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Nick and Katie are on Catalina Island. He wants her to take her medicine, but she points out that they're not doing any good. He thinks that she should anyway, since Bridget wants her to take them. She insists that her body is rejecting her heart, so they should just let it finish the job.

Marcus lugs big bolts of cloth into Eric's office, so Donna wonders why. He tells her that Eric likes to check out the new fabrics as they come in. She tells him that he just needs samples. She snips off some swatches. He feels a little foolish, but it's his first day. She asks him about the job, and he replies that it is "amazing". He likes all of the energy and how glamourous it is, like a whole new world. She is glad to hear it but just reminds him to be careful around certain people, starting with Pam. She calls Pam "evil and demented", so he wonders why she is working there. She waves him off, since it is a long story. She adds that he should also watch out for Eric's children, who are not kids, but they hate her. He is surprised to hear that their names are "Thorne" and "Ridge". She just wants them to see how great he is, to love him as much as she does, before they find out who he is, so they will be less likely to run to the tabloids with the information. He wonders why they would like him, if they don't like her. She points out that he is handsome, smart, talented, and wonderful. Also, he's not marrying into their family. She suggests that he get back down to shipping while she brings the swatches to Eric. He does. As he is leaving, the bolt hits Steffy, who is coming in with coffee. It spills all over, so he worries that he will be fired and maybe have to pay for the cloth as well.

Brooke drops by Nick's place, wondering to Bridget about whether Nick and Katie are back yet. Bridget tells her that they're still on the island. Brooke worries about what will happen to Katie now and how long she has left. Bridget says they can't predict that yet. She explains about how her immune system is destroying her heart. The drugs are not curing her now, but they are giving her some time. Bridget also doesn't know what the quality of that life will be.

Nick suggests to Katie that she take at least one of the pills at a time. She thinks that it would be just postponing the inevitable. Her doctor told her that her white blood cells are attacking her heart like wild dogs. She knows that it will be quick. She will get a fever, then the fever spikes, then she's gone. She notes that if this is the last place she will ever see, it's a nice one, and it's better than the hospital. She doesn't want to be in a hospital or have an IV. She wants to decide her own future and apologizes for asking him to do this. She knows her sisters can't handle it. He wonders why she thinks he can. She trusts him not to judge her and asks him to put the pills away and just stay with her.

Steffy gets the coffee stains out of the fabric with baking soda and vinegar. Marcus went to get a steam cleaner, but she says heat would have only made the stain worse. He is surprised that she got rid of the stains so easily. She tells him that her sister was very messy and used to borrow her clothes all of the time. He jokes that in Texas, the coffee is so strong, it just eats through the clothes. She laughs and asks why he is in L.A. He replies, "family stuff" and she says it is the same for her. She would rather be in London. She hopes that she doesn't kill anyone by driving on the wrong side of the road. They laugh at that. He says he's been to London....Texas! They drive on any old side of the road there. She tells him that he's funny and they laugh some more. He asks her to tell him about the Forresters. She tells him a little about Eric, Ridge, Thorne, and Brooke.

Brooke suggests that Katie can get an artificial heart, but Bridget tells her that's just a temporary fix for people who are waiting for a new heart donor. Katie is not on the list because she already got one heart. She already had the best possible donor. Brooke figures that they are going to lose her and the only choice they have now is to accept it or be in denial. Bridget apologizes for coming down a little hard on her because she's a bit in denial herself. She keeps thinking there's something else she can do, but it is wrong of her to give either Brooke or Katie false hope.

Nick tells Katie on the island that what she's saying makes sense. She thanks him for that. He thinks she should give it some serious thought because something could go wrong, like she could be in a lot of pain. She wonders if maybe she should go it alone after all, and that he should wait on "The Marlin". He insists that he will stay there with her. She doesn't want to just hang on endlessly with life support machines. She wants to make her own decisions about her life. She asks if this last choice can be hers.

Steffy continues talking about her family, while not mentioning that she's related to them. She talks about how Phoebe spends more time on her hair than on studying, although she has a "heart of gold". Marcus admits that he doesn't want to be in the fashion part of the business. He wants to know how the business end works, like how they can sell their products for such high prices, who buys them, etc. She thinks it is interesting, too, and that being in the shipping department, they get to see how everything works. They seem to share a bond there. He asks about her name. She says it's short for Stephanie, but that's her grandma's name, so here they call her Steffy, even though she is Stephanie at school. He decides he likes it. There is some sexual tensions between them as they leave to go back to work.

Bridget informs Brooke that Katie may be somewhat relieved in knowing now that she is dying. She doesn't have the uncertainty that she had before. Bridget thinks they should make the most of whatever remaining time Katie has with them so there won't be any regrets like there were with Storm. Brooke still regrets the things she said to him before he died. She agrees that they should make her last days happy and loving.

Nick wonders whether Katie really wants to have the pain she's going to have (without taking the medicine). She says jokingly that he could get her one stiff drink. He asks about her family and how they will take this news. She doesn't want to say to them the things that need saying. He thinks that if she has the guts to to do this, she should find the guts to say her last words to her sisters. He says that while he's not her family, boyfriend, or husband, he would be pretty hurt and angry if she hadn't said goodbye. He wouldn't get much comfort from knowing that she picked the island sun and breeze over coming home to say goodbye.

Marcus goes to visit Donna again later, saying that he managed to get through the first day without burning down the place. She is glad to hear it and asks if everyone has been nice. He says they have because they have all been there a long time and have bad backs. She tells him that she has let Eric know that the people in that department are too hold. Marcus laughs and says that this one girl is nice. Donna tells him to be careful when she finds out he is talking about Steffy. She tells him that's Ridge's daughter. He is surprised to hear that she's a Forrester. He likes her, but she advises him not to get too close. She needs to take something down to the sewing room, so he offers to take it instead. She is touched. He thanks her for the job before he leaves, saying he thinks he will like it there.

Brooke praises how great Bridget has been and how proud she is of her. Bridget shares that being a doctor is so much more about being an advocate for people than she ever imagined it would be. She hopes Nick and Katie get back before dark. Brooke wonders if she is worried, but Bridget assures her that Nick would never let anything happen.

Nick gets Katie to admit she's afraid. He says that is healthy, but she doesn't have to feel so alone. He tries to get her to see that she has reasons to hang on and hope, even if it will take a miracle. He also refuses to go back without her. She cries into his arms that she doesn't want to die.

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