B&B Wednesday Update 6/25/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/25/08


Written By Dawn S.
Pictures by Suzanne

Thorne cannot believe that Marcus is really Donna's son. Felicia is also quite skeptical about this. Ridge explains to them that he believes it was a teenage pregnancy which was well hidden and Marcus was given for adoption soon after his birth. Felicia is quite happy to hear that the scandal they have been waiting for has happened. Ridge also mentions to both Felicia and Thorne that he knows that Donna has not told Eric anything about Marcus. Felicia is not too sure about that, she says it could well be that Eric knows and he is keeping it a secret. Ridge agrees that at this time all they have is just speculation. Ridge explains to Thorne and Felicia that this is the reason he has hired a private investigator called Rocky who has worked for them before to unearth as much information as possible about Donna and Marcus. While they are talking they are interrupted by Jarrett who has come to inform them that certain members of the fashion press are going to have a field day with Eric. Ridge, Thorne and Felicia continue their discussion with Jarrett as to how Donna's influence in the company is affecting their business. Ridge tells Jarrett that a lot of their customers felt that the clothes inspired by Donna were too risque and the customers were no longer buying those clothes. Jarrett explains to Ridge, Thorne and Felicia that it is not only the fact that Eric has married someone so much younger but also the fact that he has married another Logan that was causing a lot of articles by the press wondering if Eric was obsessed with the Logan family. Jarrett apologizes and explains that he considers them friends and had decided to give them a heads up about the press they were going to get. Thorne thanks Jarrett and Jarrett leaves the room.

Rocky brings information about Donna's baby and the adoption and the information matches with the information in the application form filled out by Marcus, leading Ridge, Thorne and Felicia to conclude that Marcus is Donna's son. Ridge promises to tell their father immediately about what they found out and he feels that his father should end his marriage with Donna after finding out the truth.

Eric asks Marcus if he has changed the inventory logs. Marcus proudly admits he did. Eric tells him that the inventory logs have been the same for many years at Forrester and he likes it that way, he also tells Marcus that he does not want him to change anything without asking. Eric does not give Marcus a chance to explain, tells him he liked it the way it was and tells Marcus he wants him to put it back the way it was. Marcus dejectedly leaves Eric's office. Marcus returns to his office and tells Steffy about what happened with Eric. Marcus tells Steffy that if Eric cannot handle paperwork being changed, how will he deal with the news that Marcus is Donna's son. Steffy assures him that everything will be alright and she hopes that she will be able to sway her grand dad if required. Marcus is working on getting the logs changed back when Eric suddenly comes down to meet him. Eric begins by telling Marcus that he owes him an apology, Marcus is surprised to hear him say that. Eric explains that he saw the revision Marcus had made and that he likes it, he also apologizes to Marcus for not giving him a chance to explain earlier. Eric leaves. Marcus and Steffy are very excited and hug each other with joy.

Eric continues to look at the inventory log when Ridge comes into his office and requests that he would like Eric to come to a meeting with himself, Thorne and Felicia alone without Donna. Eric does not look too happy about that. Eric agrees to the meeting but says it cannot be that day since he has plans with Donna. Ridge assures him it will not take too long. Eric is not happy about this but agrees to the meeting. Marcus overhears the last part of the conversation between Ridge and Eric. He moves away from the door just as Ridge comes out of the office, Ridge sees him and tells him that he was just going to go look for Marcus. Marcus asks him what he can do, Ridge tells him he wants a shipment ready to go to Texas. Saying that he steps away. Marcus looks really stunned and immediately makes a call from his cell phone and leaves a message telling the other party about what he overheard.

Katie hugs her mother and tells her she is grateful that her mother came back to be with her. Brooke arrives at Nick's home and is surprised to see Nick there. She very excitedly informs Nick that her mother is coming to town and that she can't wait to tell Katie that. Nick tells Brooke that her mother is already here. Brooke is rather surprised that her mother got here so soon, she wonders how that happened. She correctly guesses that Nick has brought her mother back from Paris and happily exclaims to him that she does not know what she would do with Nick.

Katie explains to her mother all about her transplant and the events leading up to it. Donna adds her comments in between. Beth tells Katie she is not sure how Katie has gone through all that has happened. Katie explains that she has now come to an understanding and she knows that Storm would have wanted his mother to be in LA with the girls. Katie tells her mother that finally their entire family is together, Beth does not reply to that, she just smiles.

Brooke exclaims to Nick that she is surprised at the way he went out of his way to surprise Katie. Nick tells her that he is glad that everything worked out. Brooke tells Nick that he has done a lot for Katie and gratefully hugs him. Beth tells Katie that it is remarkable the way they have faced all their problems and tells her she should have been there for them. Brooke comes into the room sees her mother and happily hugs her.

Nick is surprised to see Stephen is not resting. Stephen tells Nick that he is very grateful for the fact that Nick really came through for Katie. Stephen continues to tell Nick how much he appreciates what Nick has done for Katie, Nick asks Stephen if he knows why Beth had such a difficult time in agreeing to come to LA. Stephen believes it had to do with losing Storm. Nick still finds it difficult to understand Beth behavior.

Brooke tells her mother that initially when she heard that Beth was coming she was excited for Katie, but later she realized that she herself needed her mother a lot. Brooke tells Beth that something happened to her about a year back and it took an emotional toll on her and though she does not want to dwell on it, she feels lucky that she had Donna and Katie with her and they helped her through it. Brooke tells Beth that she is glad she came, explaining that they are all in pain but they have each other to comfort and that Beth can now lean on her girls for strength.

Brooke, Donna and Katie continue to talk with Beth, when Katie tells Beth she would love it if Beth could stay back in LA itself. All three of them try to convince Beth to stay in LA. Beth laughingly tells them she wants to go only for a minute and leaves the room. She rushes out and makes a call to someone named Pascal and asks him to book her on a flight from LA to Paris the next morning itself. She also tells him to call back and confirm as soon as the booking is done. She slowly returns to Katie's room, stands outside at the threshold and looks on at her three girls laughing and talking to each other.

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