B&B Thursday Update 6/19/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 6/19/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Katie looks at a picture of her mother, sighs, and wonders why she wouldn’t speak with her on the phone last night, and why isn’t she here right now. She misses her so much. Brooke asks Katie how she is, and Katie replies she is a little weak, but no pain thanks to Bridget. Brooke sees her looking at the picture and the pain on her face and starts to speak. Katie sighs that you know you are supposed to be able to trust someone, certainly you are supposed to trust your own mom. But Katie feels like she could have died and it wouldn’t have made any difference to Beth.

Jackie is flying to Paris with Nick and assures him she does have business there that will keep her a few days, she won’t be coming back with him. But does he think it wise to just drop in on Beth Logan? He quips he is not going there to be wise. He has a couple of questions – why she didn’t come back for her son’s funeral and then also ignored the fact that her daughter almost died. Jackie doesn’t understand, was Beth always this way? Nick replies no, according to the girls she was a great mother. So something seems to be going on, its like the real Beth Logan has disappeared.

On the Forrester rooftop, Rick is using the weights in a real sweaty workout. Marcus walks out and enjoys the view too, lots of models working out. They introduce themselves to each other and Marcus asks when did this open up? Rick says this very week and it was his step-mother’s idea. He reveals that Eric is his father, so Donna is his step-mother. Marcus realizes then that makes Rick a Forrester. Ridge walks up and also reveals to Rick that he knows Marcus already. He says he is a fan of this place, but not the way it happened. Donna pretty much threw this together without consulting anyone else. Rick defends by saying she did ask their dad and he approved, so that’s all that really mattered because he is the boss. And personally Rick thinks it was a brilliant idea. Ridge still thinks it is a matter of protocol.

Brooke joins them and they ask how Katie is this morning? She replies that physically she is doing much better, but she is still upset not being able to see or talk to her mom. Ridge laments that is very odd that she hung up and never called back. Rick says maybe she just needed some space and time. Brooke suggests that she lives in Paris. She has 5000 miles of space. And this whole thing has Katie so torn up. There’s got to be some explanation, but she doesn’t know why she had to be so cold to Katie. She practically had to beg for attention. Brooke tells them she is going to go visit Katie right now, and Rick says he will drop by after work.

Nick admits to his mom that he has never met Beth. She asks if Bridget even knows he’s going to Paris? He confesses she knows he is taking a trip, just not to Paris; And Jackie surmises – not that he is doing it for Katie? He replies, “I am doing this for Katie, but I am not hiding anything, mother. The woman’s suffering and I am going to help her.” She can’t help but wonder then why isn’t Brooke or Donna making this trip, it is their mother? She thinks it says a lot that he is dropping everything and traveling half way around the world for Katie Logan.

Ridge tells Rick that he missed the point. They aren’t trying to oust Eric from the company; just protect him and the company. Rick says he is hearing him, he’s just not feeling it. Ridge snarks that is his problem. Rick says no, it’s Ridge’s. He’s trying to undercut his dad and using Donna to do it. Ridge counters with that he has the facts on his side; has Rick seen the sales reports? And the magazine reviews – “Donna is an albatross.” So he’s not the only one saying this; the lady is gonna bring them down. Rick argues those are not the facts, just Ridge’s speculation. Ridge tells him to look around. How much does he thinks this lounge fiasco costs? A bundle, and when they are having a sale slump. This is not the time to have an expenditure like this. This wouldn’t have even made it past the board, but then Donna didn’t put it to the board. Rick maintains that Donna is only trying to make a good impression, trying to make her mark. And Ridge claims they are only trying to keep an eye on her. Rick laughs, “Really? It’s a damn witch hunt, and you know it. So why don’t you call it the way it is?” Ridge says okay, then it’s a witch hunt. And if there are no witches, then Ridge will be the first to apologize to Donna in front of the entire company. Rick says he will hold Ridge to that. Ridge says he can do that, but he’s there to tell him that she does have something to hide. And he can’t believe they are having this conversation. If he had a secret, he’d leave before it brought the company down. But not Donna. She doesn’t give a damn about Forrester Creations or the legacy their dad built for both of them and they have dedicated their life to. Rick can’t believe they are talking about this paranoia. Ridge warns him they will see. There is a ticking time bomb in Donna’s past and it will surface. Then her marriage to their dad will come crashing down. He just hopes that Forrester doesn’t go down with it.

Katie relays to Brooke that when they were growing up she thought she could always trust and count on her mother as their protector. She never questioned it, perhaps she should have. Despite Brooke’s protests, Katie doesn’t feel like she is loved. Then she stiffens and says she is a big girl now, she doesn’t need her mother. She’s an adult and can take care of herself. Was Beth cold on the phone? She wasn’t anything, says Katie. No feelings, no concern, she just talked about the weather. Katie could have died and her mother could have cared less. She doesn’t understand this at all.

Nick tells his mother if she had seen Katie’s face when she hung up the phone, she’d be doing the same thing he is. Jackie realizes that it is no secret that Katie has feelings for him after everything he has done for her. And she is so sweet, and sincere and courageous. Of course Nick has feelings for her, and if it weren’t for Bridget…. He reminds her that Bridget is in the picture and a good thing, otherwise Katie wouldn't be here.

Ridge says he has to get back to work. Rick says that is good, and oh by the way Taylor sends her regards. As an afterthought, Ridge asks how is the baby? He understands he’s spending more time with Taylor now. Rick corrects him by saying Jack is spending more time with “us.” And he’s doing great, couldn’t be happier. Ridge tells Marcus they better get on it, a shipment is in. And then gives him a word of advice. He knows he is Donna’s pet project, but it doesn’t mean Marcus can phone it in. And don’t get too close to Donna Logan, not a smart move.

Brooke is glad the prom was a big success and that Nick was there for Katie. Katie agrees, but thinks this is so hard. She’s been given her life back, and now she has to decide what she wants to do with it. She feels like she has lived her life so carefully, never wanting to jump in and see what will happen. And she looks around and realizes she has a lot of people who love and care for her, but she’s really all alone….she’s an independent woman, and she’s not feeling sorry for herself. She knows it’s silly but she misses her mom. Sometimes a girl does need her mom.

Nick knocks on the door and Beth answers. He seems to have to explain – it’s Nick….Nick Marone. And it’s nice to meet her face to face after all these years. He asks if he might come in? He explains that he is close to her family, all of them but lately especially Katie. She shies away and says she would love to sit and chat, but she has an appointment. He says she will have to cancel that. Taken aback, she asks “what?” He tells her that she heard him, she will have to cancel that appointment. She says she can’t. He says yes because he is not leaving. More stern, she asks him to leave and he says it isn’t gonna happen. She asks if he wants her to call the police? He offers that perhaps she might consider him the police as he has questions. She says she has no answers. He stares at her and says he doesn’t believe that. He wants to know why she is in Paris after what happened to her family. Her son is dead and her daughter is struggling to survive after a heart transplant. Katie had called and asked her to be there for her, and basically Beth had hung up. He’d like to know why. He’d like to know how she could do that. He’d like to know how any mother could do that. “Now I’ve come a long way for one thing – the truth. And I’m not going anywhere until I get it.”

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