B&B Thursday Update 6/5/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 6/5/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Ridge bounds into his office and enthusiastically asks Steffy where she wants to start – management? She replies no, she wouldn’t be good at that, she wants to earn her way by working from the ground up. Okay, he says, that means Shipping and Receiving. And lucky for her old man, that could take a while.

On the beach, Nick holds a weeping Katie and comforts her. She says she is sorry, she doesn’t want to cry. She just wants to enjoy this…...and her tour guide. He bows and quips, “at your service.”

At Forrester's, Eric pops in and tells Donna that Pam said she needed to see him. She laments that yes she does, she has a favor to ask of him. Pam listens in at the door when Donna states that she hopes she is not overstepping but there is a young man she’d like Eric to meet……he’s an impressive young man, articulate, motivated and she was hoping to offer him an entry level position. It’s Marcus, the caterer, and she hopes it’s all right as he will be there any minute. Steffy walks in and surprises her grandfather who did not know she was back in town. He gives her a big hug. She glares at Donna over Eric’s shoulder. He wishes she could have been there for the wedding, but she says he could not miss her final exams. She tells them she is working in Shipping now. Donna remarks but her sister was a company spokesperson. Steffy says she wants to be more than a pretty face by working from the ground up. Eric thinks that’s great. He says he is getting ready to interview another young man about her age, why doesn’t she stay? It will be relaxing to him.

Marcus approaches Pam at the receptionist desk and says he has an appointment with Mrs. Forrester. She lets him know that Mrs. Forrester doesn’t work there any more. He asks her was Donna fired? She says that no, she was talking about her sister Stephanie. Donna will never be the real Mrs. Forrester. She ushers him into Eric’s office. Pam shoots a look at Donna who gives it right back. Marcus shakes hands with Eric and then Steffy introduces herself and slips next to Marcus and whispers “don’t let the old guy make you nervous.”

Donna suggests they all sit down and get to know each other. Eric starts asking a few questions – why does Marcus think he is the right applicant to get a job at Forrester Creations?

Ridge meets Brooke at a sidewalk café, but she warns him that if he thinks his charm and that cute grin is going to win her over then he’s badly mistaken. He apologies for being late. Steffy is home. He doesn’t know if she will stay, but she seems interested in the business. She thinks that is good as he can send a lot of time at the office with her and that is what is really important. He asks her about Kate, and she fills him in that she is with Nick on The Marlin and they are going to Catalina as she has never been there before. And while she had some concerns, Katie seemed really happy to be with Nick. He takes all the weight off her shoulders. And it’s really good to see her that way.

Shirtless, Nick comes back to the camp area where Katie is relaxing. He brings a big armful of firewood. He remarks that she dug a hole. And is there any waiver he should sign in case she should croak? She says it doesn’t much matter any more. He says it matters to him. He plops down and grabs the shovel to dig more. She says she can’t help but think of all the things she has done….those she hasn’t. He takes notice when she says she wished she had gotten married…..had a baby…..and it taking first steps, first words and then sooner or later soccer games, school plays, and just surviving high school, algebra, social cliques, senior prom. He surmises that wasn’t so good for her? She says let’s just say it wasn’t the experience that every girl dreams about. She maintains that was a million years ago. She doesn’t even know whey she brought it up. It doesn’t matter now. Silence……… then Katie says she is hungry, shall they eat? Nick hops to it to get the cooler and see what they have.

Marcus sits awkwardly and admits to Eric he has no experience. Donna chimes in but that is why he is here for this job. Eric asks if he is a self-starter? Marcus doesn’t answer, he’s speechless. Steffy jumps to his rescue by telling her grandfather that Marcus must be, he got himself here for this interview with him. After a round of other questions with Donna answering half the time, Marcus says he is not into fashion such as drawing and sewing but he doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty so he’ll do most anything Eric needs. He doesn’t even mind wearing a suit and tie. He just feels this is the place he wants to be right now. Eric thinks he means intuition, Marcus is again quiet and looks to Donna. Eric says okay, he thinks that is good. Maybe he is not exactly a match, but he thinks him and Forrester Creations will get along just fine. Marcus is thrilled that he is going to get the job. Eric says Steffy just started too in Shipping so she can show him the ropes down there. He has a feeling it won’t take long before Marcus will be showing them a thing or two.

Ridge tells Brooke that obviously he isn’t seeing the big picture here – Katie and Nick? He knows he’s heard she has a crush on him. Brooke says she doesn’t think that matters now. He replies yeah it’s totally expected now. Nick is just doing his typical Captain Hero thing, but she’s fragile and needs someone she can depend on. She needs to surround herself with people that care about her. Brooke says Nick does. Ridge wonders how Bridget feels about that? Didn’t she just move in with him? She reminds them they are all just trying to help Katie get through this. And he seems to make her happy. Ridge says he wants her happy too and he’ll do whatever he can to make that happen. “Katie may have a lousy taste in friends, but she’s still family.”

Nick laughs and reminds Katie of when she first came to L,.A. and got right in his face. She jokes that he deserved it. He quips but she liked him. She says of course, who wouldn’t like him? And now he has Jack. It must be so incredible to hold him and know that he’s a part of him, a little piece of mortality. He thinks she would make a great mom.

Donna is ecstatic that Marcus got the job and they hug. In Shipping he will be delivering packages and invoices and he could meet Eric’s entire family the very first day. She wants them to see what an incredible young man he is. He realizes she wants them to like him before they know he is her son. She reminds him that Eric already likes him, she can tell. He beams that he’s really going to like him when he finds out what he can do around there. And he wants Donna to be proud of him. She pats him on the shoulder and says she already is proud of him. She tells him congratulations and good luck, she’s got to go to a meeting now. He starts doing a cheerful little shadow dance until Steffy catches him. He learns she has been around the fashion business all her life. He thanks her for bailing her out during the interview. He wants to make a really big impression on Mr. Forrester; she thinks she can help him with that.

Brooke tells Ridge that she knows he has had issues with her family, but she can’t do this without him. He reminds her that he is there for her. Everything that has happened to Katie is way beyond that. She says everything that is happening with Katie takes precedence over everything else. But all those issues are going to be there and she needs to know that he will support her….through big problems and the little. Things are going to get pretty rough for her and she can’t bear to think they might get bad for them too. He gets up and gets down on his knee by her seat and wipes the tears from her eyes, assuring her that he is there for her.

Katie picks up a blue glass stone and rolls it around in her fingers. Nick asks if it is a good one? She smiles and says it is a piece of sea glass. She has a jar at home that she keeps all this stuff in. She has been filling it up since she was a kid. He asks if that makes her a collector or a packrat? She answers both, it’s what she did while her brother and sisters would go surfing and she walked the beach picking glass up. He quips if she had grabbed the whole bottle she could have collected some deposit. She remarks it’s amazing, it makes you think about the power of the ocean that can take a jagged piece of glass and turn it into a smooth stone. The ocean washes away all the sharp edges and turns them into something beautiful.

Nick digs out her medication and hands the bottle to Katie and tells her to take those. She had left them behind but luckily he had found them on The Marlin. Bridget didn’t want her to miss a dose. She says she is not going back to the hospital…not back to the tubes and wires and machines that beep all night long. She’s not going back to the needles or the antiseptic smell. She doesn’t want that. She doesn’t want to be a sick person lying helpless in the bed. “I like it here, it’s peaceful, serene.” Gently he says they don’t have to go now, she just needs to take her medication.

Wistfully she says she doesn’t think they should leave at all. She likes it here, she thinks they should stay here. She’s at peace right here. “I’ve got the sun on my face and the wind in my hair. I think I could stay here for as long as it takes.”

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