B&B Monday Update 6/9/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/9/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

Nick rushes in his house, where Donna, Brooke and Bridget are waiting for him. They want to know where he’s been and he tells them, “Trying to get things ready for Katie”. Bridget is searching her laptop for something to help Katie. She tells them, “If there’s an answer, I’ll find it”. He asks where Katie is. They tell him she’s upstairs with Stephanie

Ashley and Phoebe are in Eric’s office with Thorne and Felicia. Phoebe doesn’t understand what’s going on with Katie. Ashley explains to her how anti-rejection drugs work and the fact everyone’s immune system is different. Ashley suggests they all support Katie and make life comfortable for her. Thorne hopes time isn’t running out. Jackie comes in and asks if the dress is ready? Thorne goes to check. Phoebe asks what dress. Jackie explains Ridge and Eric dropped everything and designed a dress for Katie. Jackie says Katie may be a very sick young lady, but tonight she’ll be a princess.

Katie’s in bed, where Stephanie checks her temperature. Stephanie tells her it’s back up. Katie tells her it comes and goes. Stephanie asks Katie if she’s giving up. Katie says no, but she is being realistic. Stephanie tells her hopefully not too realistic. Stephanie tells her she hears Katie had quite a day yesterday. Katie smiles and says it was amazing. Katie goes on to talk about how Nick is so wonderful. Katie says she guesses she has a lot of people on her side. Stephanie tells her all the more reason to keep fighting.

Nick is on the phone downstairs asking someone if they’re going to make the deadline. Brooke and Donna don’t know what the surprise is, but Nick tells them he and Bridget have discussed it. He tells them before they get into it; he has something else to talk to them about. Nick explains to them about Catalina and how Katie was very honest with him. He tells them Katie wanted to stop her medicine and die in peace on her terms. They try to interject, but Nick goes on to say that Katie would have been happy to die there on the beach in the sand. However, he talked to her and convinced her to continue taking the meds because of her family. He said Katie wanted “no more hospital”. Nick asked them to promise to let her die with dignity at his house among family. He said to let Katie have her wish.

Back at Forrester, Felicia says she saw the dress which is amazing. She says she hopes Katie has a chance to wear it….They all speculate about what Nick has planned.

Katie and Stephanie continue to talk. Katie tells Stephanie she is going to fight, but again says she’s being realistic. She tells Stephanie her body is rejecting her heart and they couldn’t find a better match than her brother. Stephanie tells her miracles happen. Katie says she thinks she’s had her share of miracles. Katie asks Stephanie what she’d do in her situation. Stephanie starts talking about how Katie’s family loves her. Stephanie says her family is her miracle, that they love her in spite of herself. Stephanie tells Katie she loves her. Katie talks about Nick and wonders if Stephanie knows what the surprise is? Stephanie tells her even if she knew, she wouldn’t tell her.

Nick tells the Logans he has planned the perfect prom night for Katie; something she’s wanted since high school. Donna doesn’t understand. Brooke remembers Katie was devastated, but didn’t know why. They thank him as Jackie shows up with the dress, a Forrester Original! Brooke is happy that Eric and Ridge worked on this project, despite the tension between the families. Nick has the event planned for tonight at his house. The decorators are on the way. Bridget continues to search the web, while Brooke and Donna help Jackie prepare. Nick sits with Bridget and tells her he loves her. She says she loves him too. Nick tells Bridget he was worried about her feelings with everything. She assures him she’s fine and kisses him.

As Stephanie leaves, Katie tells her in case she doesn’t see her goodbye. She adds, “For the record, I love you too”. Stephanie kisses her forehead.

Nick is at the bottom of the stairs when Stephanie comes down. He inquires about Katie. Stephanie tells him she didn’t know he was so compassionate and nice he was. Stephanie asks Nick if he has feelings for Katie. Nick tells her of course he cares about Katie and how she’s a special person. Stephanie (as only she can) ask Nick, “How many in the family besides Bridget do you plan to sleep with?” Nick tells her Bridget is behind all this. Stephanie reminds Nick that Bridget is “madly” in love with him. Nick tells her he’s aware and he appreciates Bridget more than anyone knows. Stephanie turns to leave and tells Nick to have a good night. Nick says it’ll be one Katie will remember forever. Stephanie says she wouldn’t be surprised if someone else in the family does too…….

Brooke and Bridget are checking on Katie. Bridget thinks she looks pale. Katie asks for the document she wants to sign. Brooke looks confused, but Katie tells them she doesn’t want “extreme measures” used on her. She signs the document as they look on. Jackie and Donna come in to help Katie get dressed. Katie says she doesn’t feel like going out. They tell her she doesn’t have to; Nick has everything planned for right there. Bridget looks on quietly.

Brooke and Donna are in Katie’s room and ask where she is? Bridget says she wanted to spend some time with Jack. They seem surprised that she’d do that now. Bridget tells them it may be a good idea since her symptoms are getting worse. Brooke says she thought she had a couple of weeks? Before Bridget can explain more, Katie walks in looking gorgeous. The dress is a white halter with a keyhole neckline and blue sash at the waist. Katie has long gloves and her hair and makeup are impeccable. Donna tells her how beautiful she looks. Katie says, “The ugly duckling becomes a swan”. Katie says she’s going to see what awaits her downstairs. Bridget tells her she’s going to have the greatest night of her life. Katie says she’ll pretend it’s her last. They wish her well and tell her they’ll slip out the back. Katie is surprised they’re leaving. She tells them that’s how she wants to remember them, happy and smiling. As she leaves, her family is in tears.

Nick is in his tux downstairs, where it’s decorated with balloons, streamers and a disco ball. Nick turns on the music from a jukebox. Katie comes down and her face reflects surprise and wonder. Katie tells him she can’t believe he did all this for her. He tells her he did it for himself too, since he didn’t go to his high school prom. He has a corsage for her and tells her he’s nervous as he pins it on. She jokes that she’s on so much pain medication she wouldn’t feel it if he stuck her. She thanks him and he thanks her for what she’s brought to his life. It ends with the two of them dancing.

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