B&B Monday Update 6/2/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/2/08


Written By Suzanne
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Bridget and the others tend to Katie on the floor after she faints. She sits up, saying she's fine. Bridget asks if she's still a little light-headed and they help her up. Katie thinks it was just too much excitement. Katie looks flushed, so Bridget offers her water. Katie just wants to lie down. She thanks them all for the party as Bridget helps her upstairs. Brooke worries frantically to Nick about what just happened.

Felicia finds Stephanie sitting in Ridge's office and wonders if she has plans with Ridge. Stephanie replies that she doesn't and that he's on a conference call. Felicia knows that the call is with the Philippines. Stephanie chuckles that there's always something going on. Felicia mentions that Pam left. Stephanie is not there to see anyone in particular. Felicia wonders if she's there about Eric. She is worried and says that Stephanie is bad hiding her feelings. Stephanie relents and tells her that is has been easier for Eric to move on, since he has a new wife, than it has been for her. She didn't want to be alone in the little beach house. Felicia looks sympathetic.

At home, Eric is shocked that Marcus is Donna's son. He thinks it must be some joke or prank. He blusters that Marcus is too old to be her son and that she would have had to have been a child. She tells him that she was a teenager and that only Storm, her mom, and her aunt knew about how she had to give him up. She says that Marcus found her and that she never expected to see him again, but she's very grateful that he did find her.

Bridget tells Nick and Brooke that Katie is resting. They wonder if her condition is serious. She tells them with tears in her eyes what Dr. Patrick said about her tests showing that her body was rejecting her heart. They are stunned.

Brooke argues that this can't be happening, but Bridget explains that it happens sometimes. Her body is failing her. Nick asks how long, but there is no way to know. She guesses that it will be a few weeks or maybe less. They all cry. Bridget hugs her mom.

Felicia tells Stephanie that she knows how hard this has been for her. Stephanie admits that she is not used to being alone. Felicia knows that she is also not used to a life of leisure. She thinks the company still needs her, but Stephanie shakes her head. She doesn't belong there anymore. Things are not the same. They argue about it. Felicia says it breaks her heart to see her so lost. Stephanie says philosophically that living by the big ocean has helped her put things in perspective. She has to find out where she fits in. She is not sure what her purpose in life is any more.

Eric just doesn't believe that Marcus is Donna's on. She tells him that she couldn't believe it at first, either. She says that she was a teen, and so was his father, whom she didn't tell about his birth. She gave him up to a family that wanted a child. Marcus found the birth certificate and wanted to know more. Eric thinks Marcus is pulling some scam, since she's rich now. Donna objects. Eric demands that Marcus leave. She protests, saying that this is the truth. Eric can't accept it. She should have told him before they were married. He says adamantly that his family was right - he should never have trusted her. Their marriage is over. Donna is horrified.

However, this was all in her head. Marcus returns and wonders if she told Eric about him. She tells him Eric's still on the phone, but she thinks that telling him might be a bad idea.

Stephanie keeps talking about taking stock of her life. Felicia is upset that she's all alone. Stephanie makes a quick joke but says that she knows her children are there for her. She just has difficulty accepting that she and Eric are not going to grow old together like she thought. Felicia thinks that Eric will soon see Donna for the phony that she is. Stephanie thanks her for listening and leaves. Felicia shakes her head in dismay.

Donna tells Marcus that she could lose Eric if she tells him now. She thinks this is all a mistake. Eric returns, saying he's sorry for the distraction. He was on the phone about the same problem in the Philippines. He says something sweet about how he doesn't know how anything could distract him from her. He asks her what she wanted to tell him about her past. She says that it was nothing. She was just being insecure and silly. She urges him to go help Ridge with the work emergency. They kiss and he leaves. Marcus returns and wants to know what happened. Donna says that she just couldn't tell him. The timing is all wrong.

Nick wonders if they should take Katie to the hospital to try to fix this. Bridget says sadly that there is nothing to be done. They all agree that they can't lose her. Brooke notes how happy Katie was at the party with all her loved ones around, not knowing that it may have been her last birthday. She wonders how they can tell her.

Stephanie returns to Ridge's office to get her keys off the desk. She sees a photo of her and Eric, picks it up. She holds it to her chest, then looks at it, and touches Eric's nose in the picture. She looks very sad.

Marcus wonders if it was just timing that prevented Donna from telling Eric the truth. She says that it's killing her to keep this news inside. She wants the world to know that he's her son. However, she just got married, Eric and his wife have been together for decades, and his family hates her with a passion. This kind of secret is just the kind of ammunition they are looking for. If she told Eric, he would feel betrayed, and the press would have a field day. She'll be disgraced and Stephanie will use this against her. He says he understands, but his tone is a little bitter. She stops him and says that this is not working. She loves her husband, but she loves him, too. She doesn't want to lose either of them. He thinks she's already made her choice. She insists that they will make it work.

Bridget insists to Nick and Brooke that Katie has to be told. Nick thinks Katie might fight harder or live longer if they don't tell her. Bridget lets him know that it's not about psychology. It's a fact and can't be changed. Katie walks down the stairs and asks, "What's a fact?" They try to get her to go back to bed. She can tell something is wrong and demands to know what's going on. She can tell they are upset and asks why Dr. Patrick stopped by. She remembers the tests and asks if he got the results. She guesses the anti-rejection drugs aren't working. No one says a word to her, not able to bear to tell her the truth. She asks if she's not going to survive this and asks if she's going to die. There are just tears and sad faces.

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