B&B Monday Update 6/16/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/16/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

Bridget is with Katie, checking her temperature. Nick walks in and Bridget tells him Katie is doing beautifully. Her temp is perfect. Bridget tells Katie it looks like she will be with them for a long time. Nick says, “All thanks to this woman”. He puts his arms about Bridget’s waist and kisses her forehead.

Brooke and Donna walk in Eric’s office discussing how wonderful it is Katie is recovering. Brooke says she’s looking forward to spending time with RJ and Hope, since things should get back to normal. Donna says, “Normal. That’s a dream.” Brooke asks what’s wrong? Donna tells her she’s been going through something herself. She said it was totally unexpected, but a blessing. She says anyone sticking pins in their Donna Logan voodoo doll hoping for a scandal might get their wish. Brooke asks what kind of scandal? Donna tells her, “I have a son”……

Marcus walks in Ridge’s office, where Steffy is working at the desk. He teases her about moving to the top already. She jokes back with him about steam rising to the top. He asks her if she’s working on something for her dad? She says, “Sort of”. She tells him she hopes he’s not bugged with her about asking about Donna getting him the job. Marcus tells her no. He’s flattered. She asks why he’d be flattered. He tells her because she wanted to know more about him because he’s so fascinating. He smiles and leaves. Steffy goes back to the desk, where she has his file and laptop.

Jackie and Nick are discussing how great Katie’s recovery is for the Logans. Nick says thanks to Bridget. He pours drinks and Jackie proposes a toast, to “two remarkable women”. Nick continues to praise Bridget. Jackie asks doesn’t he deserve some of the credit? She tells Nick he gave Katie the most powerful thing---the will to stay alive. Nick says the time he spent with Katie was amazing. He says, “If it wasn’t for Bridget, Katie would be in a morgue right now not planning her life.

Katie and Bridget are discussing her condition. Katie tells Bridget she’s glad she didn’t give up on her. Bridget tells her she loves her so much, she would have never given up. Katie tells her she doesn’t know how she’ll ever thank her. She’s saved her life not once, but twice. Bridget tells her just keep getting better. Bridget tells her so many people were praying for her and that she felt she was guided to an answer. “It’s God’s decision. Doctors are God’s hands here on earth.” Katie tells her that’s beautiful, but I wanted to give you a little credit. Bridget tells her Nick wanted to see her after she finished the exam.

Nick tells Jackie “I can’t believe what I’ve just been through. What I’ve witnessed.” He says if I ever have to stare death like Katie did, remind of the courage she showed. Jackie says, “She’s quire a woman. It’s obvious how happy and thrilled you are.” Bridget comes downstairs and tells Nick he can see Katie. Jackie asks how Katie is. Bridget says getting stronger by the minute.

Nick goes upstairs. Bridget asks Jackie if Nick filled her in. Jackie tells her yes and they discuss the miracle. Bridget downplays her role. Jackie tells her to never sell herself short.

Felicia, Thorne, and Ridge are in his office where Steffy infoms them about Marcus not having a background check before being hired. They ask her how she knows. She tells them Aunt Pam let it slip along with his personnel file. They discuss how he could have been hired when it’s been a practice to do background checks on all hires. They wonder who vouched for him. Ridge says they have to get to the bottom of this pronto. Marcus walks in to drop off a package. They all stop and look at him. He asks if there’s a problem he doesn’t know about?

Brooke remembers Donna being gone for a semester, when she had the baby. Donna tells Brooke only their mother and Storm knew the truth. She didn’t want Katie and Brooke to ever find out. Donna says Katie knew she was rattled and pulled it out of her. Donna tells Brooke now she wants her to know too. Brooke says all these years and she’s never told anyone. Donna says she should have told Eric before they were married. Donna says, “Go on and say it. I’m not better than Stephanie lying and keeping secrets from Eric.” Brooke tells her no, that having a child wit someone doesn’t compare to all the horrible things Stephanie had done for years. Plus it was a long time ago. Brooke tells her Eric should be told, but not tomorrow. Donna tells her it could happen tomorrow, her son Marcus is working at Forrester. Brooke looks stunned.

Ridge asks Marcus why would he think there was a problem? Marcus tells him because he could feel the tension and would like to know if there was a problem. The intercom buzzes. Ridge answers and tells Marcus Brooke and Donna are waiting for him in Eric’s office. After he leaves, they all wonder what this is all about???? Felicia says it’s just gets more curious.

Brooke tells Donna what better way to interact and soften the blow, huh? Donna starts telling her how compassionate and understanding Eric is. She then says, “You should know, you were married to him.” They laugh. Marcus walks in, but before he can say anything Brooke cuts him off. “Excuse us. We’re busy.” Marcus looks surprised. Donna tells her, “We just called for him. This is Marcus, my son.” Brooke stands with her mouth open…..

Katie is brushing her hair in bed, when Nick comes in. He tells her she’s looking better and better every time he walks in. She tells him she can’t believe this is happening. He says he can’t either. He tells her when Bridget walked in with the IV yesterday to hook her up, he stood strong for her wishes to die in peace. He said, “Thank God, Bridget got her wish.” Katie looks at the prom dress hanging by the side of the bed. She and Nick talk about how wonderful their night was. Katie tells him she’ll treasure the memories always.

Bridget has Jack, who apparently had been with Taylor. She’s talking to Jack about how nice it was for his mommy to take care of him, while so much had been going on. She’s kissing and hugging him telling him how things can get back to normal for them as Jackie looks on.

The Forresters are still trying to figure out Marcus’ background. They talk about how they could go about doing background checks, even paying a service. Ridge said they don’t want to tip Donna off. He tells Steffy this isn’t a witch hunt. He has nothing personal against Marcus. They just feel Donna is creating several liabilities for the company.

Donna introduces Brooke and Marcus. Marcus tells Brooke he’s glad to hear about Katie. She says yes it’s been a big day already. Marcus says, yes and now he’s here. Brooke welcomes him to the family and apologizes for snapping at him earlier.

Jackie is still with Jack and Bridget. Bridget tells Jackie she knows her pretty well and feels like she’s driving at something. Jackie told her she needs to “toot her own horn sometime”. She told Bridget not to be so modest.

Nick is still with Katie. He tells her it was a privilege and honor to share what they thought were her last moments. Katie told him everyone thought she was so brave, but she wasn’t. She said after she woke up in the hospital and found out what Storm did and why, a part of her wanted to lay down and die with him. She thought why fight it; let fate decide. She tells Nick he made her see that she had a second chance. He made her want to wake up in the morning. He made her look forward to the day. Katie said the day on the Marlin and the prom night was just the beginning. What she’d been missing. What she’d taken for granted. Nick made her want to live. She tells Nick, “I’m not telling him anything he doesn’t already know. You have an uncanny ability to know what I’m feeling before I even know it.” Katie tells him she’s not going to hide from it anymore of life anymore. She tells him, “You brought magic into my life and I love you. I don’t care who hears me say it. I love you.” Nick looks at her in wonder.

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