B&B Wednesday Update 6/4/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/4/08


Written By Dawn S.
Pictures by Suzanne

Bridget brings a large cooler filled with Katie's favorite foods to the Shady Marlin. Nick is surprised that she has gotten so much for just a three hour sail. Bridget wants Nick to promise that Katie will have a great time , Nick invites Bridget and Brooke to join them on the sail saying Katie would appreciate having her family with her, but Bridget refuses saying Katie will benefit from having a one on one time with Nick since Katie has a crush on Nick. Bridget also cautions Nick that too much excitement is not good for Katie and that Katie should not swim or do anything else that exerts her too much. Bridget expresses her disappointment that the transplant does not seem to be working for Katie.

Donna explains to Katie that she could not tell Eric that Marcus is her son. Katie consoles her that Donna would be able to do so when the time is right. Donna explains that she wanted to but chickened out when she imagined how Eric would react to the news that Marcus is her son. Katie wonders if Marcus was upset about this. Donna says that Marcus was initially upset but now she plans to get Marcus a job in Forrester Creations and she hopes that both Eric and Marcus will get to know each other in the future. Katie cautions her that this plan may be risky, but Donna does not want to hear anything negative about her plans. Katie expresses that she is happy that Donna is getting to know her son to which Donna replies that she would want Katie to get to know him too. Katie starts to tell Donna about her heart when Brooke interrupts them. Brooke enters the room and she explains to Donna that Katie's body is rejecting her heart. Donna is shocked to hear that Katie's body is rejecting her heart. Katie tells Donna she does not want anyone feeling sorry for her. Donna tells her that she is not feeling sorry for Katie, she is feeling sorry for herself because she needs and loves Katie. Brooke interrupts saying Katie needs to be somewhere else right now. She says there is a good surprise waiting for Katie.

Brooke brings Katie on board the Shady Marlin and Katie seems happy that they are going sailing. Brooke explains that only Katie and Nick are going sailing and that Katie needs to enjoy herself. Bridget and Brooke leave. Brooke is worried that they have made the right decision is allowing Katie to go on a sail with Nick. Bridget is confident Nick can handle the situation. Bridget believes that Nick has a positive effect on Katie. Brooke tells Bridget that she understands why she has arranged for Katie to go on a sail with Nick and that Brooke is proud of Bridget.

Nick and Katie sail off. Katie expresses an interest in going to Catalina Island. Nick is surprised she has not already been there and  agrees to go to the island. Nick lets Bridget and Brooke know that they have decided to make a stop at the Catalina Island. Nick and Katie are talking about the island,  and the activities there when suddenly Katie accuses Nick of being over protective and gets very emotional. Nick hugs her to comfort her while she cries in his arms.

Taylor enters Ridge's office to find Steffy waiting there, they both happily hug each other. Steffy explains that she returned from London because Ridge asked her to return though she does not know the reason for being asked to come here. Taylor explains that she too was asked by Ridge to come to this office and she too does not know the reason for that. Taylor is so excited to see Steffy and she hugs her again when Ridge interrupts them and happily welcomes Steffy himself. Ridge tells Taylor and Steffy that first he needs to tell them the bad news that Katie's body is rejecting her heart. Taylor is shocked to hear that and sympathizes that the Logan family will have to go through this after all that they have been through. Steffy too is shocked. Ridge explains that the doctors cannot do much now and that Katie is currently staying with Nick and Bridget and she has a few weeks. Steffy offers to stay a little longer so that she can meet with Katie. Ridge tells Steffy he would like her to stay in LA for good. Ridge tells Steffy her family lives in LA and they all miss her so she should stay back in LA. Ridge explains to Steffy that he would like her to be involved in Forrester Creations. Steffy says that she has never been involved in the company. Taylor tells her she has done some summer internships and that she does have some experience. Ridge adds that if Steffy has any interest in the business this is the time for her to get involved. Ridge tells Steffy that he wants her in the management and also adds that he is not talking internship but long term commitment. Steffy looks like she is going to refuse when Taylor tells her that she does not have to make a long term commitment, she could just give it a try and see if she likes it. Steffy agrees to stay. Ridge and Taylor are happy about that. Taylor and Steffy continue to discuss happenings at Forrester Creations. Taylor tells Steffy that Eric's marriage to Donna has caused a lot of friction in the family. Steffy tells Taylor that she knows about all of the stuff happening in Taylor's life too and that she had spoken to Phoebe recently. Steffy is sorry for Taylor and all that she had to go through recently. Steffy tells Taylor that she knows about Taylor's relationship with Rick and that Taylor deserves to be happy so she indicates that she is fine with Taylor and Rick's relationship.

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