B&B Friday Update 6/27/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/27/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

Phoebe goes down to Shipping, where Steffy asks here what’s doing down there. Phoebe asks, “Why? Were you expecting Marcus?” Steffy tells her to be careful before someone packs her up and ships her. Phoebe tells her seeing Marcus is really a bad idea. Steffy tells her to try acting like she’s not 12. If she was seeing someone, what was wrong with Marcus? Phoebe tells her she heard what was said at Bikini Beach. Steffy asks her if she heard what she and Marcus were talking about and went to their dad? Phoebe says, “Donna’s his mother. Look what she’s done to our family.” Steffy tells her she’s not Donna’s biggest fan, but she hasn’t done anything to them and neither has Marcus. Phoebe tells her people have the right to know who they’re dealing with and dad is taking care of that right now. Steffy rushes out.

In Eric’s office, he says to Marcus, “You’re Donna’s son?” Marcus tells him yes and he’s not asking for anything. Eric tells Donna there are certain things you tell a husband before marrying him and this is one of them. Donna tells him she knows she waited too long to tell him. It was wrong and she’s sorry. “Please don’t hold this against me.”

Katie asks her dad if mom seems reserved? Stephen assures her Beth must be overwhelmed with everything that’s gone on. They overhear Brooke saying, “Were you going to leave a note or were we even supposed to know?” Stephen goes to check. Beth says, “It’s urgent!” Brooke asks what could be more urgent than them? Beth says she has a life to get back to. Brooke tells her she’d like to know what it’s like, since apparently it doesn’t include them. Stephen comes down the stairs and asks is there’s a problem? Brooke tells him Beth is leaving. He asks if she needs a ride somewhere. Brooke tells him, Beth planned to leave for Paris in the morning. Stephen asks Beth is she’s okay? She says she’s had a lovely time, but she didn’t have enough time to pack and make arrangements, etc. Brooke asks what does she need? They can get it for her. Stephen asks to speak with Beth alone. Brooke goes up to Katie’s room. Beth says she wishes everyone would stop treating her like a child. Stephen tells her she has to admit it is unexpected that she just flew half way around the world to turn around and leave. She tells him if she says it’s necessary, then why isn’t that enough? Stephen tries to explain to her about all the family has gone through and that the girls just want their mother. “If you walk out now, you’ll be doing something irrevocable. Just ask me. I should know.”

Eric says, “You have a son and you didn’t tell me?” Donna says, “My own sisters didn’t even know. I was so young. I looked older and got into trouble. Mom and Storm made up a story about me doing a semester abroad, but I was really with my aunt. The adoption people didn’t want me to see him. It was hard and sad, but that’s what a girl did back then not to disgrace the family.” Eric asks if she gave up a baby for adoption----Marcus interrupted and said he came across a birth certificate he thought was his. (Steffy appears in the doorway.) He hired a private investigator. “He’s the one that alerted me to the wedding announcements in the paper.” Thorne says, “Oh, so you saw she had married a very wealthy man. Is that right, step-brother?” Donna says, “Marcus hasn’t asked for a dime. Even the job was my idea. I didn’t wan to lose him again.” Ridge says if it was that innocent, then why have you been lying? Donna tells him it’s because of all of you and what you’d make of it. Felicia says, “I’m sorry, but the two of you have zero credibility at this point. It’s clear you were trying to manipulate and deceive.” Steffy says, “Not by Marcus.” Everyone turns to look at her. Steffy says, “I can vouch for what he’s saying. It’s true.”

Katie asks Brooke if Donna is back? Brooke tells her, no. She asks who she was talking to downstairs? Brooke tells her she and their mother had a few words. Katie wants to know why. Brooke hedges and says, "I hope dad can talk some sense into her." Katie defends Beth and says it must be strange to be in LA, after all that’s happened. Just give her a few days to adjust. Brooke says if she’ll give us a few days. She tells her about Beth’s plans to leave tomorrow. Katie says, but she hasn’t seen Hope or RJ. “She can’t leave. She can’t!”

Stephen is talking to Beth about him leaving them and how things turned out. Beth says things are what they are. Stephen tells her he thinks the girls have worked out their differences with him, especially Brooke. Things have been better every time he comes. He tells Beth unless he’s mistaken, he thinks things have been easier between them also. She tells him he’s forgiven, if that’s what he needs to hear. Stephen tells her they might all get closer if she stayed. He asks her if she trusts him enough to tell him what’s going on? Why the talk of leaving? Beth tells him her life is in Paris. “You stay with the girls. I did it for years. I don’t owe anyone anything!”

Ridge asks Steffy what she knows about Marcus and why she didn’t say anything? “Where the hell’s your loyalty?” Steffy tells him, “I’m as loyal as anyone in this room. Marcus didn’t do anything wrong and it’s not our business.” Thorne says, “The hell it’s not!” Steffy tells them Marcus wanted a chance to know his mom, before it all got out of hand. Keeping the secret wasn’t his idea. Donna says, “No, it was mine. I wanted everyone to get to know him.” Felicia interrupts and tells Marcus it’s nothing against him personally. “A younger woman breaks up our parent’s marriage and a stranger pops up out of nowhere, a son no less.” Marcus tells them Donna could have easily hidden him away; done anything to get me out of town. “I wanted to leave, but she wouldn’t let me because she cared. You may all have issues, but she’s a good person.” To Eric, “Sir, I never cared what anyone in this room thought about me, but you. I know how much this woman loves you like crazy. I’ll be okay no matter how this shakes out, but please do right by this woman.”

Eric thanks him. He tells Donna how foolish it was not to bring Marcus to him right away and tell him the truth. Eric tells her he understands why she didn’t. Felicia says, “Well explain it to us then.” Eric tells her it because of them. “The three of you lurking in the shadows looking for some scandal to descend upon the family. This is not a scandal.” He tells Marcus he’s not a scandal, he’s an honest young man and he was looking forward to getting to know him. “Obviously, I’m not the only person to be impressed with you.” (Looking at Steffy) Thorne is incredulous. He starts talking about he’s had his experiences with Donna. Eric cuts in and tells Donna she doesn’t have to defend herself to them. He says there’s no ironclad rule that says they had to reveal every detail of their private lives before their marriage. He didn’t. Donna promises not to lose faith in them again. Ridge, Felicia, and Thorne shake their heads in amazement. Ridge asks is that all? Eric asks if he’s disappointed? He questions Eric’s loyalty. Eric tells them he can’t believe they would question his loyalty or love for them. Ridge says this time a long lost son, what’s next and will anyone be in his corner? Ridge says he’s had enough and walks out. Felicia and Thorne follow. Eric pulls Donna close and kisses her forehead.

Stephen tells Beth all the anger isn’t gone. Beth tells him I always knew you loved me and the children. She continues explaining she has other things in Paris. Stephen wants to know if she’s seeing someone? She tells him it’s not all about that. Katie comes down the stairs and asks her mother what is it about? Katie wants her mother to explain how she could leave at a time like this……

Steffy walks into Shipping, where Ridge is waiting. “You’re not going to make me feel I was in the wrong.” Ridge tells her, “They made you an accomplice to their lies and you let them.” Steffy tells him she’s not defending Donna. If she thought she was taking advantage of grandpa, then she’d lay down the law. “Giving up a baby is not a scandal or a crime.” She told him to look at it from Marcus’ viewpoint, like it was a witch hunt. Ridge tells her she should have come to him. Marcus played on her sympathy. Marcus lies too smoothly. Steffy told him he’s barely seen her in four years and now he wants to tell her who to be friends with? Ridge tells her, “Stay away from Donna’s son. I love you and am concerned about you.” He kisses her and walks out.

Eric tells Donna he’s deeply embarrassed. He made a terrible mistake making her live in this climate of fear. He tells Marcus it’s upsetting to him that he’d be anything but glad to get to know him. He tells Marcus to call him “Eric”. Eric explains about all the media problems and other plagues they worry about. He says he’s not excusing his children’s behavior, but he can understand their concerns. Marcus tells him, “As of today, if you need it I’ve got your back too. You don’t need protecting from this woman. It was good finding a mother, who loves someone as much as she loves you.”

Katie asks to speak to Beth a moment, since she apparently has a plane to catch. Beth tells her she can visit and she’ll be back. Katie blast her mother. She tells her she can’t fly with her condition since they don’t know how it will affect her heart. She tells her mother she must blame her for Storm’s death and that’s why she won’t stay. Katie tells her mother she won’t even look at her. Katie tells how hard it’s been living with Storm’s heart, that she hasn’t even been able to visit the gravesite. Beth tries to tell her she doesn’t blame her and maybe they can visit the grave together, but Katie is being very demanding. Katie continues to pressure her mother and tells her to prove she doesn’t blame her. Be the mother she should be. Beth tells her, “I’m not the mother you remember. She’s gone. I had a stroke, a series of them. My memories are leaving. They think it could be the onset of dementia. There’s nothing I can do to stop it. I can’t be the woman I once was. I will not be a burden to you all. Let me go. You’ll be better off. Just let me go………”

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