B&B Wednesday Update 6/18/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/18/08


Written By Dawn S.
Pictures by Suzanne

Steffy is looking at the birth certificate with shock when Marcus suddenly enters the room and wants to know what she is doing with his stuff. Steffy demands to know if Donna Logan is Marcus' mother. Marcus is angry with Steffy for going through his things and tells her it is none of her business. Steffy agrees with Marcus that it was wrong to have gone through his stuff and apologizes to him for it. He wants to know why she did it in the first place. Steffy tries to explain that she did it to know more about him because everyone in the company is wondering about Marcus because he was hired at Forrester on Donna's say so and he has no experience or knowledge of the fashion industry and there was no background check on him when he was hired.

Steffy wants to know why the fact that Donna is Marcus' mother is being kept a secret. Marcus is angry at the way Steffy and her family are treating Donna and he feels that Donna is not being given a chance. Steffy defends the actions of her family by saying that her grandparents are icons at Forrester and when Eric married and brought Donna and tried to bring her center stage at the company, everyone resented it. She warns Marcus that he has entered the scene at such a stage so he should watch himself.

Steffy wants to know how Marcus could be Donna's son and no one has ever seen him. Marcus tells Steffy that he was given for adoption by Donna because she did not feel she could raise him. He tells Steffy that after a long search he has found Donna and that he and Donna are just getting to know each other. He says it would be a lot easier if Eric could be told about him but explains that Donna is worried about telling Eric because she is afraid of his reaction. Marcus explains that Donna planned to tell the family after they got to know Marcus and liked him but now that plan will not work since Steffy will go and tell Ridge all about Marcus. Steffy asks Marcus what makes him think she is going to tell Ridge. Marcus turns around in surprise. Marcus expresses his surprise that Steffy would agree to keep his secret. Steffy says she does not really like Donna but she does not want to be responsible for Marcus not being able to get to know his mother. Marcus appreciates that Steffy is willing to keep his secret. He invites Steffy out to dinner as a way of saying thanks. She initially resists saying since he is Donna's son and she is Ridge's daughter she does not see if that will go down well with the family. Marcus mischievously suggests that since Ridge does not know he is Donna's son it should not be a problem. Steffy agrees to think about dinner.

Nick and Jackie are discussing Katie. Jackie says that she believes that Katie was a little melancholy that day. Nick believes that Katie is just recovering and would have been tired. Jackie tells Nick that after having spoken with Katie, Jackie believes that Katie has fallen in love with Nick. Nick turns around and looks at his mother in silence but does not say anything. Jackie says that she is going to take that to mean that Katie is definitely in love with Nick. Nick does not deny this. Nick tells Jackie to remember that he and Bridget are sharing their home and are raising Jack together and are in a passionate relationship. Jackie agrees but tells Nick that it seems he also shares something intense with Katie, she says she understands that he adores Bridget but also tells him that if he follows his heart and his heart leads him to Katie then... and she leaves the sentence unfinished. Nick interrupts his mother while she is talking about Nick and Katie and changes the subject.

Katie tells Donna that she believes Donna is taking a huge risk in not telling Eric about Marcus. Donna says she will tell Eric about Marcus. Brooke adds that with Marcus working at Forrester, the news that Marcus is Donna's son could get out before Donna tells Eric and that would cause more trouble for Donna. Donna accepts that Brooke has a point. Brooke brings up her relationship with Ridge and Donna tells her that she should not tell Ridge anything. Brooke feels that she is being put in an awkward position. Brooke turns to Katie and asks her if she is doing alright. Katie says she is fine but was thinking about something. Katie says she is glad that Donna already told Brooke about Marcus because it is one less person she has to pretend around. Brooke and Donna feel that Katie is not sharing her real thoughts. They insist that Katie tell them what she was thinking. Katie admits that she was thinking about their mother.

Donna wants to know what led Katie to start thinking of their mother and wonders if Katie has heard from their mother recently. Katie feels that it is strange that none of them have heard from their mother at such a difficult time for their family. Katie tells both Brooke and Donna that she appreciates all that they have done for her and she really appreciates that she has been given this chance at life. Brooke tells Katie that it seems to her that not hearing from their mother was really bothering Katie. Donna also adds that Katie should tell them what she is thinking. Katie agrees that it is bothering her that their mother has not come either for Storm's funeral or to support Katie through her heart transplant. Brooke tries to explain that according to their father, their mother is too distraught to even travel from Paris to LA. Donna believes that their mother is too old to travel and has given them her support when they were growing up. Katie still finds it difficult to believe that their mother missed Storm's funeral. Katie tells both of her sisters that she needs their mother with her right now. Brooke and Donna continue to try to convince Katie that their mother would have come if she could. Katie is very skeptical about this and is not convinced. She says she finds it difficult to believe that their mother could not call or send a card or email.

Nick stands outside Katie's room and overhears her conversation with her sisters about their mother.

Brooke and Donna leave Katie's room and discuss Katie and her feelings for their mother.  Brooke tells Donna she wants to believe that their mother is unable to come to them but she too is not convinced about her absence at such a time.

Katie tells Nick that if he overheard her conversation with her sisters than he must know why she feels so confused that her mother seems to have vanished. Nick suggests that since Katie's mother won't call probably Katie herself should call her mother. Katie agrees and calls her mother. Katie has a stilted conversation with her mother in Paris. Katie mentions her transplant and tells her mother she is getting better and begins to suggest that maybe her mother could come to LA. Katie's mother cuts off the conversation saying she has guests and hangs up on Katie.

Katie is incredulous and cannot believe her mother hung up on her. Nick too is surprised by this and is sorry for Katie. Katie is in tears over her mother's reaction. Nick hugs Katie to console her and tries to convince Katie that her mother does love her and asks Katie if there is anything he can do to help. Katie says she does not need anything now. Nick leaves the room. Nick calls Steve and tells him to get the jet ready for a trip to Paris and also asks Steve to locate Beth Logan for him.

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