B&B Monday Update 6/30/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/30/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

Katie and Beth continue talking about her condition. Beth tells her with all they’ve gone through; she didn’t want to be a burden to them. She’ll never be the mother they had before.

Brooke and Stephen talk upstairs. Brooke can’t understand why Beth has already booked a flight back to Paris. Stephen agrees he doesn’t why either. He says Beth doesn’t confide in him and yes her behavior is confusing. He tells Brooke he didn’t want them to know, but he’s asked Beth several times to come back to LA. She refused. “Even I know after all I put this family through, I don’t deserve an explanation. You girls do.” Brooke says, “She’s not going anywhere until she tells us what’s going on.”

Katie says, “You’re losing your memories?” Beth says, “Bit by bit, piece by piece.” Katie asks her mother if she knows who she is? Beth tells her yes, and I know who you are too for now. “You don’t need to deal with my problems.” Katie tells her you’d rather just disappear than share this with us? No communication? Beth continues talking about how she doesn’t want to do this to them, even though it’s not fair. Katie tells her, “I know you’re scared. I understand that. Not knowing what comes next. To run away though, you can’t expect that to be okay? You raised us differently than that.” Beth tells her, “You don’t know what it’s like. I have images of the life we shared and then they’re gone. I don’t know if it was real or a dream.” Katie asks if she remembers Storm? Beth tells her she does have memories of Storm. “It’s like a knife in my heart, because once the memories are gone, I’ve lost him forever.” Katie tells her there are breakthroughs every day in medicine. There are miracles. She’s one. Beth tells her it’ll only get worse, and she won’t do that to them.

Steffy and Marcus are in the shipping office. Steffy says, “I told you my family could be understanding.” Marcus says, “No your grandfather was amazing.” Steffy tells him she’s sorry about her dad. He asks if they’ll be okay. She explains that Ridge is big on family loyalty, but it’ll be fine. Marcus says he tried to warn Donna because he felt like something was going to go down, but he still didn’t know how her dad found out. Steffy hedges and says it was bound to come out eventually. Marcus agrees and says he was expecting the worse. “You were there. Your grandpa accepted me into the family.” Steffy tells Marcus he must have impressed him. Marcus tells her it wasn’t him, it was Donna. Eric really loves her. Steffy says, “Sounds like he may learn to love you too.” Marcus goes on about how incredible this is. A couple of weeks ago he was living on his own. Now he’s getting to know his birth mother, his aunts, has a job, new friends. “People I can count on, who stick up for me. Like you did today. I’ll never forget it.

Brooke tells her father it’s not his fault, whatever is going on. Stephen says something is going on because Beth is not herself. He told her he wanted her to come back to LA, so they could be a family. “It was just too much. It has to be me. She’d never run away from you girls. She knows what it’s like to be abandoned. Walking out on you was the worst mistake of my life.” Brooke says, “You think she’s walking out on us?” Stephen tells her that’s not going to happen. Brooke tells him we need each other now more than ever. They hug.

Katie tells her mother to quit saying she’d be a burden. She wants to know if Stephen knows? Beth tells her, no one knows but her. Katie tells her worse case scenario they may have a limited amount of time to reminisce together. She tells Beth to live for the moment, she’s learned that. She asks her mother if she’s going to get on the plane? Beth tells her she’s changing. Katie tells her she can’t just quit. She won’t let her. She tells her mother they have the finest doctors in the world in LA. They’ll all help her. She took care of them, so let them take care of her. Beth tells her she knows they’re all connected by an invisible thread. She says they need more than that, especially right now. Katie runs up the stairs calling her dad’s name. He and Brooke come out to meet her. They want to know what’s going on. Katie turns around and goes down the stairs, but Beth is gone. As Katie gets to the door, she hears a car pulling away. “Mother! She’s gone!” Brooke and Stephen look shocked.

Steffy tells Marcus she just told her family the truth, but it didn’t make her a hero. Marcus says it does to him. Steffy tells him you just wanted to get to know your mother without the interference from my family. Marcus tells her she kept his secret. Steffy tells him it was his business not theirs. “Is that what you told your dad?” Steffy says, “Yeah, might be kind of quiet around the dinner table for a while.” She tells Marcus she gets where her dad is coming from. Her grandmother is lonely and misses her grandfather. Ridge blames Donna for this. Her grandparents would still be together if not for Donna. There would be less tabloid press and the company would be doing better. Marcus asks if that’s his mom’s fault. Steffy tells him in some people’s eyes, yes. He asks, “In yours?” Steffy asks him if he’s really worried about what she thinks about his mother or what she thinks of him?

Brooke asks Katie, “What do you mean Mom’s gone?” Katie tells her she must have taken the keys, when she went upstairs to get them. They wonder where she could have gone. Katie tells them she was telling her to stay and how they would help her. Brooke wanted to know, help her with what? Katie explains their mother admitted to her about having a series of stroke and how she it could be the onset of dementia. Brooke and Stephen both say this would explain it. They’ve got to find her. No one knows where she could have gone and they think the airport. They tell Katie to stay there in case Beth comes back. They tell Katie they’ll find her. Katie tells them to convince her she needs to be with them. Brooke tells her not to worry, they’ll stop her. Katie looks worried as they leave.

Beth is driving and wondering aloud how she could stay. She tells herself they’ve had their reunion. She can’t stay.

Marcus tells Steffy he already knows what she thinks about him. She tells him he does. How? He puts his hand on her forehead and says, “Girl, I didn’t tell you I have the power to read minds.” Steffy laughs and tells him to tell her what she’s thinking. “Steffy Forrester, I am shocked. You naughty, naughty, girl.” Steffy tells him, “Oh, you really can read minds.”

Brooke is on the phone and tells Stephen there are no flights to Paris until tomorrow morning. They talk about how terrified Beth must be and how this explains her behavior. They agree they have to find her and help her.

Beth shows up at Brooke’s house. Brooke's nanny, Katherine is surprised to see her. She explains that she baby-sits for Brooke sometimes. She tells her she doesn’t know when Brooke will be home and asks if she wants her to call her. Beth tells her no, she’s only there for a few moments before she goes to the airport. Beth looks around the room and thinks how well Brooke has done for herself. A big change from the little house in the valley where she raised her children. She says Brooke will be fine and so will Donna. They’ll be there for Katie. They all have each other and that’s all they need….She sees a music box on the table and winds it up. Hope comes in and says hi. She calls Beth “grandma”. Beth is surprised and says, “You know who I am?” Hope tells her sure. “That’s mom’s music box.” Beth tells her she knows and she was thinking she gave it to her, when she was about Hope’s age. Hope tells her she knows, her mommy told her. She tells Beth, “I’m Hope.” Beth tells her she knows. Hope tells her she didn’t know she was coming to visit. Beth tells her she didn’t know either, but maybe she just wanted to see her one more time. Hope laughs and tells her, “That’s silly. You’ll see my lots of times.” Beth hugs her and tells her, “I don’t want to let you go. I don’t ever want to let you go”

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