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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Steffy wonders what Phoebe is doing down in Shipping? She cracks that somebody might wrap her up and ship her. Phoebe says seeing Marcus is a really bad idea. Steffy warns her not to act like she is twelve years old. If she was seeing anyone, what would be wrong with Marcus? Phoebe tells her she overheard her at Bikini Bar and knows who Marcus is and their dad is taking care of that right now. Steffy runs out.  

In his office surrounded by his family, Eric is stunned to learn that Marcus is Donna's son. Marcus admits it, but says he wants nothing from Eric. Eric tells Donna there are certain things you tell your husband before you marry him. He'd say this is one of them. As the siblings look on, Donna says she knows. She put it off too long, and it was wrong. She begs him not to hold that against her.  

Katie asks her dad if Beth seems a little distant? Stephen simply thinks Beth is just a littler overwhelmed by everything. And she's had a lot of anger at Stephen, but he thinks those old wounds are starting to heal. They overhear loud voices downstairs that appears to be Beth and Brooke. Beth explains that she has a life to get back to. Brooke fires back to her that obviously doesn't include her family. Stephen asks if there is a problem? Brooke says Beth wants to go back to Paris. He says she just got there, is she all right? She says she is fine. It was a wonderful visit, but she wasn't given enough time to pack or make any arrangements. He asks to speak to her alone. She wishes everyone would quit treating her like a child. And if she says it is necessary for her to go home, why isn't that enough? He reminds her they all suffered a terrible loss. Brooke and Donna are sick about what is happening to Katie, but if Beth leaves now it will be irrevocable whether she intends it or not. He says he should know.  

Donna offers that even her sisters didn't know. She was so young. But she looked older, and men noticed and she got in trouble. Storm and her mom told everyone she was away that semester. The adoption people didn't even want her to see her baby. It was hard and it was sad, but that's what a girl did back then not to disgrace her family. Marcus cuts in and says he found an old birth certificate and called a P.I. and that's who found the Forrester's when Eric's picture was in the paper. Thorne accuses that Marcus saw that his mother had married a very wealthy man, is that about right "step-brother?" Donna is quick to explain that she is the one who got him the job here. She didn't want to lose him again. Ridge asks if it was that innocent, then why was she lying? She declares because of all of them; she knew what they would make of it. Felicia says she is sorry, but the two of them have zero credibility. There has been a clear intention to manipulate and deceive. Steffy comes forward and says not by Marcus. She can vouch for him; what he is saying is true.  

Katie tells Brooke that she heard voices below. Brooke says she hopes their dad talks some sense into their mother. Katie knows Beth has been out of touch for a while, but she is back and that is all that matters. Katie wants to cut her some slack and get used to being back in L. A. Katie thinks Brooke must have misunderstood when she says their mother has already booked a flight back to Paris. She hasn't even seen Hope or R.J. She can't leave, she just can't.  

Stephen tells Beth maybe things could have been different. Instead of now walking away, perhaps they should both talk about staying permanently. The girls have worked through their issues with him and every time he is home it gets easier. And unless he is mistaken, he thinks it is getting easier between the two of them too. She offers that if you live long enough everyone does things they never dreamed they'd do. And Stephen was forgiven if that is what he wanted to hear. He says it is not all that unrealistic to think they could be closer. But what is this talk of leaving? He can see that she is hurting. Can she trust him enough to tell him about it? Defensive, she says Paris is her home. That is where she lives. He can stay with the girls, she did that for years. "I don't owe nobody anything."  

Ridge asks Steffy what does she know about all of this? She knew Marcus was Donna's son and said nothing. Where the hell is her loyalty? She claims she is loyal, but Marcus did nothing wrong and it wasn't their business. He just wanted to get to know his mom before it got out of hand. Keeping it a secret was not his idea. Felicia tells Marcus that none of them hold it against him. She is sure he can understand that this younger woman comes along and breaks up their parent's marriage. And then this stranger pops in out of nowhere, a son. Marcus defends by saying Donna could have sent him away, done anything to get him out of town. He was even ready to leave, but she wouldn't let him because she cared. They may all have issues with her, but she's a good person. He turns to Eric and says he never cared what anybody in this room except him thought of him. And that's because he knows Donna loves him like crazy. He'll be fine no matter how all of this shakes out, but please just do the right thing by Donna.  

Eric thanks Marcus and tells Donna that she was so foolish not to bring Marcus to him right away and tell him the truth about the whole thing. But he does understand why she didn't. Felicia says really, then perhaps he can explain it to her. Her dad says it is because of her, the three of them lurking in the shadows, waiting for some scandal to descend upon this family. He tells Marcus that he is not a scandal. He's an honest young man and he looks forward to get to know him better. He looks at Steffy and says obviously he isn't the only one impressed.  

Thorne chuckles and says okay, let's just say for the sake of argument they are telling the truth. Eric has had his experience with Donna and Thorne has had his. So why didn't Eric know about this before he was married? Donna starts to explain that this was so long ago. Eric stops her; he says she does not have to defend herself to them. There is no iron-clad rule that says they have to reveal every detail of their privates lives to each other when they fell in love. He knows that he certainly didn't. And they have the rest of their lives for that. Donna promises that she will never lose faith in them again.  

Ridge asks is that it? Eric is sorry he is disappointed. Ridge doesn't think Eric can accept this so lightly. Where is his loyalty to them? Eric barks that he will not have Ridge question his love or his loyalty to him. Ridge asks does Eric even get that it is their love and their loyalty that brought them here? This time it is a secret son. What the hell is it going to be next time? He scoffs, then will anyone be in his corner? So he's outta here, and they all follow.  

Stephen sees the anger isn't gone. Beth remarks that she always knew Stephen loved their children, and her as well. But did it ever occur to him there might be things in her life, private things, things she can not bring to Los Angeles, that just won't work here? He asks if she is seeing someone? She admonishes that it is not always about love, or lack thereof. Katie walks in and asks then what is it? She'd like to know where they all stand. She'd really like to know how she can leave at a time like this?  

Steffy asks her dad if he is going to make her feel she was wrong? He replies they made her an accomplice to their lies and she let them. She reminds him she is not defending Donna. If she screwed up, defrauded the company or cheated on granddad, she'd be the first to lay down the law. But giving up a baby is neither a crime or a scandal. It's nothing to be ashamed of, so imagine the witch hunt and how Marcus felt. It wasn't right. Ridge tells her she should have come to him. Marcus played on her sympathies. She says no harm was done and admits she feels for him. Ridge wants to know how well does she know Marcus? She snaps that Ridge has barely seen her in four years, and now he's trying to tell her who she can be friends with. He leaves saying that Marcus is a little too smooth. He's her father and he loves her...he's concerned. just stay away form Donna's son.  

Eric tells Donna that he is deeply embarrassed by this chain of events..this climate of fear that she has had to operate in. And he is so sorry..and to Marcus that he would think Eric would be anything less than happy to get to know him. That's upsetting to Eric. Marcus says it is okay. Eric says no it's not, he needs to start calling him Eric. And he's not excluding his children's behavior, but he knows they are only trying to protect him. Marcus says that's good, and as of today he's got his back if he needs it. But he doesn't need protecting from this woman. It's been good finding out he has a mother who loves someone as much as she loves Eric.

Katie asks her dad if she can speak with Beth alone; apparently she has a flight soon. Was she going to say goodbye? Beth says they still have plenty of time to visit. Sarcastically, Katie asks then what does she want to do? Would she like to watch movies and eat popcorn? Do those memories mean anything anymore? Her mother says she will be back, and Katie can come visit her in Paris. Katie smarts that she can't do that, at least not right away because of the air pressure in flying. A clot could go to her brain or her brain and kill her. "But don't look too concerned, because let me tell you, mortal danger is not what it is cracked up to be." She says she has been hanging on by a thread and she knows that is kind of boring, so if she kicks off will Beth come to her funeral? Oh right, she is no more important than Storm. She confesses that she has hated it for some while that she has Storm's heart beating inside her, and now she sees that Beth hates it too. She blames Katie, doesn't she? Beth denies that. Katie says she must, because that is the only explanation for this. That's the only reason she wants to run away, the only reason she can not look at her. Again Beth denies it. Katie tells her to prove her wrong then. Just stay. She can not go to Storm's grave. She knows it is a beautiful place, but she just can't go. But with Beth she thinks she can. Beth says okay, next visit, as soon as Katie is stronger.  

Katie laughs - Beth will say anything to get her out the door, to get away from them, to get away from her. she doesn't even know why she is waiting until tomorrow. There must be an earlier flight? Beth says she knows Katie is frightened, and she knows she is not well, but she doesn't think she knows how demanding she is making this. Katie blasts that she is sorry she is so demanding, and excuse her for wanting to know her mother. She cries please forgive her for wanting her mother. Beth stiffens and says that Katie's mother doesn't exist. She's gone. She is not the mother that Katie remembers. She sighs and says she has had a stroke...a series of them. Her memories are slipping away. They think it might be the onset of dementia. And there is nothing she can do to stop it. The woman she once was...she can not be that again. The only thing she can be is a burden to her, "and I will not do that." She begs her daughter to just let her go. She will be better off, just go live her life. Voice cracking, she says just let her go!

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