B&B Tuesday Update 7/1/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/1/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

At Brooke’s, Beth has sniffles and Hope asks her what is wrong? Brooke and her dad walk in and Hope tells them that Grandma came for a visit, but she is very sad. Stephen is concerned and asks Beth if she is all right? Brooke explains that Catherine called them, she was only concerned so not to be upset. Hope tells Beth that she doesn’t want her to leave and go back to Paris.

At Forrester, Phoebe tells her dad that she can tell that he is still upset that Marcus is Donna’s son. He shares that what really bothers him is this came from her and not Steffy who knew all about it. Why would she keep something like this from her family? She asks if he thinks Marcus asked her to keep the secret? Ridge says it really wasn’t even his secret, it was Donna’s. She brought Marcus into the company and hid him in plain sight right under their noses. Donna knew this would be a bad situation for the family and the company. But she kept it to herself anyway, and that’s not even like her, and that worries him.

In Shipping, Marcus wonders out loud to Steffy if it is hot or cold, how are people feeling about him now? She comments that she likes what she sees so far. He quips then maybe she wants to see some more? He states they could go out again…..to that place at the beach….The Bikini Beach Club. He liked it and the company wasn’t bad either. They both agree that had a great time.

Nick is surprised to come home and hear that Beth has left when she just got there. Katie has to fill him in on how sad it is that Beth explained she’d had a series of small strokes and even feels she has the early signs of dementia. And now she feels obsolete and that she has nothing to offer. Nick sighs that is so not true. Katie says she knows that, but Beth left as soon as she turned her back, she guesses to the airport. Her dad and Brooke are looking there now.

Brooke tells her mother that she does understand. Katie told them all about her condition and she realizes she needs her family more now than ever. Beth won’t hear of it, and emphasizes again that she does not want to be a burden to her children. Brooke tells her she won’t be; she has spent all her years taking care of her children and now it is time for them to take care of her. Beth says, “Hey. I am your mother. I do the taking care of around here.” Hope asks what is a burden? Brooke says well her grandmother isn’t one, no matter what she thinks.

Phoebe tells her dad that she can’t believe Steffy would put Marcus ahead of her family. She can’t be that into him. Ridge wonders if Steffy told Phoebe that she was “into” Marcus? Is that how Phoebe found out about Marcus being Donna’s son? Phoebe discloses no, she just overheard them talking at the beach bonfire. Ridge asks if it was a date? Phoebe isn’t sure, they just looked friendly. Ridge is really ticked, Donna has gotten her hooks into this family deep enough, and now her son is going after his daughter! Phoebe doesn’t think it is that way; just that they really like each other.

Marcus asks Steffy if she thinks the word has gotten around yet? She asks is he nervous? He says no, but she reckons he ought to be as gossip around here can be pretty brutal. He reminds her that Eric accepts him, and doesn’t everyone pretty much take their cues from him? He wonders if Steffy is trying to make him nervous as she sure can. He jokes that he is getting sweaty palms just looking at her. She thinks she might take that as a compliment and he replies yes she can. She puts her hand over his heart and declares that - sweaty palms, racing heart, very interesting.

Katie tells Nick that the last thing her mother needs is to be sitting alone somewhere just waiting to die. He doesn’t understand why she wouldn’t tell someone. She gives that old “don’t want to be a burden.” But says she understands more than anyone else, and she is not just going to let her disappear. Bridget walks in and sees the somber faces and asks Katie what is wrong? She tells her what little she knows and Bridget emphasizes. They need to find Beth.

Stephen takes Hope and gives Brooke time with her mother alone. Hope asks her not to leave or to say bye to her before she goes. Brooke assures her that her grandmother is not going anywhere. Hope tells her grandmother that she loves her and they hug. Brooke tells her mother they need to talk, but Beth thinks it is best that she just go. Good for whom? And she tells Brooke what good would it have done had she come or told them before now? Brooke offers they are family and that is what families are for….to come together in good times and in bad. Sadly Beth says she doesn’t know how much longer she will even realize they are her family. Brooke says only more reason they need to treasure the time they share together now!

Brooke makes a phone call and tells Katie they found her mother. Yes she’s fine, just a little stubborn, but she hasn’t left yet. “And she’s not going to, our mother is not going anywhere.” Beth sighs, she doesn’t know why they are forcing her so hard to stay. Brooke asks if she really wants to go back to Paris and be all alone? Beth cites that she is content with her life, and she is not alone, she has friends and a lovely apartment. She will stay there as long as she can and when that is no longer possible, she has made arrangements. Brooke shakes her and tells her to stop, she’s talking to her like she’s some sort of stranger, she’s her daughter! Beth says then she needs her to know that she is prepared. Brooke cries, “prepared? Well, I’m not prepared. It is not going to happen this way." Brooke argues that she can come back from this. People recover from strokes all the time. Beth begs her just to let her go. She’s had a wonderful time, seeing all her girls again. She even saw and spent some precious time with Hope….she can’t believe she remembers the music box and knew all about it. Brooke tells her of course she does. It was the most precious gift Brooke had ever received from her mother in all the years, and it still works. Beth grins and says yes, Brooke used to play it and watch the little ballerina dance for hours. Brooke laughs and sniffles and says she remembers. And she knows her mother remembers too. She can’t leave now, they are just now coming back together. She tells Brooke that regardless if she stays or goes, she is disappearing. She has no control over that. The only thing she can control is whether to subject her family to it. And she won’t, simply won’t!

Ridge maintains they know nothing about this Marcus so he still doesn’t like that his daughter is seeing him. Isn’t it a little convenient that he shows up just after his mom married a very wealthy, powerful guy? Thousands of guys out there and her sister decides she is going to hang out with this one. Phoebe thinks maybe if Ridge leaves it alone, it will go away. He asks what does she think the chances of that happening? Nope, he can’t do that. He has to do what he thinks is best for his daughter.

Steffy challenges Marcus. He must think she is some prima donna inviting her to go bowling, thinking she can’t handle that. She tells him, “dude, I love bowling.” How good? He’ll just have to wait and find out. They high-five, they’re on.

Katie quizzes Bridget if all of this can be expected after a stroke? Is there always memory loss? Bridget doesn’t have all the answers. They don’t know what kind of stroke she had, how severe, what treatments she has had. Katie wonders if she can be helped because Beth is convinced she is going to get worse. Bridget says she really needs to be looked at and she can call neurology and see if she can get her some tests scheduled. Katie thanks her, she appreciates this so much. Bridget says if there is any way, they will figure it out. Nick comments to Katie that if there is a good cause, Bridget will be on it. Katie tells him that yes they have that in common, and she thanks him profusely for bringing her mother back from Paris. He knew how much they needed her. What he didn’t know was how much she needs them. They never would have known if it hadn’t been for him.

Beth suggests she leave for the airport, but Brooke convinces her there are no more flights tonight so she has to stay. They want her to stay. Beth says of course she wants to stay, but she is also a realist and she knows how this turns out. She has seen this tear families apart. “I have seen it turn love into pity and then resentment.” And she doesn’t want that for herself, and certainly not for Brooke. Brooke says picture that little girl holding her music box and worshipping her mother. She’s looking at that little girl now. “And that little girl doesn’t want you to leave.”

Bridget makes the arrangements and tells Katie she got an appointment for her mom. Nick asks if Beth will agree to this, and Katie says they are not going to give her a choice. She just hope Brooke can convince her to stay tonight. She sees how loving Nick seems to be toward Bridget and announces that she is going to lay down. She thanks Bridget again for coming through for her……again. From the balcony she aches as she looks down upon Nick and Bridget cuddling and saying how lucky he is.

Stephen tells Beth that Hope wants her to stay in her room tonight. And he laments how he wished he had known about Beth, he feels terrible leaving her alone in Paris. She assures him that he didn’t and besides there was nothing he could have done. Still he thinks she needed him and he wasn’t there. She vows again that she won’t stay here and be a burden. She can not live like that. He tells her that she is exhausted and should not be making decisions like that now. There are things to talk about and plan for the future, but not right now. She reminds him she can still make those decisions now, she doesn’t need him or the girls to do that for her.

Brooke points out that their connection is more than just memories of the past. She lists that her mother nourished her, carried her for nine months….gave her life. And each of her kids have something from her…..Katie has her smile, Donna her eyes and even Brooke’s own children, her kindness and warmth. They are all intertwined, bound together no matter how close or far apart they are. Stephen tells her she can’t imagine how much her daughters love her. They would never have any peace if they knew she was going to be halfway around the world and alone. Both ladies cry as Brooke says Stephen is right. Her girls love her so much and she could never be a burden to them, so please, please, do not cut them all out of her life.

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