B&B Wednesday Update 6/11/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/11/08


Written By Dawn S.
Pictures by Suzanne

Steffy suddenly runs into Ridge's office and hugs him. She explains that she is touched by Ridge's gesture of specially making a dress for Katie and says everyone in the office is talking about it. Steffy and Ridge discuss the dress and Katie. Steffy feels that Katie would have loved to have the dress,  to know that people who care for her specially made it for her. Ridge is not too sure if the dress made a difference but Steffy strongly feels that it would have made a difference. Steffy is impressed that Ridge pulled through for the Logan family in spite of his issues with Donna. Ridge complains to Steffy that Donna seems to have been giving suggestions to people in the marketing department. He tells Steffy that Donna may have Eric wrapped around her finger but that does not give her the authority to take decisions around the company. He also says he is not going to tell Donna anything right now because of what is happening in the Logan family.

Ridge wants to know if Steffy likes her work down in shipping. She says she finds it interesting and that there is a lot going on. She mentions Marcus. Ridge tells Steffy he does not know anyone named Marcus. Steffy tells him that Marcus was hired recently by Eric and explains how she was invited to sit in at his interview. Steffy tells him that Marcus knew nothing about the fashion business. Ridge is surprised that Eric still hired him, Steffy tells Ridge Donna probably had something to do with that. Steffy defends Marcus telling Ridge that he is doing a good job.

Donna is happy that Marcus is settling into the job and tells him she is proud of him. Donna wants to know why Donna looks sad and Donna explains that Katie is dying. Marcus tries to console Donna. Marcus tells Donna that the few times he has seen Katie he felt that she was an amazing person. He recalls seeing Donna at Storms memorial and also the day that he brought his birth certificate to show Donna. Donna tells Marcus that Katie is the Logan family's heart and that they are not ready to lose her. Marcus tells Donna he wishes he had more time to get to know Katie. Donna tells Marcus that she should be the one comforting Marcus not the other way around. Marcus tells her sometimes it does not work out that way. Donna tells him that she wants to take care of Marcus and apologizes that she did not do a better job of it while he was growing up. Donna tells Marcus that they would have to hide their relationship only for a little while , until Eric and Marcus get to know one another. Donna tells Marcus that everything in her life is not bad right now, she is glad to have both Eric and Marcus. She also tells him that he came into her life at a very difficult time but she is glad that he came into her life. Steffy happens to be passing by when she sees Donna and Marcus in a deep conversation and she gets suspicious.

Katie and Nick kiss. Katie jokes that she can die happy now and that the kiss made her feel week kneed. Katie wants Nick to get her robe because she wants to change. Katie tells Nick that this has been such a wonderful night and wants to know if they could stay like this for a little while longer. Nick assures her that he is not going anywhere. Katie calls out to Nick, she is breathing with difficulty. She tells Nick that that was the most beautiful dress she wore and she has never looked as beautiful as she did in that dress.

Katie starts to feel very cold, Nick wants her to take some medication but Katie does not want him to leave her side and says she is afraid to even close her eyes. She tells Nick to keep talking since she wants to remember everything , the island, the prom etc. Nick begs her to let him go so that he can get some help for her. Katie stops him by saying everything she needs she has with her at the moment and then Katie passes out.

Bridget is working furiously at her computer hoping to find out some solution for Katie's heart. Brooke wonders what she could find out that would change things for Katie. Suddenly Bridget exclaims that she may have found a solution. She immediately calls Dr Patrick to tell him she may have found a way to save Katie. Dr Patrick comes over to meet with Bridget and they discuss changing the protocol of Katie's treatment as a possible solution to saving her life. Bridget is sure that this solution could work. Dr Patrick agrees with her that this is worth a try. Brooke is ecstatic that there is hope for Katie. Dr Patrick cautions that there may have been irreparable damage to Katie's heart in all this while. Bridget tells him that is why they need to move fast to minimize the problem. Bridget wants to take Katie to the hospital immediately. Brooke reminds her that Katie does not want to die in the hospital and may not agree to go there. Bridget tells her they have no time to lose and this could save Katie's life. Brooke suggests that if the treatment is to given through an IV then maybe they could do that at home. Bridget agrees.

Nick sadly comes downstairs to the scene of the prom for Katie. He looks devastated. He recalls the day he went sailing with Katie, their time at the island, their time just a short while back at the prom recreation and their kiss. He feels very emotional . Bridget and Brooke suddenly enter the room. Brooke tells Nick that Bridget has found a way to save Katie. Nick tells them they cannot do anything as it is too late. Brooke and Bridget are stunned.

Bridget checks up on Katie and tells Brooke and Nick that they have not lost Katie yet. Brooke is thankful to hear that. Nick is confused, he tells Bridget he checked Katie's pulse. Bridget tells him that the pulse is very very weak and that Katie is barely breathing. Bridget wants to immediately start the new treatment. Nick refuses. He tells Bridget that they had all promised Katie there would be no more hospitals or tubes. Bridget and Brooke argue with him. Nick wants to know if they can guarantee that Katie would live if they tried the new treatment. Bridget tells Nick that there is a chance to save Katie's life and they should take that chance. Nick tells them that Katie wants a peaceful death. Bridget tells him that is exactly what Katie will get in a few minutes if they do not start the new treatment. She pleads with Nick to let her start the new treatment. Brooke pleads with Nick too telling him that they can't lose Katie if there is a chance to save her life. Nick finally agrees and Bridget starts the new treatment via the IV. Nick wants to know what is next and Bridget tells him now they wait.

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