B&B Tuesday Update 6/10/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/10/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Under the grand disco revolving ball, Nick and Katie get funky to some upbeat music. They laugh and giggle and have a great time. He comments that she likes to lead. She laughs yes, that has always been the problem. She thanks him for the pain pill and he quips he might need one too before the night is over. She wants to play the juke box for another of her favorite songs. Then she changes her mind as she is winded and thinks perhaps they should sit this one out. She offers punch instead and he gladly says yes. She confides that this is so all unreal. Brooke was the homecoming queen and Donna the lead cheerleader. She was no where in their league.

Bridget tells Stephanie and Brooke that it doesn’t make sense that Katie’s body should be rejecting this heart. She feels like she has failed on that part, but they all hope Katie is having fun and doing okay. Nick and Katie take automatic tripod pictures, both serious and mugging for the camera. She shares with Nick her own high school prom experience. She is definitely not one that wants to go back to relive that again where everything is the end of the world and matter of life and death. She confesses her deep, dark secret, one that she has not shared with anyone, not even her sisters. She laughs that she might need another pain pill for this.

Brooke reminds Bridget that she has done the best she could, but Bridget says there is only one outcome she can accept. They are both surprised when she tells them that Nick and Katie have kissed….a friendly kiss and she knows that Nick is committed to her, but Katie needs him right now and she wants him to be there to give Katie some joy.

Katie stares and watches the ball swirl around. Nick asks about this big man on the campus who asked her to the prom. They didn’t exactly travel in the same circles so Katie was shocked. She was so in love with him or so she thought. She said so quickly, she thought she was in Heaven. Nicks asks what happened then? She says she and Storm scraped together enough money for a new dress. And she spent the entire day getting ready, with her hair and makeup. They waited in the living room for him to pick her up, and Storm gave him the third degree. She felt beautiful like a princess in a fairy tale.

She claims they had fun, they talked to people, she really thought she was part of something. She really liked him and thought perhaps he liked her too and was just shy. And she was hoping on the last dance he would tell her how he really felt. Nick says it sounded perfect. Katie says yes until the last dance. She watched her date go get some punch and he’d joined his friends and they all looked at her and laughed. Then she saw the friends hand him money. She realized then she was a bet….a dare (acne on her face). No one actually expected him to take someone like her to the prom. She was a joke. Suddenly she felt like everyone was laughing at her and she will never forget what that felt like. She ran out of there as fast as she could. She ran all the way hone and locked herself in her room and cried all night. She admits she hated those people, still does. But the craziest thing is she felt like she lost something, that part of you that half-way believes in fairy tales. She’d never realized how cruel people can be to each other for no reason.

She says sometimes she hears a song in the house or in the car that takes her back to that night and she just wishes she had something to erase that memory or something else in it’s place. Nick steps forward and sincerely says he is sorry. Perhaps tonight was not such a good idea after all. She smiles and tells him tonight was the perfect idea and she thanks him. “Thank you for giving me a new memory.” He tells her how beautiful she is. And she never got that last dance, “so may I?” He takes her white silk gloved hands and they float off in a dream.

As they dance, Katie says she has never felt so free. She’s never been able to let that go. He says that means it’s time to make new memories. She agrees and thanks him for this night. She laughs – high school graduation. Maybe it’s time she graduates. He chuckles, “summa cum laude, baby.” Turning very serious, she says she never thought she’d live to see the day that she could love someone and trust them so completely. Now she knows that is possible. She maintains better late than never, right? The music plays as they glide in each other’s arms. “At this moment you mean everything to me. And there’s no place I’d rather be. Than here with you at this moment as I am holding you in my arms. I could stay with you forever my love.”

Katie’s curious, she wonders if he believes in life after death? He asks if she means the Kingdom of Heaven and all of that? He thinks it is right here. He thinks the kingdom of Heaven is right here. She thinks he is right. “You mean everything to me.” He tells her he will be there for her, and she says she knows. But she thinks this wonderful night needs to come to an end. Nick exhales deeply and asks what kind of prom date would he be if he didn’t see her home? She gasps as he scoops her up and takes her upstairs.

Stephanie has left and Bridget was so busy on the internet and the phone that she didn’t notice. She was just so focused, for all the good it has made. Brooke reminds her that she can’t take on responsibility for everything. She is doing all she can. She’s just given Katie the most precious gift that anyone ever could. That doesn’t comfort Bridget much. She announces that Katie is still dying. Brooke tells hr she knows, but it’s not for lack of effort on Bridget’s part. And she knows it is not easy sharing the man she loves with Katie. Bridget says she does not even want to think about that. She and Nick opened their home because she is family and they care about her. They were fighting to give her a second chance at life and thought they had won, but now they haven’t. All they are doing so far is to buy her a little more time. Brooke points out but it has been precious time. Most people do not get to do that….one precious, memorable night. Bridget moans and it is going to be her last. They hug.

Nick eases Katie into her bed. She asks for another pain pill, but he thinks it is a little too soon. She answers that she doesn’t think it matters much now. He doesn’t want her thinking like that. She does say she feels like tonight she is the belle of the ball. He comments that she is! She says he gave her the most beautiful evening and he is the most beautiful person she has ever known. He tells her the night is not over yet, and he will be right there. There is no one other place he’d rather be, nor anyone else he’d rather be with than her. He leans closer and they kiss.

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