B&B Tuesday Update 6/17/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/17/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Nick sits by Katie’s bed and she confesses that she does love him. He seems stunned, but she says he does not have to say anything, but she is also not going to take it back. It’s the truth, the way she feels and he knows it!

Brooke tells Marcus that she welcomes him into the family, but her head is spinning with trying to process all of this. She explains to him with all that has happened to Storm and Katie, they need this to turn around for the Logan’s. But he realizes they can’t let anyone know right now that he is a Logan. Brooke says that is Donna’s call, she’s not sure she agrees with that. Eric values honesty and that is what drove him to Donna in the first place. Donna says she can not blindside Eric. None realize that Eric is walking up to the door and overhears Brooke tell Donna that she should be prepared to tell Eric sooner rather than later before someone else does. Indeed Eric asks her what does she need to tell him?

Also at Forrester’s, Felicia tells Steffy and Ridge that just because they haven’t found it yet, doesn’t mean Donna has nothing to hide. Ridge says he also doesn’t want Donna to put her operatives inside the company. He’s particularly incensed about Marcus since Donna got him hired without a background check, so he’s assuming the kid has his loyalty to her.

Nick holds Katie’s hand, but suggests they not get into this now. She is still recovering. She needs to just focus on getting better. She maintains she is better. She states that she has been so grateful for all her experiences the last few days. It has made things so clear. It’s shown her what is really important “you”. And her feelings for him, and his for her (uh, Nick, stop her at any time before she digs too big a hole and it swallows her). They were there – on the boat, when they danced…..when they kissed. It wasn’t just a fantasy, but it was real. Admittedly, he says it was.

She says this has been going on for a long time, but she was afraid to acknowledge them, she still is. But she wants to be honest, and she wants him to be too. If she is wrong, then just say so. They are interrupted by Bridget who praises Katie for looking so perky and quips that Nick has that same affect on her too.

Donna gives a lame excuse to Eric that she just wanted to tell him what a great job Marcus was doing. Marcus speaks up and says he is having a good time down in Shipping as everyone has been so nice. Suddenly Eric asks Marcus what does he think of the two drawings that he has on the easel? Marcus is caught off guard and admits he knows nothing about fashion. Eric assumes he know what he likes on a girl and these are for the younger clientele.

Steffy searches the internet but does not find out how long Marcus has been in L.A. and Thorne says he called Texas and everything there checked out just as Marcus said, no major problems. They can’t place him meeting Donna anyplace though Ridge knows it wasn’t at Storm’s funeral the way Donna said. Felicia just knows they will find something; Donna is up to something, she can feel it.

Bridget examines Katie who asks is there any chance she can get out of the bed? Bridget warns her to take it easy for a little while longer. She knows she has been given a second lease on life and is anxious to get out there. “Yeah, but if I rush things, I could mess everything up.” Bridget gives her advice – do what feels good, enjoy herself, she deserves it. Kate tears up and has to be consoled by Bridget. Katie tells her she did so much for her. She did not give up. She realizes she is here and getting better all because of Bridget. Bridget tells her there were an awful lot of people pulling for her, especially Nick. He gave her the encouragement and will to live. And she bets he would deny it, but she thinks it meant a lot to him. Katie thanks her for letting her and Nick have that time together considering they were just getting back together. Bridget assures her that she would have it no other way.

Nick brings Jack in to say goodnight. He’s missed his Aunt Katie. Bridget then takes him to put him to bed, they run a very tight ship around here. Katie comments what an angel Bridget is. Nick says it takes one to know one. She continues that no one has a bigger heart, all that she has done for her. And she certainly loves her, and if she ever hurt her, she could never forgive herself.

Brooke laments to Ridge how hard the last few days have been. Can’t he cut Donna a break? If not for her, then for Brooke? He is sympathetic, but this is business and he can’t be thrown off track. All this stuff with Donna and his father, nothing will change between them, he promises. They kiss.

Eric tells Marcus that sometimes it helps to have your work examined from time to time, so Marcus has been helpful. Donna can’t wait for Eric to leave so she can tell Marcus how impressed she knows Eric was. She can’t wait to tell him that Marcus is her son. Marcus thinks he is a nice man, he probably treats everybody that way.

Thorne says Felicia has lost her ever-loving mind. She took Marcus’ backpack and proposes they open it to find out more about Marcus. Thorne reminds her the kid may not have done anything at all. She says yeah, then just one peek may tell them that. If there is nothing in there, then he’s off their radar. Ridge advises her to do it quickly as they have a meeting to attend. Felicia pulls out a sports magazine, MP player, headphones, a wallet – but just with some cash, bank card, receipts, no business cards. Steffy asks, “no secret spy cards from Donna?” Felicia admits they found nothing, but she still thinks Donna is hiding something…..but maybe it doesn’t have to do with Marcus.

As the others leave, Steffy starts putting the contents back and finds another pocket to the bag. She pulls out Marcus’ birth certificate and is shocked to find his name, Donna’s name as the mother, same birth date that is on his ID card. He’s not Donna’s spy, he’s her son! She turns to call out after her dad, only to face Marcus.

Katie tells Nick she does not want to be that person. He says he knows that, but what she said earlier? She asks if he loves Bridget and he admits yes. She says she does too and she never wants to betray her. She never wants Bridget to regret that she brought her into the house and took care of her. She cries, “I will not make that beautiful, brilliant woman feel like a fool and I will not fool my own self into thinking that this could work out somehow.” She confesses she knows it would hurt her to cross that line. But what she is feeling right now, she has never felt before. She wants to know where it is going, she wants to give into it, but she wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Bridget. “My loyalty to her has got to eclipse everything else.” She can’t know about this, this can’t happen.

As her tears fall, Nick tells her that she deserves to be happy herself. She answers that she will be. She will be happy for him and Bridget, and she will always love him. He kisses her hand, touches her face and slowly gets up and walks out, turning once to look back at Katie.

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