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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/30/08


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Nick and Bridget prepare for Katie's birthday party at their place. There are balloons and other decorations, cake, etc. Bridget worries. She wants Katie not to have too much excitement. Katie comes in and laughs when she sees their preparations, saying, "I guess I have no say in how we celebrate my birthday". Nick replies, "That's right, you don't", but Katie seems happy despite her protests.

Ridge and Brooke discuss Katie and her birthday party in his office. Ridge wonders who else will be at the party. Brooke assures him that Rick and Taylor will not be there. He is glad to hear it but wonders about Donna. Brooke is not sure if Donna and Eric will be there or not. She comments that Donna is not feeling very sociable from all of the Forresters ganging up on her. Ridge says arrogantly that Donna will have nothing to worry about as long as she stays "clean" (meaning not bringing any scandal into their family or company).

At the Forrester home, Donna asks Marcus not to leave. Eric walks in and wonders what's going on. Donna introduces Marcus, and they say hello. Donna lies that Eric has ruined her surprise because she was planning a special dinner with the catering service (Eric still thinks that Marcus worked for the catering service). Donna asks Marcus to give her a minute, so he leaves the room.

Katie tells Nick and Bridget that she didn't want any party. Nick lets her know that they wanted to celebrate how miraculous it is that she's come back to them. Bridget gives her a present - a necklace with the Chinese symbol for life. Nick gives her a mini-basketball hoop with a little Nerf basketball. They joke around about playing. He declares that he will not let her win, and she won't let him win, either. She hugs Nick and thanks them both for the presents.

Brooke tells Ridge that she doesn't want to argue about Donna. She thinks Ridge might be hoping to find a skeleton in Donna's closet in order to break up their marriage. Ridge insists that is not true because he knows that Eric would be crushed. He adds that he doesn't want Brooke hurt, either. Brooke tells him fondly that she sometimes forgets how much they both love each other. They kiss. Ridge tells her softly that he never forgets that. Ridge gets a phone call and realizes that he forgot he has a conference call with some people in the Philippines. Brooke says she will go alone and that they'll have Katie over for a barbecue sometime soon. They hug. She tells him that he owes her one, and he agrees. They kiss some more before she leaves. He tells her to tell Katie hi for him as she is walking out the door.

At home, Donna hugs Eric and tells him that she loves him. He tries to guess what she is about to tell him and thinks that she might be pregnant. She looks very surprised.

At the party, Thorne gives Katie a scarf and wishes Katie hadn't had such a rough time lately. She doesn't want to talk about that but thanks him for the scarf. He worries that she is sweating so much, but she assures him that she is fine. Jackie tells Nick that she had hoped to see Jack. He tells her that Taylor took him to the zoo. She worries that he is now living with both Bridget and Katie. He reminds her with a sigh that Katie's recuperating. She remarks that Katie should be with one of her sisters. He counters that they are not doctors like Bridget. Brooke arrives. Jackie keeps making snide comments to Nick. Brooke kisses Katie hello and gives her a present. She tells her that Ridge couldn't make it. Katie is disappointed. Dr. Patrick arrives, so Bridget is glad to see him. He tells her that he can't stay but needed to see her. He informs her that Katie's test results are not good. She is showing signs of rejection.

Katie opens Brooke's present, which looks like a dress. Katie comments that she loves it. Dr. Patrick tells Bridget to make sure that Katie gets plenty of rest. Nick says hi to the doctor, and they shake hands. Dr. Patrick leaves. Bridget covers when Nick asks what's wrong. Bridget is sniffling, so he can tell she is upset. Bridget steels herself and says, "Not now". She adds that they have a party going on. Nick looks worried.

Donna is shocked that Eric thinks she might be pregnant. She tells him after a bit that she's not. She lets him know how much their marriage means to her and not just because of all of the money and luxury. She would live in a one-room apartment with him and still be happy. She says that she's gotten an answer to a mystery she's had for a long time. She babbles that her life was so different back then. She handled it the best she could, but she was so young. It is hard for her to say, and she doesn't know how he will take it. Eric looks intrigued but gets a phone call. Apologizing, he says he has to take it.

Ridge finishes his phone call. Ashley pops her head in and says hi. She asks how Katie is doing, so he tells her about the birthday party. She asks how things are going with Brooke. Ridge says with a sigh that things are fine except for Donna. Ashley wonders if there is trouble ahead. Ridge confides that he doesn't like being at odds with Eric. Brooke doesn't think that he is just looking out for their family. Ashley and Ridge both agree that the Forresters and Logans are both very loyal to their families. Ridge worries that Eric's loyalties are not with the Forresters any more and that he won't side with them over Donna. He asks why she came by. She asks if he's seen the plans for Donna's sky lounged on the Forrester roof. He thinks it's a great idea but that the timing is terrible. They are in a sales slump and the economy is bad. He scoffs that Donna worked her magic on Eric, so he signed off on the idea. He rails that he doesn't know what Eric sees in Donna because to Ridge she seems plastic and unreal. Ashley wonders if Eric is happy. Ridge notes that Eric thinks he's happy, but he'd better open his eyes. Ashley hopes that happens soon, for Ridge's sake.

Eric argues with Pam on the phone, saying that he's done and wants to spend the rest of the evening with his wife. Eric assures Donna that he won't lose the company, so she should stop worrying about mistakes in her past. He tells her fervently that if he were held hostage to every mistake he made in his past, he would be in a real mess. He kisses her, and she thanks him but says that she still has something to tell him. Marcus returns, so Eric asks if he can wait a little longer. Donna stops him from leaving, saying that she'd like him to stay because this involves him. Marcus offers to Tell Eric. Eric looks worried. Donna tells Eric that Marcus is her son. Eric looks shocked.

Bridget gives a speech before they cut the cake at the party. Katie doesn't like to be the center of attention, but Bridget wants to tell her how grateful they all are and how blessed they are to have her in their lives. She says that they almost lost her a few weeks ago and each moment is precious. Bridget hugs her and wishes her a happy birthday and very long life. Bridget tells her that they love her, and Katie replies, "I love you, too", all choked up. Nick goes over to sit by Katie as Brooke lights the candles. Katie thanks them and tells them how much she appreciates it all. They tell her to make a wish. As she goes to take a breath, she faints and falls on the floor.

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