B&B Thursday Update 6/12/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 6/12/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne


Katie’s family, Brooke, Bridget and Nick watch vigil over her hoping for some good sign. They thought it would have happened by now. Brooke sobs that she feels their sweet Katie slipping away. Donna tells them she tried to call their dad, but his flight was held up due to bad weather so he won’t make it. Bridget keeps fussing about trying to get a better reading from the lab; she just won’t accept this that Katie won’t get a second chance.

Ridge calls his family together also with an emergency meeting before they meet with his dad. He tells them the future of Forrester Creations is right here in this room. Phoebe states that she has heard rumors that her granddad is retiring, is that true? Ridge says it has been discussed. Both Ashley and Felicia assure her they do not want Eric to retire. Felicia says they all want to work alongside of him like they always have. Phoebe wonders why the meeting then? Ashley feels like she is in the dark. Ridge states that is because she has not seen the latest sales figures. Felicia wants to share them before any memos got out. Ridge passes out some pamphlets and they all see there’s been quite a drop-off. Thorne claims there have been a lot of shipments cancelled as well. Ridge mentions that his dad’s last collection got great critical acclaim, but the gowns are just not selling like they expected. Felicia offers that everyone saw their mother on stage with their dad and it created this certain impression. And then Eric’s wedding hit the society page.

Donna sits alone by Katie and amid sniffles tells her what Marcus said when he heard she was not feeling well. When he watched her at Storm’s funeral, he said what an incredible person she was and how he wished he had a chance to know her better….his Aunt Katie….and Katie was the only one that Donna had confided in about Marcus being her son. Not to worry, she is going to tell Eric very soon. She sobs what a great sister she was, no stars in her eyes….always the realist….but there are stars in them now, “you’re gonna shine down on us forever.”

Donna starts to leave to give Brooke some alone time with Katie too. But Brooke asks her to wait and asks does she remember when Katie came home from the hospital when she was born? Donna says no, she was just too young. Brooke recalls it well, Katie was so teeny. She got to hold her and their mother had said she was a gift from God….and now it looks like God wants her back. And those angels, they are really going to be happy, especially one. She tells Katie that Storm is waiting for her, and he loves her. She was always his favorite.

Ashley asks Felicia is she thinks Eric’s wedding created a negative impact on sales? Thorne speaks up and says not only do they feel they, they know it, they have proof! Ridge chimes in that it is an unfortunate pattern they see developing, and yes because of cause and effect. Ashley reads the respondent’s primary objection was that the line was too trendy for their taste. And half of them said that the company’s image suffered in their eyes as a result of their founder having married a much younger woman….wow, it doesn’t get much more explicit than that. Ridge adds that he’s also gotten a lot of very disturbing phone calls from their retail buyers and now that Eric has named Donna as the First Lady of Forrester, there is a lot of confusion out there. They are concerned about the future and the direction Forrester is taking. Felicia justifies that by saying because their mother and father have always been the signature couple for decades and to their clients they embody class and elegance and tradition. Ashley adds now Donna is viewed as a less classy influence…..and they don’t see it going away. Ridge says that is not how they envisioned Forrester’s continuing to prospect here, but that seems to be the direction Eric is being pulled in. So there definitely is some damage going on and they need to stop it before the Forrester name goes down the tubes. Felicia laments that Donna does not belong in the company; that is the bottom line.

Marcus interrupts and is sincere in that he didn’t know they were having a meeting. There’s a delivery for Eric Forrester. Introductions are made all around. Later, they all agree he seems like a nice young man, but Ridge is still bugged why he got picked and did not intern like others have and how it was Donna that got him hired. None like that now she is now making staff decisions. And they all wonder what’s Donna’s connection to Marcus other than the catering thing? Steffy defends Marcus by saying she knows it sounds weird, but so far he’s a cool guy and he’s doing a good job. Ridge is skeptical since she’s only known him two days. Felicia thinks these are things they need to ask their dad pronto. Ridge calls for a vote to take a firm stand that Donna has no involvement in the company again. All agree so Ridge ways it is settled. Their father married “that woman” and that is his business. But this is their business, their legacy and they want to see it continue for a third generation and beyond. They have to take action now, Donna is out and Stephanie back in.  Marcus listens outside while they talk.

Nick also has some alone time with Katie and says his goodbye’s. He sighs that he thinks of this as a new beginning, and looks as this as a celebration of their time together. “Thank you Katie Logan, thank you for that time.” They all gasp when Bridget comes in and has the latest reading from the hospital with the blood test results…there’s been a big improvement, definitely a big improvement. They gather around and their tears turn to laughter as Katie slowly opens her eyes and squints at Nick. She sees this bright white light illuminating his face looming at her. She weakly asks is this Heaven?

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