B&B Friday Update 6/20/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/20/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

In Paris, Nick asks Beth – what is it going to take to get Beth Logan to come home? Her son died and her daughter almost followed him to the grave. She tells him she is not going to discuss this with him, please leave. He says she wouldn’t discuss it with Katie either. She hung up on her and he was curious why.

Marcus and Steffy go to the Bikini Bar for dinner. She remarks that she hasn’t been here in a long time. He asks is there any place in L.A. that he could take her that she hasn’t been? She says she was in London on her eighteenth birthday, so there are a lot of places she hasn’t been. He ponders and says they are not starting off any adult-only places, okay? She tells him he does not have to take her out to dinner to keep her quiet. He is thanking her, as bribing her he could not afford. She quips that most of the employees at Forrester’s, they don’t know their mothers and they don’t ask. Steffy doesn’t know why Donna being his mother would be a problem except her not telling anyone. Marcus replies that he ran into her father today, and he sure hates Donna’s guts. She agrees, that is an understatement. He says he gets it, she married Steffy’s grandfather, but it wasn’t like he was handcuffed or drugged, so what makes her the villain? She replies if she answered that, they would be there until morning and she’d much rather hear about him.

Bridget knocks on Katie’s door and she thinks it is Nick until Bridget says he is out of town today. Katie is doing the closest thing she can to exercise. When she hears that Jack is with Taylor so it’s just the two of them, Katie suggests maybe they should have a “girls gone wild” night. Whoo! Bridget replies sure, like they have wild written all over their faces. They could do each other’s hair and have a pillow fight. Bridget says that would be good in her condition. Then Katie suggests they could plan Bridget’s wedding. Bridget reminds her she’d been there, done that, they need to talk engagement first. Katie suggests if Nick hasn’t asked, then so what, she can ask him. Bridget admits she is not sure they are there yet. Katie thinks she is. Nick adores her, anybody can see that, and no other woman would stand a chance. Bridget says, “including you? Is that the message?”

Beth tells Nick she did not hang up. She told Katie she had to go and she did. She’s also saying that now. He asks her if she has retired from the role of parenting? She grabs her purse and says she told him she had an appointment and now she is really late, so for him to show himself out and have a safe trip home.

Marcus laughs and tells Steffy that East Texas is a place not the general direction, he’s from Beaumont. She asks where that is near, anything she ever heard of? He answers Houston. She asks is his adoptive family there? He replies they moved away, but actually he moved first. To Austin. She asks the University? He answers right, that was his dream to play for the Longhorns. He knew he could, he was that good. She wants to know if that was football; he says basketball. She says he is tall, but not freaky tall. He explains it would have been almost impossible to make the team and have to work too. He went, but he never tried out. He went to every game but not on the court, he was selling chili dogs.

Bridget tells Katie that she knew they’d have to have this conversation. She was her family and she was dying. She only wanted to help her through this period and asked Nick to be with her. Bridget continues that she is not blind. She knew they had a special connection, but she and Nick have a deep bond too, so much history and memories. No one can take that away or replace those memories. They make each other better people and make a pretty good team. Nick has this ability to just let people be. Katie admits it’s more than that. She fell hard for Nick, and now she wants to be upfront with Bridget. And she is sure she is not telling Bridget something that she doesn’t already know as she was so painfully obvious. But she wants her to understand that she values her and her friendship more than anything else. She hopes she knows that and she hopes nothing has changed between them.

Stephen comes over and Nick tells him that he is sorry to take him away from whatever he was doing, but something is just not right here. Katie called her and Beth hung up. Stephen realizes that Beth doesn’t see much of anybody any more. He makes the excuse that transatlantic calls are dropped all the time. Nick says she hung up! So tell him the truth. Has he been in touch since he’s been back in Paris? He answers yes, they have been talking about her coming back with him sometime….they are still discussing it. Then he admits he hasn’t wanted the girls to know. Nick wants to know WHAT? What is going on with his ex-wife?

Marcus and Steffy exchange stories; she was good in track and swimming, but there wasn’t any real support. The world of Forrester is all about brains and beauty. Her sister was the pretty one so she had to be the smart one. He quips couldn’t she have been both the smart one and the pretty one? She replies that Phoebe models and even has a fragrance named after her. When you see her, a wind machine isn’t far behind. And she loves her sister, but it was kind of nice being on her own. Not the smart one – the only one. Is that obnoxious? She thanks him for dinner and they sit on the ground outside. She mentions his tattoo, she might get one too. He tells her don’t. She’s perfect as is.

Stephen tells Nick he assumed after missing the Memorial, Beth needed more time before she saw Katie. It was simpler to tell the girls that she wasn’t well. Nick has to understand there was a time when he left, that Beth held it all together and raised those children, so he has no right to criticize. Nick says he is sorry, this is about his daughter and she needs both of them now. Stephen confesses that he thought maybe he just was not communicating well over the phone so he came to see her. Things haven’t been easy for them for many years, so he wasn’t shocked at how she was acting. And when he mentioned Brooke or Donna or even Katie, she acted like she didn’t care, very distant. She had this strange look. And this was from a woman who had spent her whole life dedicated to her children. Nick asks does he have any idea where she might have gone? Stephen answers no. And he is sorry that Nick came all this way for nothing. Nick replies no problem as he is not going until he gets answers.

Bridget sighs and tells Katie that she has to understand that she and Nick have been through so much. And whoever is going to end up with Nick has to understand that he shares his heart. Once he lets someone into his life, he doesn’t let go. It’s one of the things she loves about him, and also one of the things that drives her crazy. They know each other really well. They know when to give each other room and when he needs to go off and be a hero in someone else’s life….but he “always comes home to me.” Katie assures her she knows….and Bridget is more like a sister to her. She feels safe talking to her and she knows Bridget knows how she feels about Nick, but regardless of that Bridget must know that she would never act upon those feelings. Bridget is glad Katie can he honest with her. Katie is an incredible woman, she knows that, Nick knows that, “but he’s with me Katie because he wants to be.” Katie feels she should move out before Nick comes back. Bridget wonders if she is feeling that uncomfortable or feels Bridget will watch her like a hawk? Katie replies no, but she can’t stay here forever. Bridget knows that too and eventually she will want her own place, but she is still recovering. And she feels like they have become really good friends and it’s nice to come home each day to her. Katie confides in Bridget about her mother, how much she wanted to see her, but she called and Beth hung up. And she has not called back and it’s hard for her to understand.

Beth returns and is stunned to find Nick still there. She asks why? He says her son died and her daughter almost did as well and Katie needs her. What is she going to do about that? He won’t let up and asks again where did she run off to? She backs off and says she can wait him out. He tells her she is afraid of something and it isn’t him. Is she in some sort of trouble? He doesn’t know what, but what could make her abandon her daughters? He asks her to come back to L.A. with him. She says she can not do that. Maybe she is not as strong as she used to be. He tells her then let him tell her something. When Katie was told she was dying, she did not cover her ears and pretend not to hear it. And she didn’t shake her fist at God and say “why me?” She accepted it with dignity and grace. She doesn’t just need her, she wants her there because she is her mother and she loves her. Does Beth have any idea what an honor it is to have someone love her like that? Can she love her back? He pleads to come with him. Her daughter wants her mother, don’t deny her that.

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