B&B Monday Update 6/23/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/23/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

In Paris, calmly Nick tells Beth that her daughter needs her. She replies that Katie is better so there is nothing she can do. Simply he says she is Katie’s mother. She needs to be there to help Katie face this, it’s her job.

Donna is telling Brooke and Katie what a proud mom she is, not that she can take any of the credit for Marcus’ upbringing. Katie still thinks she better tell Eric before somebody else does. Donna laments that nothing is going to go wrong; Marcus is a perfect gentleman. In just a little more time all the Forrester’s will be charmed.

While talking at the Bikini Bar outside, Marcus leans over and almost kisses Steffy, but she turns her head. He says, “ouch, denied on that one.” She tells him that she hardly knows him. Getting to know someone usually involves talking first. He quips “well, it’s all using your lips.” She tells him to use his and fill in some blanks for her. She knows he is Donna’s son and she gave him up for adoption….he grew up in Texas and now he works for Forrester Creations and her family has no idea who he is. He tells her it wasn’t his idea to keep her granddad in the dark. She knows, he’s too honest a guy. He says okay, ask him anything.

Brooke tells Donna that waiting could backfire on her. Donna asks if Brooke has told Ridge yet? Brooke replies no and that’s another issue. It’s one thing for Donna to want to keep it from the man in her life, but Brooke and Ridge have promised to be totally honest with each other this time around. Katie says again she doesn’t want to see this wonderful surprise turn into a disaster. She says Donna and Eric have a great marriage, based on all the right things – love, honesty and mutual respect. She doesn’t want to see that jeopardized. Donna thanks them both for worrying. She does want to tell Eric, and her mom and dad, after all her mom and Storm were her confidants. She went to them when she was pregnant. She had so many questions then, and she thinks her mother would like to see Marcus now. She’s excited, maybe they could fly her here when she tells Eric. Donna can’t believe Katie when she tells her how cool her mother had been on the phone earlier. But maybe she feels guilty for not being here when Storm died. Their dad was, anyway it’s nothing Katie did. Katie assures them she is grateful for their love and support, she just wishes her mom could come home, she has to.

Beth tells Nick that if he is going to berate her, he can leave. He says he is not berating her and he is not leaving. She repeats that all the girls are there, they don’t need her. She’d just be in the way. She assumes Katie is with Brooke until Nick says she is actually living with him and Bridget. Beth thought he was with Brooke. He fills her in that they were, but they have moved on. She surmises he must care for Katie a great deal to come all this way. He tells her that he will fly her and her daughters any place she wants to go, without Stephen if that makes her uncomfortable. “No matter what the problem is, it can be taken care of. Your relationship with your daughter is what is most important. Come home with me.”

Steffy is sure this is going to blow the family away to find out Donna is a mom. And she’s not sure he wants to be a fly on the wall for that conversation. She tells him she thought he might be a spy. He quips he might get a new persona as L.A. is the place where people go to reinvent themselves. She likes the one he has. Steffy asks if Marcus is an open book, is that supposed to make her all shivery inside? Make her so flustered that she’ll forget that both he and his mom are lying to her granddad? He quips that something tells him that she doesn’t forget anything. She admits to that, and she has some advice for him. Sneaking round this family will never lead to any good. Lies always come out, and usually in the worst possible way. Marcus remarks, “I don’t like lying to people. I just want to get to know my mom a little bit before I get thrown into some big Forrester family drama thing.”

When Nick suggests going home, Beth doesn’t feel part of it even though she raised her kids there. He claims she doesn’t want to be part of it. Her daughters are amazing women and have handled every crisis with courage and strength, especially Katie….but she’s still her little girl and the little girl needs her mother. All Katie is asking is that Beth pay her a visit, put her arms around her. She wants to be held by her mother. Beth hesitates, but finally says all right. She will check her schedule and book a flight as soon as possible. Nick says that’s all right he’s come with a jet all fueled and ready. She says no, she has to make arrangements. He tells her to bag one bag, he will take care of everything else. He calls his pilot and tells him to file the plan, they are heading back to L.A.

Steffy tells Marcus that she feels a little weird keeping this secret when it’s not even her secret. He hopes she doesn’t have to keep it much longer. She confides that she missed a lot of time with her mother when she as a kid. They tried to pick it right up, but it didn’t happen overnight. He just met his mom, so it’s going to take some time to sort it out. But when the family finds out, they won’t blame him. He says he also doesn’t want them to blame Donna or Steffy either. They don’t see Phoebe walk up behind some shrubs when Steffy says she doesn’t want to blow this for Marcus. When the time is right everyone will find out that he is Donna’s son.

On the jet, Nick tells Beth they are waiting on Stephen. She doesn’t have a problem with him returning with them? She says no. He hands her his phone to call Katie and let her know they are coming. She tries to wait to put it off on Stephen. Nick insists, it should come from her. She’s scared, she doesn’t know what to say. As it turns out, Katie is sleeping and Brooke answers the phone and is delighted that her mom is calling. Beth says she misses them and she will be there first thing in the morning. Brooke and Donna both wonder what took their mother so long; what kept her? They will soon find out.

Nick asks Beth is she is scared that things are different with going back? She claims they are different. He reminds her that the girls still love her and they still need her the way they always have, and he thinks she needs them also. She’ll see that when she walks into that house and they rush into her arms. She’ll know all that hope and heartache that a mother puts into raising her children. They have all turned out more than she could hope they would….and all they really want right now is her. “They just want to be with their mother.” He promises it will be a special time for all of them.

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