B&B Tuesday Update 6/3/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/3/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Katie asks of Bridget, Brooke and Nick if she is going to die? Bridget tries to explain they were all praying that her body wouldn’t reject her new heart, but…….it pains her when Katie asks how long does she have and Bridget replies a few weeks.

Donna begs Marcus to give her a chance. He reminds her that she wanted to tell her husband about Marcus, but he thought it was a bad idea. And now she keeps making excuses not to. She goes on and on about how wonderful Eric is and how he deserves better than this and his ex-wife has hurt him so much too. Marcus laments then guess the last thing Eric needs in his life is another complication. Donna just wants a chance to bring him into Eric’s lives, to introduce someone who is not a total stranger. So Eric can get to know him and it won’t be such a shock. He says he never asked her to introduce him to the world. He only came to town to put a face to a name. He’s done that, so he can go now and never look back. Don’t worry about him, he can take care of himself, he always has. She replies she knows he can take care of himself, but she just hopes he will let her help. She knows she is disappointing Marcus. If there was just some way to protect Eric. His own kids are threatening to kick him out of the company if he brings scandal down on them.

Marcus clearly sees it – he’s the scandal. Why he thought he could ever come here and she’d want him in her life! She declares that she does, so will Eric, but she needs to find a way to make it happen. There’s got to be a way. Bingo! She’s got it, she can try to get him a job at Forrester Creations. He scoffs – is she serious? He knows nothing about fashion houses. She informs him that he can learn. They can’t let anyone know that he is her son, but in the meantime they can get to know each other and Eric and his family. This could work. Will he give it a try?

Katie is silent, she contemplates. A few weeks, that is not much time. Is the doctor sure? Brooke wants them to have a second opinion. Katie says she just needs time to think about this. Meantime she does not want them treating her like she’s going to drop dead any minute. She could not stand that. She just wants to live her life. She asks if they can help her do that? Nick steps forward and embraces her and says he will and they all promise they will.

Marcus tells Donna that working at Forrester’s is a bad idea…..that freaky receptionist for starters. She’s already suspicious and has already asked him if he had a thing going with Donna. She’s surprised, but not worried. That is Stephanie’s sister so she’d like nothing more than to boot her out. But Eric is already aware of her game and Donna is not going to lose her husband and son…..because of some cuckoo bird. Now that she has her son, she is not going to lose him again! He reminds her what he said earlier he had no intentions of staying here. He came to town to look her in the eye and he’s done that. Why is she making it so hard? She wonders why he wants to miss this opportunity. “Give us a chance.” He asks but what if it doesn’t work? What if Eric doesn’t like him? Eric married a beautiful, young, sexy woman and now she has a grown kid. She fumes that now that she has found him again, she is not going to let him leave. Eric will accept this. As he considers her options, he asks if he blows up her marriage, how will she feel about him then? She assures him no matter what her husband does, she wants Marcus in her life. Tears flow as she tells him she knows he does not understand how or why she gave him up for adoption. But she really would have made a bad mother, but she wants to make a good one to him now. She begs him to give her another chance, just stay there with her. It’s in his hands.

Katie tells them to save the funeral until she is gone. She doesn’t want tears or pity. Now she needs to go lie down for a while. Nick helps steady her on her feet and guides her to the stairs. Brooke states all the things that Katie won’t get a chance to experience – marriage, having children, even finding a great man to love. Bridget reveals that she thinks Katie has a crush on Nick. Brooke wonders if Bridget is okay with this? She says she doesn’t feel threatened, she thinks it is sweet. She’s pretty sure Katie treasures the time she spends with him. Brooke says then they need to make sure they make every minute count and fill her life with joy and happiness. Bridget agrees, she and her mom and Nick, the whole family can do this.

As Donna is begging Marcus to stay, he tells her that there was no way of her knowing this, but back in Texas he was sort of a basketball phenom. He was the leading scorer on his high school team. Not a big school, but still the star. Wherever he went, everyone knew him, especially the ladies. She enjoys him confiding in her. He tells her more. The other guys on other teams did not like him so much. They knew if they could stop Marcus they could stop the entire team. His main focus was to get that ball and go straight to the cup. He’s surprised when she says she wished she could have seen him play. She likes basketball? She replies of course, it was in her family. He says he thought University of Texas was going all the way in the N. C. A .A. this year. She asks if he is a fan? He shows her the big old TEXAS tattoo he has on his well bulked arm. And he wanted to play for Texas, real bad. He worked his tail off to get in, but no scholarship, lots of politics in a small school. So he’d be a walk on, but that didn’t happen either. The cost of college and he didn’t have. Basketball made him learn one thing. If you want something, you have to make it happen. She claims she bets he was an amazing player and she wishes she could have seen him. He continues that after school he did not know where his life was headed. But he always knew that he wanted to find his birth mother….to look into her eyes again. And she has turned out to be warmer and nicer than he thought she would. He didn’t expect to be welcomed with such open arms or for her to find a place in her life for him. He admits he is scared. She says she is too, but she knows they can make this work. She can give him a chance for a new life. They can make this work, so let her. He says he doesn’t want to mess up her life, so maybe he should just go. She tries to convince him again that this will work, just give it a chance. He finally gives in and says yes and Donna hugs him.

When Nick returns, Brooke fills him in on their discussion. They have agreed whatever time Katie has left, they need to make sure it is incredibly special. Bridget is glad he is in agreement since she thinks he is the key to that happiness. Katie adores him and some of her worries just float away when she is with him, at least for a little while. Bridget makes him promise that he will spend as much time as he can with her, make it the most wonderful time of her life. He’s honored that they would even think he can do this. Bridget offers, “help her enjoy this time as only YOU can!” He says he will do what he can, but he needs their help with one thing, the why? Katie is the one that is dying, but he sees pain in their faces and they are asking him to give her that love. He gulps and says okay, he is saying yes. He vows he will give her what she wants and needs in whatever time she has left. He gives him word that he will. Bridget is relieved and rewards him with a hug.

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