B&B Tuesday Update 6/24/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/24/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Steffy and Marcus talk about playing “horse” on the Forrester rooftop. She learns that’s a form of lay-up basketball and he brags he won’t miss so he doesn’t intend on losing.

Thorne shows Ridge and Felicia an ad campaign that Donna has okayed. Felicia finishes his sentence, “behind every great design is…….a home-wrecking slut with zero talent in the fashion business.” Ridge is livid when he hears that Donna herself approved this, where does she get that right? He bellows that she’s been given free reign around here. She has got to be stopped and they have to do it. Thorne is all for that too, but Phoebe wonders how they are going to get to her granddad if he won’t listen? Ridge asks if they know anymore about this guy, Marcus? He knows there is some tie between him and Donna. He doesn’t know what it is, but if they could find out, it might hit closer home and Eric would open his eyes. Phoebe remembers what she overheard last night, that Donna is Marcus’ mother.

Donna calls Eric and sweet-talks him if he can cancel any plans he has tonight, she needs to talk to him about something important. “Excellent, I’ll see you tonight honey-bear.” She looks up and is surprised to see her dad standing there. They hug and she tells him she didn’t know he was coming. He comments that he knew how much she liked surprises. He steps aside long enough that Donna sees her mother is with him. They rush to each other’s arms.

Marcus thanks Steffy for not saying anything about him and Donna to anyone. She asks if he wants to shoot some hoops? He points out that she’s a Forrester and he‘s a Logan, is that such a good idea hanging right under his nose considering how her dad feels about Donna? He knows he’s not Ridge’s favorite employee as is. He knows something is up between him and Donna. Steffy tells him to relax and just let Ridge wonder. Everything is cool and he isn’t going to find out anything from her. His secret is safe until he wants to tell anybody.

Phoebe sees her dad looking at a picture of him and Eric at the Portofino challenge. Ridge says that was a real triumph, one of the proudest moments they have ever shared. Now his dad, the company, the family is all off track. Nothing is the way it used to be. Because of Donna; he sees his dad being led down a very dark path by someone he trusts yet damn well shouldn’t. If he could just get him to take his blinders off and see her the way the rest of them do. His instincts are screaming out that Donna and Marcus are covering up some enormous secret. She admits they are …..she heard something. Ridge asks what, and she replies that Marcus is her son. He is beyond shocked.

Beth and Donna hug and tell each other how much they love one another and how much they have missed the other. Donna turns to Nick and said Bridget told her that he was out of town. He picked them up? Casually he says yeah, Jackie had a little business so he dropped her off. Stephen tells Donna that Nick is a very determined young man and she should thank him for going half way around the world to fetch her mother here. Nick says, “please, it’s just around the corner.” Donna giggles and thanks him for doing this for Katie. Stephen asks if Katie is awake, he’d love to see her. Nick says he will show him her room.

Donna and Beth sit in an awkward silence. Finally Donna says she knows Beth would have come sooner if she could have. She understands that Storm’s funeral was just too much for her. The only thing that made it almost bearable was what he did, the sacrifice he made for Katie. “It’s a real tribute to the kind of man he was.”

Ridge wonders how that is even possible, Marcus is Donna’s son? Phoebe says she must have had him many years ago and gave him up for adoption. He asks who told her? She doesn’t reveal that it was Steffy, just that she heard someone talking. She swears she would not repeat it unless she believed it. And this whole time they have been sneaking around right under their noses. Ridge smirks, well damn – Donna has a grown son, a fact she obviously felt compelled to hide from them. Well this could be it….the answer they have been looking for. Maybe there is finally a way to get to his dad.

Nick gets Katie to wake up and presents her father. Stephen tells Katie he was sick when he couldn’t get away from Paris and be there. She says it is okay, she wasn’t very talkative during that period anyway. He says thank God she is okay now, and she is just glad he is there now. Donna tells her mom maybe they should talk about the 800-pound gorilla in the room….her marriage to Eric. Clearly Beth is uncomfortable. Donna continues that she knows there is a lot of history there between the two of them….she doesn’t want things to be awkward between them, but she loves Eric so much, he makes her happy. Beth says then she is happy too. She wonders if Katie knows she is here? Donna replies no, but it’s going to be a wonderful surprise. It’s a real miracle that she survived. Beth comments that they do happen occasionally, usually when you have stopped hoping for one.

Donna sighs then slowly starts in that if her mother remembers the day she told her she was pregnant? They were in the kitchen, making pot roast, Storm’s favorite. Donna was chopping onions and tears were flowing down her face and she pretended it was from the onions, but her mother knew. She asked if she was going to have a baby? She was afraid of how she would react, but she took her in her arms and without saying a word just let her cry. They were so close. And Beth is probably wondering why she is bringing this up now? Well that child she gave up for adoption and never thought she’d see again, ”he has found me. He’s come back into my life.” Beth is stunned and doesn’t know what to say. Donna tells her that his name is Marcus and he’s all grown up. He’s amazing, he’s handsome, very talented and athletic. Beth asks who else knows about him? Donna says only Brooke and Katie and she is telling Eric tonight. Beth is concerned that she hasn’t told Eric that she has a child. Donna says she knows it is not going to be easy, trying to explain why she waited so long, but having her here now has given her so much courage. And now there is nothing that Ridge and the family can do to her.

Ridge talks to someone on the phone and orders he wants a full background check on Donna Logan, especially if she gave up a baby for adoption. He thanks Phoebe for her information and is sure Donna will soon be out of his dad’s life and the Forrester’s united again. Phoebe swears that she knows what she heard. He says whatever the P.I. uncovers, she did the right thing. His dad deserves so much more than a wife who would hide something this big.

Donna asks her mom so what is going on in her life? What took her so long to come? Basically Beth sloughs it off that she’s just been living her life in Paris. Donna adds without her children or grandchildren. Beth gasps and admits the flight must be catching up with her. She’s feeling a little jet-lagged. Donna says they don’t want to wear her out the first day, perhaps they should go see Katie.

Katie dresses and tells her dad she wishes her Lakers pajamas weren’t still in the wash. Nick quips that she wears them all the time. She tells her father that she has been a fan since she was a little kid; her mom got her hooked. He knows that she wishes Beth had come. Sadly she admits why wish for something that isn’t gonna happen? She tells Nick that it was just her mom and her when the other two had left home. She always promised she wouldn’t be very far away. Why would she say that when she didn’t mean it? How could she let her go through all this agony by herself? She says she has been going through hell, so where is her mother?

Beth walks in and says she is right here. Katie flies to her arms and hugs her, crying, “You’re here. I didn’t think you’d come. I didn’t think you cared.” Beth laments how could she, darling girl, think that? She tells her she is sorry that she wasn’t there. Holding tight, Katie says it does not matter now, just that she is here now. They both sniffle as they say they love each other. Beth tells her she loves her, don’t ever doubt that.

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