and Stephen tells her not to, he says he understands that there would be a lot going on in Beth's mind. She tells him that he cannot imagine how it feels when the memories start to go, she asks him why this is happening to her, Stephen finds it difficult to answer that.

Beth tells Stephen she has made a decision and pleads with him not to fight her on this. Stephen guesses that Beth is still thinking of returning to Paris. Beth tells Stephen that she knows that he cannot understand her. Stephen agrees and wonders why she wants to leave now when things look so positive. Beth tells him that is precisely why she wants to go now, she wants to leave her girls with positive memories of her. Beth explains that she does not want to disappoint her girls. Stephen tries to convince her that leaving will surely disappoint the girls. They continue to argue the merits of Beth's decision to leave for Paris.

While Beth and Stephen are arguing about her leaving, Brooke, Donna and Katie hear their raised voices and come down wanting to know what is happening. Stephen tells them that their mother has made a decision that he believes is wrong. Beth tells them that she has decided to go to Paris. Brooke tells Beth she understands her independence but tries to explain to her that sometimes Beth will have to depend on others. Beth tries to explain to them that with her condition is her burden and she does not want to share that burden with her children. Katie tells Beth that that is their decision to make. Brooke tells Beth that they all want to help her. Beth tells them she believes and she appreciates them. Donna tells Beth that they want to help her get better, Beth suddenly gets upset and asks them what would happen if she only gets worse.

Beth tells Brooke and the others that the Beth of the past was Beth at her best and asks her daughters to keep that Beth alive in their memories and to tell their children about the Beth of the past. She pleads with her children to let her go. Katie, Brooke and Donna try to convince their mother that they are doing everything to try and help but Beth is upset and shouts at her children to stop pushing her.

Katie explains to Beth that she understands Beth's frustration, and she understands Beth feeling like she has lost control, Katie explains that she felt the same way when she woke up from her transplant. Katie tells Beth that she found a measure of peace because of the rest of the family and tells Beth that she cannot face her illness alone. She tells Beth that life is precious and that every moment is precious. Both Brooke and Donna join Katie in pleading with their mother to stay back. Stephen tells Beth to look at the remarkable women her daughters have become and tells Beth that they have become the most compassionate and loving women only because of Beth. He tells Beth that if things do not go well for her she can always leave later. Beth tells them that she is scared and does not want to be alone and tells them she wants to be with her children. They all hug with tears streaming down their eyes.

Steffy enters the office where Phoebe is working and tells her that she should be furious with Phoebe. Phoebe wants to know why, she feels that she did not do anything wrong in telling Ridge about Marcus. Steffy says she is angry because Phoebe overheard a private conversation and repeated that to Ridge without coming to Steffy first. Steffy tells Phoebe that because Eric was so amazing, and no harm was done, she is going to overlook Phoebe's action this one time. Phoebe tells Steffy that Ridge is not going to accept Steffy's relationship with Marcus anymore than he accepted Phoebe's relationship with Rick. Steffy explains to Phoebe that unlike Rick and Phoebe, Steffy and Marcus are just friends. Phoebe is a bit skeptical about that. Steffy tells Phoebe that Ridge cannot dictate who she hangs out with and that Marcus is a good guy.

Marcus is with a couple of co workers and they are teasing him about his being a Forrester when Rick interrupts them and asks to be alone with Marcus. Rick starts by asking Marcus if he knew all this when he got to LA, why Marcus was not upfront with him initially. Marcus apologizes to Rick and tells him he has every right to be upset. Marcus explains that he did not want to keep it a secret but Donna was nervous about Ridge. Rick tells him he understands and that they are family. While they are talking Steffy joins them.

Steffy and Marcus are talking when the conversation turns to Ridge. Marcus tells Steffy that Ridge will never like him. Steffy tells him not to worry as she knows how to handle her father. Steffy asks Marcus if he is bothered by the way her family treats Donna. She also asks Marcus if he ever feels he should get back at Ridge. Marcus tells her he is never going down that road. Steffy tells Marcus that is what she likes most about him, the way he is so real and says that is what she felt when he told her he wants to get to know his mother. She also tells him that she knows he is going to make things interesting there by shaking things up a little. Steffy leaves.

A stranger arrives at the gate of Forrester offices. As Steffy leaves the stranger comes up and introduces himself to Marcus as Owen Knight. Marcus wants to know if he is the Owen Knight from the Owen Knight Investigative Services. Owen agrees that he is the same person. Owen tells Marcus that he has come to congratulate him as now Marcus is rich and that Marcus owes it all to him.

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